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Rose Tongue

The Rose Tongue vibrator has a lot of potential for someone who doesn't demand much pressure. It's comfortable to hold and easy to control with one hand if you don't mind the noise.
Great size, nice charger, silicone texture and appearance look and feel high quality
Loses intensity when pressure is applied, the vibrator is very loud
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First impression

The Rose Tongue vibrator was nicely packaged in a plain white box and came with a charger and instructions. The first thing I noticed was the charger. It has a magnetic base that the vibrator sits on, so it is very easy to charge it without it losing connection. The silicone vibrator looks and feels high quality with its silky-smooth texture. I did notice that it does gather some lint easily. When I first charged it, I noticed it the control pad on the vibrator glows intermittently to indicate that it is charging. It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge and has about 75 minutes of run time. I like that there is only one button on the control pad. Holding the button turns it on or off, and clicking the button allows you to filter through the 10 vibration modes. The size of the vibrator fitted nicely in my palm and was much more comfortable to hold than I’d imagined.

First Use

This was the first oral sex imitation vibrator I’ve ever tried. After finding a vibration pattern I liked, I tested it out. I quickly filtered through all 10 patterns and discovered that when you apply pressure, the silicone tongue loses a lot of its’ intensity. The tongue moves through vibrations, so I did not experience the licking sensation and could not say that it imitates oral sex. It needed to have a stronger vibration intensity for me to have an orgasm, but I also needed to apply more pressure to get there. If there is almost no pressure, it does feel more like a flicking sensation, but it was not enough for me. The more I filtered through to try the different vibration patterns, the more I noticed how loud this vibrator is.

Further Experience

First impressions can be deceiving; however, that was not the case for me this time. In my opinion, the Rose Tongue vibrator did not imitate oral sex. I did enjoy the texture, and it felt nice if I didn’t apply any pressure, but it was not going to get me to my happy place. The size of this vibrator is very nice, and it was more comfortable to hold and control the vibration modes than I thought. It might be better suited for someone who does not need intense vibrations or pressure to have an orgasm.

Vibration Map

The vibrations were strong until you apply pressure. Once you hold it against anything, it loses a lot of strength. Most of the vibration is felt in the silicone tongue, and the vibration moves the tongue very fast. The vibrations seem strong, and it would work very well for me if I didn’t need more pressure to have an orgasm.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I was not able to have an orgasm when I used the Rose Tongue vibrator. It was nice to start with, but I am a bit of a power queen. This would be a great vibrator for someone who does not require a lot of power or pressure to have an orgasm.
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