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Room for Improvement

This is my first vibrating toy with pulsing, waving settings. It's very enjoyable and easy to use. It's gotten me hooked on the new vibrations and I'll soon be looking for more in another toy. This item definitely has room for improvement, but it is a good toy for someone who has used traditional vibes and is looking for something extra.
Powerful, varied settings, easy to use, fairly durable and clearly well-made.
Repetitive settings, pointless LED display, lacking a constant vibration setting.
Rating by reviewer:
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I feel that this bullet is best suited to external/clitoral stimulation, unless used with a condom. The cord is too flimsy for you to pull on it in order to remove it from inside of you and also it isn't completely sealed off, so bodily fluids may damage the inner workings of the bullet. A condom would protect the bullet and would also give you something to grab hold of in order to remove it if inserted. The vibrations may be a bit too strong and overwhelming for a beginner or for someone who is very sensitive. It can be quite loud if it vibrates freely and is not pressed tightly against you or muffled between your thighs. It would be best to use this toy in complete privacy where you aren't risking someone else overhearing the distinctive pulsing hum. Use it alone or with a partner! I secretly have a fantasy about being bound and having this little baby pressed to my clit, with nowhere to go but plummeting straight over the edge into orgasmic bliss.

Material / Texture

The toy is comprised of a hard plastic control panel which fits nicely into the palm of your hand, with a metallic bullet at the end of an approximately two foot long cord. The materials do not have any odor or taste. The texture of the bullet is smooth and pleasantly cool upon first contact, but warms quickly with body heat and the motion of the motor inside of it.

Design / Shape / Size

I like the design of this toy. The control pad is very comfortable to hold and the bullet is a good size and shape at 2.5" long and 1" wide. If you're looking for discretion, look elsewhere. This toy is quite obviously what it is :) A delightful little sex toy!

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations come only from the bullet, not from the control pad, if there was any confusion about that. It has a series of pulsing settings. The first two are meant to be a waving vibration, with the second being slightly faster and more intense than the first. Unfortunately, the two are exactly identical on my unit, with no difference in the intensity or speed of the waves on the first and second settings. The third, fourth, and fifth settings are series of random pulses and waves, each with a slightly different pattern. The sixth is a set of pulses and then a pause, which repeats indefinitely. The seventh is a steady pulsing. There is a button to move up the scale of settings, a button to move down, and a button to turn the unit on and off. They are very straightforward and easy to use.

There are a few things that bother me about this toy's performance. The first is the fact that those first two settings are exactly alike. The second is that there is no steady vibration setting, which would definitely come in handy. Third, the display on this unit is, quite frankly, downright annoying and completely pointless. The lights flash in unison with the vibration pattern, green for waves and red for pulses. It can be distracting and, honestly, a much better use of the LED lighting on the control pad would have been to make it light up and tell you which of the seven settings you were on. As it is, you have no way of knowing which is which unless you shut it off and scroll through them, keeping count in your head. My partner did point out that the lights may be useful when using the toy on another person so you can visualize what they're feeling, but... you can clearly hear the sounds of the vibrations, so I feel that the display is still unnecessary. I also think that this toy could have benefited immensely from a knob or something to adjust the power and intensity of the vibrations, on top of having settings for different pulsing patterns.

The toy is very loud, no matter which setting it's on. Also, there was a slight concern on my part about the bullet overheating, but that has yet to happen, even with fairly long periods of play, 30-45 minutes. The bullet does get a bit warm, but I haven't noticed it becoming excessively hot.

Care and Maintenance

I would recommend using wipes that are specifically made for cleaning toys or a dampened cloth. This toy is not waterproof, so submerging it or getting it excessively wet with soap and water is out of the question. Being that it's made of easy to clean materials such as metal and plastic, the toy is extremely easy to care for. It comes with a small, very handy clip to hold the cord together when not in use. Of course, after vowing not to lose it, I left it on the bedside table at my hotel only two weeks after receiving it, lol. It's a great thing to have if you can hang onto it! If not, a twist tie will work wonders for keeping the cord in a tidy bundle and saving it from damage.
Follow-up commentary
This toy is still one of the most used ones in my bag :) I have noticed that it eats through batteries like no other, although that may be because I use it so often...It's a very enjoyable toy and extremely versatile when it comes to sensations. Use it on other parts of your body! Try it on your nipples, trail it down your tummy...It's a bit noisy, but it's completely worth it!

UPDATE: 10 Months after review...This toy is broken :( I'm very sad. The toy will work for about thirty seconds to a minute and then will stop. The lights on the display will continue to move, but the vibrations will stop. Also, the cord seems to have pulled loose within the bullet and now only functions on and off if the cord is held in place and at a very specific angle. I did not pull excessively on it. This damage occurred just while it was inside of my toy bag, from being moved around! I'm rather disappointed that it didn't hold up a little better, since it lasted me less than a year, but...I'll soon be looking for a slightly quieter replacement that has a setting for steady vibrations!
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