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Delight vibe

G-spot rabbit vibrator by Vibe Therapy

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Rotating rabbit

The Vibe Therapy Delight is a silicone rabbit style vibrator with multiple speeds/patterns and 3 shaft rotation speeds with a size that is decent for beginners and other users alike. Those that like a lot of power may want to look elsewhere, but if you don't require real strong clitoral vibrations, this may work for you. It just didn't have that "wow" factor for me.
Silicone, multiple vibration and rotation speeds, multiple vibration patterns, easy to control.
Not the best waterproof, noise.
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The Vibe Therapy Delight is a 100% silicone, waterproof, vibrating and rotating rabbit style vibrator. The insertable portion rotates inside of you while the rabbit clitoral arm vibrates causing the little ears to flutter. It can be used with both parts going or with just the internal part rotating or just the clitoral arm going and the instertable part used as more of a dildo. This really won't work for any other purpose than vaginal use. I can't see how using it anally (if I was even into that) would be comfortable. You could possibly turn it around while inserted to have the rabbit ears tickle at your rear.

This rabbit is good for solo use or while with your partner, letting them have control over the vibration speed/patterns or the rotation speed.

The shaft of this isn't that large, so it should be suitable for beginners and experience users alike, though those that love girth may not be satisfied with it. I don't like girthy toys and felt that this was comfortable for me.

Material / Texture

Vibe Therapy Delight is made of a soft, squishy-like silicone rating a 10 on Eden's safety scale. The silicone is smooth and has a nice bit of drag to it, so a water based lubricant would probably help best for insertion. Because of the "grabby" silicone, this thing attracts hairs and other small particles. There is no noticeable smell to this vibe. There is no added texture, just smooth, soft silicone, making it great for any user.
The tip, down to about the middle of the shaft has a good bit of flexibility to it. The clitoral arm bends back about to an L shape from the shaft and the ears of the bunny are completely flexible.

The handle/battery compartment/control panel is made of a hard, firm plastic.

Design / Shape / Size

As with any rabbit style vibrator, it is designed for the user to enjoy external and internal stimulation all in one toy, as opposed to using two toys. The tip of the shaft has a slight curve to it, I'm guessing for g-spot stimulation, there is also two slightly raised bumps on the tip. I didn't really notice the bumps with the toy inserted, only going in.
The rabbit arm has a bump that looks like it's belly and another that could be the face o the rabbit, these weren't noticeable to me either. The rabbit's ears are made to stimulate the clitoris and/or outer vaginal lips.

Whether the design of this toy will work depends on each woman's anatomy. It's either a hit, miss, or ALMOST there. It's just a risk you take when buying these type of toys. For me, if inserted fully, the ears pretty much miss the spot you want them to hit, because it is flexible, you can push the ears down or just not fully insert it. The vibrations aren't strong enough to make the nose stimulate me enough to get there. Some women may have to bend back the rabbit arm to fully insert the vibe and then let go to let it rest on the vagina, and it may or may not hit the spot right.

The size isn't intimidating at all, so it should be suitable for beginners and any other user. It's about 9 1/4" long with about 4.5 " being insertable. The circumference is 4.5" and the diameter is 1.25".

Compared to the Jopen vr7 and the Fun Factory G4 Tiger

Functions / Performance / Controls

Vibe Therapy Delight runs on 3 AAA batteries. It comes with a holder that is then inserted down into the vibrator. This helps to keep the batteries from rattling together and makes it easier to take them out. This toy is pretty easy to use.
The bottom button is the on/off button. Press once to turn it on and again to turn it off.
The middle button is the clitoral arm control. The arm is the only part of the toy that vibrates. Press to turn it on and again to cycle through the patterns.
1)Low steady vibrations
2)Medium steady vibrations
3)High steady vibrations
5)Revving from low to high
6)Quicker pulses
7)3 pluses and one long pulse
8)Turns the clitoral arm off

The top button controls the shaft rotation. It rotates in a 360 degree motion.
4)Turns the rotation off

The controls are easy to control while in use once you figure out what order they go in since there's only three buttons. One good thing about it is if you need to stop it suddenly, you can just push the power button and it will shut the shaft and clitoral arm off.

The power of the vibration is moderate. Not extremely powerful, but not weak either. The vibrations can be felt mostly in the clitoral arm and slightly in the handle. They do not travel enough to the shaft to make an impact.

The shaft rotation sounds mechanical and it sounded a bit loud. I left it on low and closed the door. I had the TV going as well at a normal volume. I stood outside my door and I could hear the rotation. It didn't seem to be dulled at all while inserted. The vibrations aren't that loud though. But based on the noise of the rotation, I would say that it would be heard outside of a closed door, slightly.

I wasn't sure about it being waterproof since it lacks an o-ring watertight seal, but I filled the sink up and submerged it anyway. It did hold up in the water. However, when I was taking the batteries out (after towel drying the vibe), I did notice a little bit of water got into the battery compartment around the lid. So, I supposed use it in the tub at your own discretion.

This toy is not discrete at all, obviously, so don't leave it out for company to see.

Care and Maintenance

The vibe is easy to care for. You can use a toy cleaner, wipe, mild soap and water or a 10% bleach solution to clean it. I would find a pouch/bag of some sort to store it in if the box isn't an option, to avoid it picking up hairs and other particles.

You should only use water based lubricant with this vibe.


I forgot to get pictures of the box before tossing it out, but it looks like it does on the product page. One side had a magnet in it to hold it closed, when the flap was lifted and opened it would reveal the toy inside the box- like a window. The top had a tab to pull out to open the box and the toy was down inside a plastic holder. The back has a drawing of the toy and information about it, so it isn't very discrete, but tasteful looking.

It comes with two papers, both include the instructions in many different languages with photos.


When I first saw this vibe and noticed that it wasn't incredibly girthy and made of silicone, I thought it might work for me. I've tried two other rotating rabbits, one worked and the other didn't. The one I liked was the Jopen vr7 because of the power.

This vibrator wasn't as loud as I had expected or as loud as the other battery powered one I had tried. However, I would not be comfortable using it while anyone was awake and could walk past my down and wonder what the mechanical sound was!

The power of the clitoral arm was moderate but not what I like/need- which is due to trying the rechargeable toys. They have the best power. But this is pretty decent nonetheless. It would be a good vibe for someone that doesn't need a ton of power, though I can't help but say I would suggest saving up to get something rechargeable since this one is basically $73.

I didn't care much for the rotation. It wasn't uncomfortable or anything, just not anything that made me think "Wow, this is great". I could do without it and would rather have it vibrate.

Besides the waterproof thing I mentioned, it's a pretty decent make of a rabbit vibe. The material is nice and it's easy to control. It just isn't one I see myself reaching for often. I honestly think rechargeable toys have ruined battery powered ones for me.
Follow-up commentary
This just wasn't for me because I didn't care for the rotation of the fact that there aren't any vibrations in the shaft. It would work for those that don't care about the vibrations and that like rotating shaft. It's a decent vibe, but I just don't care for it. I'm trying to find it a new home in the classifieds here!
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