Bedroom Kandi make me over - wand massager by OhMiBod - review by Kayla

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The Make Me Over vibrator works well if you like diffuse vibrations or broad-area stimulation, but it doesn't provide pinpoint, powerhouse vibrations. It does come in a cute package, though - with the handle grip, the mirrored compact, and the ability to recharge, and that can make it worthwhile if you want a fun and playful solo/couple's toy.
Relatively discreet, Rechargeable, Hand grip on the back, Great for massages
Doesn't give pin-point stimulation, Diffuse vibrations, USB-charge only
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The Bedroom Kandi "Make Me Over" vibrator is a Bedroom Kandi brand (by the makers of OhMiBod) that is a rechargeable discreet massager that resembles a make-up powder. The compact case itself is plastic while the vibrator is made from silicone and is splashproof. The vibrator is rechargeable with a Lithium-ion battery, and it takes 2 hours to charge with a use time of up to 1 hour. It has a stand-by life of up to 60 days.

I will say that the Bedroom Kandi line's packaging is actually slightly disappointing to me. Like the other Bedroom Kandi vibrators, the packaging seems really fancy, but it ends up being not nearly as fancy as you had originally thought. It does do an okay job of storing the vibrator, though, and the black box can work for storage of the sex toy when not in use. However, as the "compact case" actually works as a storage box in itself, you may not find any use for keeping the storage box for storage. The packaging does look very pretty for gift-giving though.

I was really interested in the Make Me Over vibrator because of the design and rechargeablility. It comes with the massager/vibrator itself as well as the compact case (storage case). It also comes with the USB charging cable needed to recharge the vibrator. The massager is designed a bit like a make-up pouf, and it has texture on the pink side with a little hand-hold on the black side. The entire vibrator is made from silicone, and it fits really nicely into this compact storage case for storage and for charging. There even is a mirror on the inside of the compact case to make it look a bit more "realistic".

This one is rechargeable, and it actually charges through its storage case. It takes about two hours for it to charge, and the vibrator charges through the base (compact case). The vibrator just gets placed into the case, and the metal charging ports will charge the vibrator. This case can be shut while it's charging if you want something that's more discreet (the case honestly does look like a fancy powder case when it's closed). This vibrator ONLY can charge via USB; it does not include an outlet adapter for plug-in charging. If you charge all of your toys via an outlet, this may be an issue for you. The charger does fit into any standard USB which almost all people have lying around though.

The vibrator has okay vibrations. The vibrations are controlled by a + and - button on the black side (with the handle) of the vibrator. The vibrations are on the buzzier side, and they are on the lower end of moderate. They just seem a bit weaker because of the full surface of the toy and the fact that things aren't just located in one area. The vibrations also can be fully felt in the fingers (possibly causing some numbness from the sensation), but it does feel slightly dulled on the texture/pink side. The vibrations can be heard in the same room, but it'd be hard to hear them outside of a closed door, and the vibrations are very easy to control through the buttons. I've had no issues accidentally pressing the buttons when I didn't want to.

For this vibrator, don't expect pinpoint stimulation, and this may not be the toy for you if you require pinpoint stimulation. Because of the shape of the vibrator (it's long and flat), the vibrator doesn't really work well for nestling in tight spaces for pinpoint stimulation. However, because of the design, it does work okay for full vulva stimulation or if you enjoy vibrations that tend to move around the "entire" area instead of just clitorally.

Another, sorta-non-sexual use I've found for it is massages. I'm actually really loving this vibrator for massage purposes (though it can't be used with oil-based massage oils which is a downer). However, between the handle "hold" on the back of the massager as well as the long and flat design of the vibrator, this one stays really nicely in the palm of your hand while giving back/thigh/etc. massages, and the texture on the massager actually makes the massage even more pleasurable and muscle-relaxing. I would be careful about how much pressure you apply to your massage "victim" while wearing this vibrator, though, as I'm not sure the vibrator wasn't meant to hold up to too much force during a massage.
The texture is another thing. With most external vibrators, I usually don't use lubricant. I usually don't need to. However, with this one, because of the texture on the usable side of the vibrator, the vibe doesn't really "glide" along the skin. If you want something that doesn't drag or grip your skin rather uncomfortably, you'll have wanted to lubricate the area or the vibrator itself.

For cleaning, you can use warm soap and water. It doesn't really fit the standard size of a toy, but you could use it in a glove for safe sex if need be. It can not be submerged in water (it's splash proof), so be careful of that. It's only compatible with water-based lubricant, and it should be kept in the storage case/compact case for storage to keep it away from harm. The case itself doesn't latch shut or anything, though, so it does have the possibility of opening during luggage or traveling, so keep that in mind.

In general, while this one will not be my go-to clitoral toy, it does really well for massages and it will do alright if you enjoy broader, more diffuse vibrations over a larger area. It's a creative idea for a vibrator, and if you're more sensitive to vibrations or just want something for fun partner teasing, it could work really well for you, but don't expect pinpoint or powerhouse vibrations.
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  • The Vixen
    Sounds like this won't be strong enough for me but I'm in love with the design.
    Great review, thank you so much
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    Great review!
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    thanks for the review!
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