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The usual suspects Iconic rabbit

Rabbit vibrator by Jimmyjane

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Run, Rabbit, Run!

The Iconic Rabbit is the pure white homage to the classic Rabbit Habit. The little white bunny nuzzles against your clit while the hidden rotating beads in the shaft stimulate the entrance of your vagina. The vibrations are fantastic and should satisfy those who crave a strong buzz, but some may find the rotating beads lacking. The Iconic Rabbit is made from body safe, pthalate-free elastomer. Batteries are included.
Phthalate-free elastomer, classic design, nice strong vibrations.
Rotating beads rather weak.
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The Iconic Rabbit is one of a series of three classic toys in Jimmyjane's "The Usual Suspects" Iconic Vibrator Collection. It comes in a sturdy box with three AA batteries included.

The Iconic Rabbit is nearly identical to the celebrity it pays homage to--the infamous Rabbit Habit--but for some improvements. First of all, whereas the traditional Rabbit Habit is typically translucent purple in color, the Iconic Rabbit is pure, opaque white. Secondly, the Iconic Rabbit is made of body-safe, pthalate-free elastomer, a vast improvement over the jelly Rabbit Habit. The material is still plush to the touch and flexible above the shaft, but much safer for your body!

The design of the Iconic Rabbit is cute and true to the original. The well-known little white bunny stimulator curves up from the base of the shaft to tickle and lick at your clitoris with its nose and ears. When the toy is on, the ears start to vibrate so quickly that they blur as if they are playfully whipping against your flesh.

The shaft is phallic in shape and is of moderate girth, bulging out where the rotating beads are. Unlike the original Rabbit, whose translucent material let you see the beads moving inside, the Iconic hides the beads within its opaque material. When the rotation is on, however, you can clearly see the outline of the beads moving and you can definitely feel it! At the "underside" of the shaft (the side opposite of the rabbit), a little smiling face is drawn, so that the shape of the glans looks like mushroom hair. The face is even wearing a little necklace of some sort. The overall visual effect is comedic. I laughed out loud when I saw the minuscule detail.

The three AA batteries are loaded into the plastic base. The base is relatively easy to open; it requires the user to press down on it and push outwards to slide free. The batteries are inserted according to the diagram inside, and the cover slides back on. I had more trouble putting the cover back on than getting it off. You have to line the grooves up with the two tracks, and while it's not rocket science, I can't do it with my eyes closed. Yet.

The Iconic Rabbit has two separate functions: vibration in the bunny stimulator and rotation of the beads, which in turn rotates the top half of the shaft in a cone shape. The intensity of these functions is operated by one slide control each. You will hear an audible click when you turn either function on, and should wait until you hear a click before you can be sure it is off. The bunny's controller controls the intensity of the vibrations while the bead controller controls the speed of rotation. These speeds/intensities can be mixed until you find the combination you want, but be warned. When both functions are on, they do not perform as powerfully as when they are used separately.

At its lowest setting, the bunny vibrates on the strong side of moderate. Used alone, the bunny is not able to achieve a gentler vibration. If one is desired, then the rotating shaft should be turned on as well. This will subtract somewhat from the vibrating power of the bunny. However, if you are looking for a feather-light tickling sensation, this bunny will not be able to deliver it unless your batteries are near dying. The highest vibrational setting when the bunny is used alone is very strong when the batteries are fresh.

The rotating beads are good for massaging the entrance of the vagina and also effective for g-spot stimulation for some users. However, I have noticed that the beads rotate much slower when inserted than when outside the body. In fact, on the lowest rotational setting, the beads stopped completely when the shaft was inserted. The control had to be on the medium setting before the beads would start moving while inside. If the bunny is on at the same time, the settings have to be turned even higher.

The Iconic Rabbit is not waterproof, so please don't take it scuba diving, lest you lose your bunny pal forever. To clean, use antibacterial soap and warm water. Take out the batteries between uses, as it is easy to accidentally leave the toy running at a low setting instead of turning it off entirely, which will effectively kill the batteries. The batteries included are quality Energizer alkaline batteries, and should last for a while before you need to get new batteries, depending on how often and how hard you play with the Iconic Rabbit. Use a condom if you plan on sharing this toy.
I've seen pictures of the Iconic Rabbit before. Because it is all white, it is difficult to see the details in photographs, so for a time I thought it was the plainest rabbit out there. I stand corrected. After I took it out of the box for the first time, I just had to parade it around my boyfriend's apartment, showing everyone the hilarious little face on the underside of the shaft.

The Iconic is my very first rabbit, and I am in deep, deep love with it. The bunny stimulator in particular is my favorite part of it. I adore clitoral stimulation, and the bunny delivered stars and fireworks. The rotating beads, however, I was less crazy about. They felt fine in my hand when I was just testing functions, but once inserted, they stopped moving at all. I had to turn the power up on the rotations and turn off the vibrating bunny to get the beads to move again. Even then, every time I clenched around the shaft, I would audibly hear the difference as the beads slowed down. Furthermore, they didn't feel like much.

The shaft, however, is great for thrusting. My favorite way to use the rabbit is to have the bunny vibrating on one of the higher settings and just to rock myself against the shaft. Even though the beads don't do much for me when they're rotating, they still form a nice thick knot in the middle of the shaft that feels great while thrusting. Wonderful every single time.
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  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Are the beads loose or like ball bearings? It's nice that batteries are included but I just think this looks cheap (because almost all Vibratex toys do) and wish they would've branched out a little more, especially with this price tag
  • Miss Cinnamon
    Adriana Ravenlust-- The beads are tracked, according to the Jimmy Jane product specs. I'm not sure what this means, but I'm thinking it leans towards the "ball bearing" type rotation. I can't see the beads moving through the opaque material, but when I close my hand over that portion, the beads do not feel "loose". Hope that helps! Thanks for the good question.
  • nmeyer
    Miss Cinnamon,

    Great review. Thank you very much.
    Quick question about the rabbit. I'm guessing it has its own bullet. Can you tell me about the rabbit- how do the ears feel? Are they floppy or firm? (if you take your finger and brush against the ears, do they move easily?) I LOVE clitoral stimulation and find that the floppy ears just don't work for me.

  • Miss Cinnamon
    nmeyer--The whole toy is a single unit, so yes, it has its own motors. I assume that the vibrations are delivered by a bullet-esque device imbedded in the toy, but it is not removable and is not even visible. The rabbit ears do move easily, and when the toy is vibrating, they whip back and forth. Sorry to hear that floppy ears don't do it for you! There is always the nose/head of the bunny, which is firm. Thanks for stopping by.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    GREAT REVIEW! I am shocked by the high price on this one.
  • Miss Cinnamon
    Lauren--Thanks! I am a bit surprised myself, especially since the motor for the rotating beads isn't very strong and doesn't hold up to clenching.
  • LittleBird
    Great review!
  • jeangel246
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  • xOhxSoxScandalousx
    A lil' pricey but great review! Thanks for taking the time to write it.
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