Power through an hour (or more)

This rabbit is quite strong, and a lovely addition to anyone's collection. The black label rabbit has a rotating 3-speed shaft, and a strong clit arm with 7 functions. The black label rabbit is quite firm and rigid, so if it doesn't fit your anatomy it won't really adjust to fit you very easily. This toy could be great for beginners, but for those with sensitive clits, this toy may be a bit too strong.
dual motors, rotating shaft, motors can operate separately, powerful motors
Terrible for sensitive clits, large to store toy, won't work for certain anatomies
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black label in hand

The Black label jack rabbit is a well made silicone toy with a rotating shaft and a lovely powerful clitoral arm. The shaft rotates and thus it may stimulate some g-spots but not all. The shaft rotation and the clit arm can both be operated either separately or at the same time, so if you ever get tired of the rotation or the vibration you can turn it off. This toy can be used vaginally, or anally as the clit arm serves as a good base to keep the toy from getting lost. Thus a male could use it anally with the vibration on the perineum, or a woman could and could perhaps have the clit arm inserted vaginally. This toy is non-porous silicone, but it cannot be sterilized so it shouldn't be shared without a condom.
    • Anal
    • Clitoris

Material / Texture

The black label rabbit is fully silicone, so it is non-porous and easy to care for. This toy has no taste, but it does have a smell. The smell isn't unpleasant though or bothersome at all, and I find it to be a sort of scent that most silicone toys have. The black label rabbit is smooth with very light barely noticeable texture. There are some waves along the shaft of this toy but they aren't really noticeable in use. Thus this toy could be great for beginners, but texture lovers may want more of course.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

side of black label
The design of this toy is interesting and rather pleasant looking. It comes in a lovely black color with waves along the side of the shaft. There is a small bump on the top of the shaft, and the vibrating arm is shaped like a rabbit.

black label bent forward
-Shaft tip bent forward-
clit arm bent back
-Vibrating arm bent back-
The shape of this toy is rather firm and not very adjustable, so if this toy does not fit your anatomy it likely won't accommodate you very much.

oui, moodm koa, micro, amethyst, luke, black label
-The Oui, Mood powerful small, Koa, Micro touch massager, amethyst, O2 Luke, and the Black label rabbit-

This toy a rabbit, and like many rabbits it is quite large. It 10 inches long but only 5 1/2 inches of it being insertable, so thought it is long it isn't too much to handle when in use. It isn't discreet looking at all, and though it's not extremely noisy, its still not the most quiet thing. It's pretty quiet on it's lower settings, but when its on it's higher settings it can be heard through a door a bit. It can be covered by the noise of a TV, or you can just take it into the shower with you if noise is an issue. Since this toy is so large, it is a bit hard to hide. You can throw a blanket over it to hide it probably, but it can be heard through a blanket. The black label rabbit does have an on and off button, so if you manage to turn it off as someone is walking then you're safe.

I wouldn't say this toy is great for travel, but as long as you have something long enough to carry it in, it should be fine. Though of course you should make sure there are no batteries in the toy so it doesn't accidentally turn on while you're carrying it around.

This toy is powered by 3 AA batteries, which are inserted into the toy via a battery caddy. The battery compartment should be inserted with the silver prongs facing down into the toy, and the cap should not protrude very far when screwed on.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The black label rabbit has enough battery to last over an hour, but I could never make it past an hour and 20 minutes. I wanted to try and use it more but given that this toy took me over the edge about every 10 minutes I didn't think it'd be good to go any further than that. The vibrations are only located in the tip of the clitoral arm of course, so if you prefer internal vibrations you won't get any. Of course the shaft does rotate instead of vibrate, which is just as good. This toy is water proof, so you can take it with you into the shower with you.

This rabbit is controlled by a power button, an up and down arrow, and a wave button. To turn on the toy, you must press the power switch and a blue led light will indicate that it is on. Though when first turned on there isn't any rotation or vibration until you press the other buttons. Essentially it starts off in "Stand by mode" so to speak. To start the vibrations or change through the vibration settings you press the wave button. To increase or decrease the rotation you press the up or down arrows.
The rotating shaft only has 3 speeds: low, medium, and high.

The functions of the clitoral arm are:
1. Low vibration
2. Medium vibrations
3. High vibration
4. Short pulses (similar to an alarm clock)
5. Steady escalation from very low to high vibrations
6. Long pulses
7. 3 Short pulses followed by one longer pulse

The buttons aren't hard to press, but they can be a bit hard to differentiate from each other by touch. Though the control portion itself is relatively long, so you can see the buttons easily enough. I didn't have a function or rotation that I disliked, but one of my favorite settings was the highest rotation speed. As for vibration, I myself found this toy a bit too powerful for my clit at times, so I actually preferred the low and medium vibrations.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is silicone and thus non-porous. It can be cleaned with soap and water, toy cleaner/wipes, or 10% bleach solution. It is silicone but it can't be boiled because of the motor in the toy, so it isn't able to be sterilized. You can use water based or oil based lubes, but you should avoid silicone lubes. This toy is silicone and it does not react with any 100% silicone toys, but unless you are sure that other toys you own are quality silicone then you should keep them separate. This toy is 10 inches long, so it may be a bit of a hassle for some people to store. You can probably just keep it in a drawer, or a long, wide box.
    • Easy to clean
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  • Contributor: Rossie
    Thanks for the wonderful review and closeup pictures.
  • Contributor: Rossie
    Forgot to ask -- the two little "ears" on the clitoral arm -- are they rigid or flexible?
  • Contributor: CinnamonNights
    Thank youuuu. The ears are very flexible, but the arm itself is pretty rigid.
  • Contributor: edeneve
    good functions description. what is the diameter of the shaft? did the placement of the clit attachment work for you - too close, too far, just right? a little more proofing would be helpful.
  • Contributor: mskittyk68
    When you received yours in the mail, did it come in its original box? Mine came in just a plastic cover. I'm skeptical of that.
  • Contributor: CinnamonNights
    @mskittyk68 Sorry for the late reply, I've been out of town for the week. Yeah, mine came in a plastic cover as well.
  • Contributor: Sincerely yours, N
    I cannot get over how huge this toy is! I think it's one of my biggest rabbits (for now, at least). Mine came in the box, but I didn't buy it here.

    Thanks for the awesome review! I just realized that I had voted but not commented. I love the comparison image and your descriptions of the toy's functions!
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