Sweet satisfaction kit - bullet vibrator by Rocks Off Ltd. - review by IndependentlyHappy

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Satisfying, but could have more bang.

The Sweet Satisfaction Kit includes three toys ideal for beginner/intermediate users, with un-intimidating designs, body-friendly materials, and vibrations that get the job done. However, the kit is pricey for PU-coated ABS plastic and probably does not offer enough features for advanced users.
Good for beginners, body safe, moderate power that should satisfy most individuals.
Fairly expensive, may not include enough features to satisfy more advanced users.
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The Sweet Satisfaction Bullet Collection includes three separate toys, all named to approximate terms used for bullets and ammunition.

- The RO-100mm “Soft Tip” is a small bullet vibe that is intended primarily for clitoral stimulation.

- The RO-G-Spot “G-Spot” is a small, traditional curved G-spot vibe.

- The RO-160mm “Big Bang Bullet” is a traditional vibe that can be used for vaginal insertion or external clitoral stimulation; it is a bit girthier than the typical traditional vibrator, but is around the same length.

These should only be used externally or for vaginal penetration, as they do not have flared bases and could get lost inside the user if used anally. All three toys are fully waterproof for shower or bath time fun. To make this review less confusing since I’m reviewing three toys at once, I’ll refer to them as “Soft Tip”, “G-Spot”, and “Big Bang” from now on.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Bachelor/ bachelorette party
    • Couples
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

Soft Tip is mostly metal, with a relatively flexible, matte silicone tip. G-Spot and Big Bang both consist of a hard, PU coated ABS plastic that is velvety smooth to the touch with some drag. These toy materials are all phthalate-free, relatively body-safe, and relatively easy to clean. A squishy material, possibly rubber or silicone, covers the buttons of all of the toys.

I do not know what kind of metal is used in Soft Tip’s handle, but various metals listed on Eden rank in safety from 8 to 10/10. Eden lists silicone as a 10/10 on its safety scale, and silicone is known for being body-safe non-porous. PU coated ABS plastic is slightly lower, a 7/10. According to Eden, plastic has a “very low porosity level”, which makes it safer than much of what else is on the market.

I sniffed the toys before using or cleaning them, and could detect a faint plastic-y scent in them; however, I initially suspected that these are mainly due to residual material left behind from the manufacturing process, rather than coming from the toys themselves. After washing them, the smell was almost completely gone, so this seemed to confirm my suspicions. In either case, it was too minor to be offensive, despite the fact that I am usually fairly sensitive to strange chemical smells.
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

At the risk of sounding redundant, Soft Tip resembles an elongated silver bullet with a soft, pink, metal tip. The tip reminds me of a miniature tongue sticking out of the toy. Soft Tip is about 4” in overall length, and its tip is 1.25” long. It is the perfect length for teasing and stimulating the clitoris; at about 2.75” long, the handle is the ideal size to fit neatly into my hand, although it may be small for men and people with large hands to hold. It measures approximately 2.5” in circumference at its widest point. About 3.5” of the toy’s length is insertable if one were to hold the portion of the base that unscrews and thrust with it; however, this would probably not be practical for bigger hands, especially when lube enters the equation. The cap screws tightly in order to ensure that the toy is fully waterproof.


G-Spot is more or less your typical, “garden-variety” G-spot vibrator. It is violet in color and measures about 5.5” in length, with about an inch of that length constituting the base. At about 1” in diameter and 3.5” in circumference, it is a good size for someone who is curious about G-spot play, but has never owned a G-spot vibe vibrator before. The base unscrews and features a rubber O-ring that keeps water from getting inside the battery compartment. There is a VERY slight seam running down the center of this toy, but it’s not noticeable in use, nor will it make cleaning more difficult. Advanced users would more than likely find this toy to be too small for them, but this set seems to be marketed more towards the beginner to intermediate crowd.

Big Bang is a traditional vibrator with about average length, but above average girth for a vibe of this design. It measures 6.5” in length, 1.25” in circumference, and 4” in circumference, which makes it an ideal size for intermediate users. The tip is tapered for easier insertion, and a rubber O-ring ensures that the battery compartment is watertight. This toy, along with the other two, features the logo and the name of the toy stamped into the plastic (metal in the case of the Soft Tip). The logo was noticeable when I ran my finger over it, but not during use. There are no discernable seams in the plastic at the tip of the toy or running down the sides.


Functions / Performance / Controls

All three toys run on batteries, which are included. Soft Tip requires one 1.5-volt N battery, G-Spot takes 2 AAA batteries, and Big Bang requires two AA batteries. My initial thought upon seeing these was that two of these types of batteries are not ones that I’d normally keep around the house, and that it’d be convenient if they all ran on the same kind of battery, but there isn't much I can do about that. The back of the box features diagrams that show you how to insert the batteries, in case you lose the small inserts that are included in the battery compartments. For easier reading, I’ll split my experiences with the three toys into separate sections with headers, as follows:

Soft Tip:
Soft Tip features a short, nubby cover that unscrews to open the battery compartment. My initial impression upon turning it on was that it packs a lot of power for a small toy. It is also fairly loud, perhaps comparable to a louder version of the vibration setting on my iPhone. The toy features three easy-to-use settings, each accessible with successive presses of the button. The first setting is a low, but still easily felt, vibration. The second is a slightly stronger, steady setting. The third is a rapidly pulsating pattern, i.e. “buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz”. Touching the button a fourth time resets the toy back to the first pattern. To turn the toy off, unscrew the cap. If the batteries are in correctly and the toy fails to turn on, make sure that the cap is on tightly enough.

My overall experience with Soft Tip was that it's not overly impressive, nor will it ever be the main attraction. However, it is a good toy for teasing or a quick session when you need just a little pinpoint stimulation on your clit to get off. The sensation reminded me of a firmer, vibrating version of a teasing tongue or fingertip. It did get me off, but at the same time, since I have enough other toys that are more powerful than this one, I did have a feeling of “is that it?” I did not notice much of a difference between the low and high settings, and neither one is particularly earth shattering. If the first setting isn't strong enough, then you’re basically out of luck. I prefer steady vibration patterns to pulsating ones, so the third vibration speed did not do much for me compared to the other two.

I haven’t tried it for this purpose yet, but my guess is also that Soft Tip would be a great toy to use during sex since it isn’t big or awkward enough to get in the way. Soft Tip probably wouldn’t offer much to more experienced toy users, but it’d be a great toy for beginners or couples who are just getting into toy play and think that this would work well for them. Advanced users will probably want to look elsewhere, since neither this toy, nor the kit as a whole, would likely thrill them.

G-Spot features a simple ABS plastic cap that unscrews to reveal two AAA batteries side by side in their compartment. There is a thin circle of plastic-coated paper (?) that the manufacturer put in place to keep the toy from turning on while still in the packaging. My initial impression was that G-Spot’s vibrations are lower and more “rumbling” than Soft Tip’s buzz-y and higher-pitched ones. The first setting is a moderate, steady vibration. The second and third settings increase the intensity by noticeable amounts. The fourth is a rapidly pulsating pattern, while the fifth is a rumbling, roller coaster setting of alternating speed. If you like patterns, this toy offers basic ones. If you like power, the highest setting is moderately powerful and enough for me, but may not please those who need a lot.

In my opinion, the G-Spot is a decent toy for what it is. It’s not overly large, so it didn't require a great deal of warm-up in order to comfortably use, unlike many of the other toys that I own. It offers firmness and is relatively unyielding without being too uncomfortable, and does what it’s advertised as doing. It’s small enough to be suitable for a beginner, and the strongest setting could satisfy a moderate user. However, note that the controls can be a little bit fidgety and that over-screwing the cap can cause it to open back up – it needs to be on “just right” for the toy to turn on. This can be inconvenient. Also, aside from the limited vibration patterns, it doesn't really offer anything that a more experienced user wouldn't already have in his/her arsenal.

Big Bang:
Big Bang is a traditional vibrator with more girth than your typical beginner’s vibe. As is the case with G-Spot, the base of this toy unscrews to reveal a battery compartment covered with a insert to prevent the toy from turning on until the user wants it to. There is also another sheet inside the battery compartment that needs to be taken out. Once that is removed, a touch of the button turns the toy on. The controls here are essentially the same as those of the other two toys in this set.

The settings are similar to those of G-Spot: the first three settings feature steady vibrations of various intensities (low, medium, high). The fourth is a series of slower, pulsating, vibrations, and the fifth setting increases them to a quicker speed. The sixth is a mixture of slow, rolling vibrations. The seventh (and final) setting is a faster version of the sixth. Big Bang might be enough to satisfy intermediate users who enjoy traditional vibes with some power and a variety of patterns. The strongest setting (the third one) is intense compared to the other toys in this set, not to mention loud, so it may not be the best choice if you have roommates, kids, or otherwise a need to be discreet.

Big Bang does have its share of advantages when compared to other toys: it’s big enough to be felt during use, but small enough to be a warm-up for bigger toys; it also did the trick for me in terms of some very pleasant orgasms. The pluses of this toy are also similar to what I had to say about G-Spot: it's firm and unyielding, but isn't uncomfortable like some of the harder plastic toys that I've tried. If you like texture or a realistic feel, none of these three will likely be your cup of tea, but you likely would have already been able to tell this based on the pictures.

This isn't a "bad" toy by any stretch of the imagination, but, when push comes to shove, Big Bang is a basic vibe with few real bells and whistles aside from the patterns and slightly larger size. Therefore, advanced users are likely to already have vibrators with textures, girth, or realistic features that make this one seem boring. I’d recommend Big Bang for beginners who want to experiment with patterned vibrations and/or a little more girth, but more experienced users should look elsewhere.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

All three toys in this set are made of a combination of silicone, metal, and PU-coated ABS plastic. This makes them body-friendly and relatively non-porous (non-porous and hygienically superior in the case of silicone). I found that these toys were easy to clean with some soap and water, and the rubber O-rings on the larger toys made it easier to ensure that no water got inside the battery compartments. However, some fluids and/or lube did become trapped in the grooves formed by the logos on the sides of the toys and made cleaning them slightly more difficult. I took extra care to wash these areas out after I was done playing to ensure that nothing was left in them. It wasn't extremely difficult to take this extra step, but this is something to take into consideration.

As is the case with all toys made of silicone, I would advise using water-based lubes only with Soft Tip, since silicone lubes could deteriorate the surface of the toy’s flexible tip and make it tacky. In the cases of G-Spot and Big Bang, any water-based or silicone lube should not interact negatively with their materials. However, if you plan on storing the toys together, make sure that you thoroughly wash the plastic ones off to make sure that no lube residue is left on them that could negatively affect either Soft Tip or any other silicone toys that you might have in your collection.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store



The Sweet Satisfaction Bullet Collection comes in a fairly elegant-looking black box. The front features the name of the product in large pink and purple script with an ornate design underneath, along with pictures of the three toys inside. The words “Indulge Yourself” and the name of the company, Rocks-Off, appear at the bottom in smaller print. The box is tasteful and does not feature any models or the like, but it is in no way discreet since the pictures clearly indicate what is inside. The back features smaller pictures of the toys, along with their names and specifications. It also specifically warns the user that these are not suitable for anal use, which I appreciated.

Soft Tip has the tagline of “Sensual Touch Ammunition”. The description reads: “This high caliber bullet has a soft silicone tip for targeted relief. Silent and deadly, the RO-100mm Soft Tip comes with 3 easy to use pleasure settings. 100% waterproof. Batteries included.”

G-Spot has the tagline of “Target Your Spot”. The description reads: “The RO-G-Spot has a unique angled head designed to seek out the G-Spot area. It comes with 5 intense settings for targeted G-Spot stimulation. 100% waterproof. Batteries included.”

Big Bang has the tagline of “The Big Bang Bullet”. The description reads: “At 160mm long, with seven intense settings and a lavish pink soft satin finish, this really is The Big Bang Bullet. It comes with 7 powerful settings. 100% waterproof. Batteries included.


The outer sleeve of the box slides open to reveal a thin plastic sheet covering the toys, which are secured in a black molded insert. The packaging serves its purpose and could be used for storage, but I found that it was too clunky; I will probably throw it away, especially since I have cases where I usually store my toys. The black inlay is also flimsy since it ripped when the packaging fell off my bed and onto the floor.

This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    Great review. Thank you
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    Thanks for your feedback! I corrected the couple of errors that I noticed. Please let me know if you see any more, since I'm big on making sure that my writing is grammatically correct.
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