Popping Out Orgasms

Lollipop is an amazing little rechargeable wand that had me popping out countless orgasms within the first two sessions. I love the fact that it's small and doesn't get in the way during penetration with my partner. Out of the 12 vibrating functions, this wand has 3 continuous speeds, which is a feature I love and try to look for in wands. The neck is very flexible and can be annoying to those who are looking for a wand to press firmly against themselves without moving.
Small, silicone, rechargeable, 3 continuous speeds, two-button control, waterproof, quiet
Neck might be too flexible for some
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First impression

This Lollipop wand was packaged in a sealed plastic bag along with a charging cord and instruction pamphlet. When I opened and removed it from the package, the silicone felt super soft. It also looked like it was going to be easy to use since I noticed it only had two buttons. The silver accent around the buttons, I thought, was a nice touch and could possibly be useful when trying to find the buttons without looking during play, which is something I've struggled with using other wands. I noticed this wand had a charge to it when it arrived, so I turned it on to go through the different functions. I was impressed with how quiet this wand sounded, even on the other settings. It has 12 different modes. The first three are continuous vibrations, and the other nine are different patterns. For such a small wand, I was impressed with how strong the vibrations were throughout all the functions. I also noticed this wand has a memory feature, so it'll be on the last setting you used before turning it off. There's a hole on the bottom of the handle that the charger plugs into. When the toy is being charged, a solid red light will stay on. When it's finished, the light will turn off.

First Use

I always make sure to fully charge my new toys and wash with toy cleaner and rinse under warm water before playing. My first session with this toy was actually in the shower. I rarely try new toys in the shower, but I spoiled my partner with an intense orgasm, and they felt it was my turn for some pleasure when I went to get cleaned up. They grabbed the Lollipop wand and smuggled it into the shower and were excited for me to try it out in front of them. I pushed the on/off button to turn on and then pushed the other button to activate the vibrations. The first low continuous vibration setting felt really amazing for being such a small wand. I held it lightly on my clit to get myself warmed up before pressing more firmly against myself. My clit started to swell up more, and I decided to jump to the second setting, which definitely helped build up my orgasm more. I lifted my leg and rested my foot on the side of the tub so my partner could get a better view of me rubbing the wand all over my pussy. With this new position, I quickly changed it to the third continuous vibration setting. Even though we were in the shower, my partner could see the juices flowing, but not for long. I had to grab them and hold myself up against their body to help brace for the intense orgasm that was cumming my way. As my body tensed up and my clit burst with intense pleasure, I had to dig my nails deeper into my partner's back to keep from falling over. I let out incredible moans in my partner's ear that turned them on so much they were almost ready for round two.

Further Experience

The second time I used this toy, I wasn't expecting it, kind of like the first time. I was being horny and selfless and wanted to give my partner a nice relaxing blow job after a long day at work and wasn't expecting anything in return. However, they decided they wanted to play the edge game, so when they were about ready to cum they made me stop and told me to go get the Lollipop wand. They must really like the name of this toy because it's the first time I've ever heard them reference one of the toys by its name. I grabbed the toy, returned with some lube, and got into doggystyle position. I didn't recharge the wand after my first session because I like to see how long it lasts in between charges, but I also need to make sure I have backup wands that are charged just in case. I turned on the wand, and not surprisingly, it was still on the third setting. Since there isn't an up/down button to go back and forth between functions I just quickly pushed the button to cycle through the other patterns to get back to the first setting. My favorite vibrations are the continuous ones, however, if my partner is in control, they like to use the patterns on me. I set the wand against my clit as my partner thrust their penis into my very wet and tight vagina. After a few minutes of the first setting, I switched to the second and pressed more firmly against my clit. The neck of the wand is very flexible, and when you press against you, it can move around, which might not be suitable for everyone, but I found it helpful when I'm the one thrusting back onto my partner's cock. I just feel like it moves better with my body when I'm the one doing the movements. I was starting to feel a little anxious about the wand dying during this intense sex session, so I revved it up to the third setting. My partner then grabbed some lube and prepped me so they could insert a finger into my ass. All of my nerve endings immediately lit up, and I felt intense pleasure all throughout my clit, pussy, and ass. Took me less than 30 seconds after that to cum not once, not twice, but actually I don't really remember because I lost count. The wand still didn't die on me.

Vibration Map

I found the vibrations were intense for a smaller wand. I have other small wands, and I feel like the first setting on a couple of those is milder compared to the first setting on this Lollipop wand. The majority of vibrations can be felt at the tip of the wand, with less noticeable vibrations in the handle. That's a plus for me since I sometimes have trouble with tingling sensations in my hands after using other wands. This wand is also a lot quieter than other wands, which is great for those who have roommates or close neighbors. I've added a couple of other pictures comparing the size of the Lollipop wand to other smaller wands I purchased from Eden Fantasys and a couple of medium and a bigger wand to show the size difference.

  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I was very surprised at how intense my orgasms were from such a small wand. I've used this wand with and without penetration, and they were both mind-blowing sessions. My clit was swollen, and the juices were flowin' during both times and can't wait to have more fun! Anyone else ever need a 24-hour recovery period after experiencing so much pleasure, or is it just me?
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  • Contributor: Paradocs
    I agree with your statement about the patterns...almost always I enjoy the continuous vibrations the best, rather than the alternating patterns. The only exception might be for wearing remote control panty vibes in public. However, for getting to the point, the continuous patterns are the best!
  • Contributor: WildOrchid31
    I need to add a couple different panty vibes to my collection and will do some experimenting and see how the patterns feel.
  • Contributor: Paradocs
    Check out my reviews for Tootle and Tingle!
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