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Redesigned and full of win

The new Chubby G combines wonderful thickness, with strong vibrations, and a curved tip, that provides excellent g-spot stimulation. It’s waterproof, has ripples for extra sensation, and extensions for clitoral and anal stimulation.
Wonderful feel and thickness, easy control of speeds, waterproof, silicone lube compatible.
Can accidentally change speeds or turn off.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
The Chubby G may make me retract my statements about g-spot dildos being more effective than vibrators for those who want a g-spot orgasm.

This product is a redesign of the Crystalessence chubby g. It’s made of a more luxurious and safer material than Crystalessence, TPE, a material designed to mimic the softness of skin.

It’s thicker around than its predecessor - 5 1/2 inches in circumference. The vibrating motor has been moved to the tip for maximum effectiveness. The shaft now has ripples for extra sensation.

It feels firm, yet is compressible. It’s an excellent level of firmness to allow you to thrust as vigorously as you want without irritation. But the core is stiff, so it won't bend while its inside you.

After about a dozen uses, the end, the part curved to stimulate the g-spot, is now cloudy. It’s unclear to me why this happened so quickly. It still seems to be structurally sound. The area where it has lost its shine is beginning to become a lint magnet. While it initially seemed to be unaffected by either silicone or water-based lubricants, it may be best to stick with water based lubricants for this product.

The curved tip provides excellent g-spot stimulation. Two flanges reach out to stimulate your clitoris and anus when the toy is completely inserted. For the first time that I've seen on a toy, these actually extend far enough to reach even my clitoris which, sadly, is located an inch from my vagina. But when completely inserted, the curved tip is well past my g-spot, so I don't use it that way. While it is fully inserted, the vibrations travel through those extensions to give moderate clitoral stimulation.

The Chubby G offers three speeds of vibration, controlled by a push button at the end. Vibration strength varied from mild to reasonably strong. I found it easy to rotate through the speeds and to turn it off. It’s also easy to accidentally change the speed or turn it off if your fingers move over the bottom end, but its just as effortless to return to the previous setting (or switch speeds) using that same single button control. It’s easy to control with one hand, leaving the other hand free for tasks such as massaging your clitoris or photography. (Don't judge me!)

The Chubby G is not particularly loud. With fresh batteries and on the highest setting while resting on top of a bed, it can just barely be heard through a closed door seven feet away.

When it was brand new, it had a faint scent that reminded me of superglue. After several washings it no longer has any scent.

It is completely waterproof. A rubbery gasket seals the battery compartment. Left on for several minutes submerged, the batteries remained dry. The battery compartment has an inner battery holder that slides completely out for quick battery removal and reinsertion. It’s a snap to clean with just soap and water.

thick with ripples
heavenly good vibrations
g-spot happiness
I love the feeling of fullness this toy provides, combined with superb g-spot stimulation. I had not anticipated how much the girth of this toy would result in such extra sensation.

Any of the three speeds are strong enough for me. In fact, I even used it with vibrations off and still climaxed.

Usually I need the boost of a non-empty bladder to squirt, but I've managed to do so several times on an empty bladder with the Chubby G. I've only been successful in squirting on an empty bladder once previously.

I find that this product is large enough that it prevents me from squirting during orgasm by blocking my urethra or pushing it slightly inside. This doesn't in any way decrease sensation. In fact I believe it may increase it. Liquid flies out of me as soon as the Chubby G is removed.
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  • Rocky LaFemme
    Thanks for the review. You are making me rethink my promise to never try another chubby g.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    The loss of shinyness seems really weird. It makes me wonder about the material - and not in a good way.

    You mention that your clit is about an inch from your vagina and seem to feel that this is odd. To me, that's pretty close. Mine is more like 2- 3 inches away.

    Anyway, a good review
  • Tuesday
    Adriana, I just read that women with clits an inch or more away from their vaginas don't climax through penetration and thrusting only. These must be the 70% or so of women who studies show can't orgasm with penetration/thrusting only - like me. So you're right. I'm at the close end of the majority.

    The packaging says to use water-based lubes, but the TPE materials page on EF says silicone lube is ok with TPE. I put a drop of silicone lube on and let it stay there for awhile. It didn't appear to have any effect. I'm not thrilled with the loss of shinyness either. I wish I had paid more attention to exactly when the shinyness started decreasing.
  • Naughty Student
    Maybe I should experiment with a vibe...nice review!
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