White heat double delights medium - g-spot rabbit vibrator by Doc Johnson - review by Miss Cinnamon

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Scorching White-Hot and All-Around Lovely

The White Heat Medium is a treat for anyone who's been working overtime lately. All I had to do was work out the right angle, turn it on high, and let the toy do all the work. This waterproof toy is made of TPR silicone, compatible with silicone lube, and is a real trooper! More importantly, it hits all the right spots and provides wonderful stimulation when used for thrusting because of its ridges, which may be a little too high for some, but overall work great.
Strong vibrations, good angle for G-spot stimulation, very easy to clean
Ridges are a little high
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The White Heat Double Delights Medium by Doc Johnson comes in a pretty red and black plastic box that is easy to open. On the side of the box is a diagram of the G-Spot and clitoral vibrator that explains where the vibrations are coming from: There is one bullet each in the "head" of the g-spot shaft and in the clitoral stimulator. When I took my toy out of the box, I noted that its white TPR body was marred by a few faint stains. I wasn't too worried about these and simply gave the toy a good washing with antibacterial soap. The stains didn't go away, but at least I know that anything bad in terms of microbes were 99.9% gone.

According to Eden Fantasys, the White Heat Medium is made of TPR Silicone. However, the packaging states that it is made of TPR AND that it is compatible with silicone lube. I have spot-tested this with ID Millennium silicone lube and it seems to be true--there are no adverse reactions between White Heat Medium's TPR silicone and silicone lube. This is FANTASTIC for me because I am a big fan of silicone lube. Other than this surprising compatibility, the only thing of note about the material is that it smelled slightly floral, but the scent was pleasant and in no way offensive.

2 AAA batteries load in the bottom, where the cap screws off to reveal a watertight ring around the base. The control dial itself is at the bottom of the cap, so there is very little chance of accidentally opening the battery compartment when adjusting the intensity of vibration. The vibrations themselves go from moderately low to relatively high and the sound is virtually nonexistent in the shower, where I love to take my toy for test runs.

When I was finally able to test the toy, I was very pleased with the results. The raised ridges provide very pleasant stimulation, which was surprising to me because ribbed condoms have always caused me a lot of pain and I thought that the ridges on this toy might be uncomfortable. The ridges are a little more pronounced than would have been ideal for me, but they are only uncomfortable after very rough sex. For all other situations, the ridges are just about right. The shape of the G-spot shaft is slightly bulbous at the head, which helps stimulate the G-spot very well. I wish it had a flatter, broader head that pushed directly against my G-Spot like my old, now-retired jelly G-spot toy did, but other than the bit of extra work to get the right angle, it works great. I love the double stimulation against my G-Spot and clitoris simultaneously. In my first test run of this toy with my boyfriend, I came twice within fifteen minutes.

This toy is easily cleaned with antibacterial soap and warm water. Because it is white, it WILL stain easier than some other toys, but it is relatively nonporous when compared to similar materials such as jelly, so while it is not as body-safe as some of the "pure" materials, such as silicone, glass, and steel, it is safe enough for even a total germophobe like me. The White Heat Medium is a good way to treat yourself after a long day of work. It requires minimal work on your side--you can thrust as much as you want to get your money's worth out of those wonderful ridges, but you can also simply get the angle JUST right, cross your legs, read a little erotica, and let the toy do all the work for you.
My boyfriend and I found out just how hardy this toy is quite by accident. On a trip upstate to celebrate his birthday with him, I brought along my new White Heat Medium. After showing it to him and planning on testing it that weekend, I placed it on the bedside table. Shortly thereafter, we threw a birthday party for him at which there was a cornucopia of alcohol present. My boyfriend, the lovable lightweight that he is, passed out after losing count of how many shots of EVERYTHING he had had. Laughing, we lugged him into bed and tucked him in.

Not too long afterward, he woke himself up by projectile vomiting over everything: into his own eye, all over the bed, onto his guitar, and--yes--onto my poor innocent White Heat Medium. While everything else was cleaned up ASAP--he was given a shower, the ruined sheets were bundled into a trash bag, a heap of baking soda was thrown on the carpet--my white toy sat sadly and messily on that bedside table until the next morning, when my boyfriend threw her (yes, I do give my sex toys genders) into the "to be cleaned" bag.

To our surprise, after marinating in regurgitated taco sauce, nacho things and heaven knows what else, the White Heats Medium cleaned up shockingly well. After vigorous scrubbing with antibacterial soap and warm water, all that was left to remind us of the disaster that had befallen it on the night of the birthday party were a few faint stains from the taco sauce which, ironically, blended in with the stains that had been on the toy originally. There was no stench that still lingered from that night of infamy. In fact, the TPR silicone still smelled slightly floral. The toy itself still worked beautifully, as we proved a few nights later.

So, not only is this toy compatible with silicone lube and waterproof, it is also PROJECTILE VOMIT-PROOF and cleans exceedingly well. Above all else that is wonderful about the White Heat Medium, this one takes the chocolate-dipped strawberry on top of the cake.
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