Seven wonders - traditional vibrator by Top cat - review by Amanda Holloway

Seven wonders

Traditional vibrator by Top cat

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Seven wonders sex toy review

All I know is that eventually the vibrations switched to a patterned, quick-quick-slow rhythm, and that sent me over the edge.
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My boyfriend and I had been having sex all day, and I was knackered. We were lying naked in bed, spent and barely touching for fear that any unintended skin-to-skin contact might set us off again. I was fairly certain I couldn't possibly orgasm again without a break of at least, oh, 15 minutes.

And then:


I frowned. My boyfriend jolted from his pleasant doze and patted my leg, as though to say "okay, honey, now cut that out so I can go back to sleep."


I groaned, rolled over, buried my face in my pillow and willed the hiccups to stop.


This time I felt my boyfriend stretch across my back and pull something off the bedside table. Then he tugged at my hip, urging me to turn over. "I'll make them go away," he said.

I rolled over to see that he had pulled out my new Seven Wonders vibrator. I have to admit, I was skeptical. Hiccups just feel silly. It's hard to get off when your body is jerking and making ridiculous noises completely outside of your control.

He set this purple specimen of classic vibrators to a slow, undulating pace, and massaged the soft, nubby tip against my clit.


This is hopeless, I thought, and kind of embarrassing.

"Take deep breaths," he whispered, and ratcheted up the setting to a quick, hard pulse. That got my attention.

I wish I could tell you exactly when I stopped hiccupping, but the truth is I have no idea. All I know is that eventually the vibrations switched to a patterned, quick-quick-slow rhythm, and that sent me over the edge. When I came out of it, the hiccups were gone.

Seven wonders does't give you any control over the strength of the vibration. It worked for me, though, and I tend to like strong vibrations; on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the strongest, I'd give it a solid 3 for strength of vibration. It's fairly quiet, just your typical low hum (say, a 2 on a sale of 1-5). Although the seven vibration options (low, medium, high, undulating, medium pulse, quick pulse, and rhythm pulse) are fairly standard now, the soft nubs on the head of this toy really give it something special. And it'll cure your hiccups! Overall, a definite thumbs up.
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