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Genius secret vibe

Discreet massager by Dorcel

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Secret? Yes. Genius? Not so much.

The Genius secret vibe by Dorcel is a fun way to spice up the fun in a relationship by using as a couple and letting him control the bullet. This toy can be used vaginally or anally. You can use it alone to build up excitement for when that special someone comes over. The whole wireless vibe out in public just sounded so fun but unfortunately, it didn't live up to the excitement I had for it and it just wasn't strong enough.
Silicone sleeve
10 function
Not strong enough (for me)
Size (for some, anally)
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The Genius secret vibe by Dorcel is a bullet vibrator designed to be used discretely either vaginally or anally. There is nothing else like it on the market because of the versatility. It is different from other discreet bullets because it comes with a silicone plug that the bullet slips into so the product can be inserted safely vaginally or anally. It has a remote control that controls the 10 functions of vibration of the bullet. This makes partner play fun and means you can take your excitement out of the bedroom and no one else will know! You can also use this alone when you are out and about to build up the excitement for when that special someone comes over.

You can also use this bullet like a traditional one to stimulate the clitoris or nipples.

Vaginally, this bullet would be fine for any user. Anally, I would say this toy is better for the experienced user.

Material / Texture

The bullet is made of a smooth plastic and rates an 8 on the Eden safety scale. The bullet also has a plastic retrieval cord. The plug is made of a soft, velvety, stretchy silicone and rates a 10 on Eden's safety scale.
Both of these pieces are just smooth material, there is no texture to either of them making it friendly for any user.

The remote is made of hard plastic.

There was no smell to the items in this kit.

Design / Shape / Size

The bullet is actually a bit larger than a bullet one might picture when thinking of a bullet toy. It is actually more closer in size to an egg vibrator. It is smooth and has a rounded tip. Then end cap to the battery compartment has a looped retrieval cord.
The bullet's measurements are:
Length: 3"
Insertable length: 3"
Circumference: 4 1/4"
Diameter: 1 1/4"
The size of the bullet is still friendly enough for beginners and is fine for other users but girth lovers won't get that full feeling they enjoy.

The plug is the same shape of the bullet but has a neck and flared base at one end. When the bullet is inserted into the plug, it is actually thicker. I measured it to be about 4 1/2" in circumference. The length of the entire plug is a little over 4". The seam of the bullet isn't noticeable internally.
The size of the plug to be used anally is more for the experienced user.

The remote is about 3 1/2" in length and 1 1/2" in width. It is very small and narrow, fits well in the hand and pocket.

Because the vibrator is made to be inserted into the vagina or anally, it is pretty discreet. All 3 pieces are small enough to carry in a purse as well as a suit case or overnight bag. If the pieces are left out to be seen, only the remote is discreet, the others could be easily guessed.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Genius secret vibe is operated by the plastic remote. The remote runs on an N battery that is inserted into the back of the remote.
The bullet runs on 2 AA batteries inserted into the bottom of the bullet (the end with the retrieval cord).
Batteries are included.

To turn the remote on, you press the bottom button once, this also activates the bullet. Press the + to start the bullet, there are 10 functions.
1) Low vibration
2) Medium vibration
3) High vibration
4) Fast revving/plusing
5) Rushing revs, quick pause (repeat)
6) Escalating pulses
7) Long drawn out vibration, pulse (repeat)
8) Quick pluses and one long drawn out one
9) Quick revving, long pulse
10) Escalating vibration

To get to a different function you must press the +, to cycle back, press the -. To turn it off, press the bottom button like you did to turn the bullet on.

The vibrations are felt throughout the entire bullet but are felt the strongest in the tip of the bullet.

When the bullet is inserted, it can only faintly be heard if someone is right up next to you and there is no other noise in the room. This is perfect to wear out in public because there is always bound to be noise going on so no one is going to hear it.

When using the bullet externally, it is loud and will probably make you wary of how it will work outside of the home. But being inserted with clothes on really muffles the noise significantly.

There is no mention (atleast in English) as to if this is waterproof but it appears to have the water tight seal.

When putting the bullet inside of the silicone sleeve, it can be a bit of a pain. Lubricant can help the process. I also found it easier to hold the bottom and sort of roll it back, stick the cord through the hole in the base and pull until the bottom of the bullet is resting properly on the sleeve base. Then stretch and pull the sleeve over the rest of the bullet. This picture explains it better:

I couldn't find any information on how far this works in distance but I was able to be on one side of my house with my bedroom door closed and he could be on the opposite side of the house and still control the bullet.

Care and Maintenance

The instruction manual states that you should only use water based lubricant with this bullet and sleeve. They recommend removing the batteries from the bullet when not in use.

The box can be used for storage but if you don't have room like I don't, then you need to store the plug in a place where it won't collect hairs and other particles because it is a magnet to them.

You should not clean with an alcohol based solution. Warm water and mild soap is what is suggested to clean this set.

You can use the bullet without the sleeve vaginally but do NOT use the bullet alone anally (use the sleeve!).


The packaging is not discreet (as you can see in the first picture of the review as well). It can be used for storage. The kit comes with an instruction manual.
The front of the box opens like a book to reveal what is inside.


I really wanted to like this product. As soon as it was listed, I quickly requested it as my monthly assignment! I was so excited to get this and have some fun outside of the bedroom. The thought of wearing a vibrator vaginally while out and about letting my guy control it just sounded super hot and fun!
I imagined it would get me all hot and bothered and ready to pounce on him the second we got home.
This didn't happen. It was less than exciting for me. Once inserted, it just wasn't strong enough for me. It didn't do much at all for me, didn't peak my arousal, nothing. Having the plug in with that base sticking out of my vagina just felt so odd so I removed it and put the bullet in alone. This didn't do much at all for the strength of the vibrations.
I could feel the vibrations but they just weren't enough to arouse me.
The bullet feels stronger holding it in your hand but not as powerful once inserted vaginally. If you are sensitive to vibrations then you may get something out of it.
It is bit thicker than I care for to wear out and about but some lubricant helped it to be more comfortable.

I did not use this anally, it is just way too big for me to even try out.

It was a fun, different experience, but it didn't live up to my expectations and I am now looking at the LELO Insigna Lyla.
Follow-up commentary
There is no sense waiting to do the follow-up. I don't like this one at all. It's so weak and the size was so uncomfortable for me to even try to wear it out for some fun. It is so weak that it does nothing for me externally. I had high hopes for this but it was just a dud. I hate tossing something out that has a price tag like this on it and I'm just glad it was my free assignment and not one I paid for or used points on.
I have since purchased the LELO Insignia Lyla 2 and it is SO much better and worth the price tag. If you're looking for discreet fun on the run, get the LELO toy and skip this one.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    You know, even though it didn't work for you, I'd be interested to see if that anal attachment worked in holding other vibes that are more powerful.
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