Squirtation 10 function silicone vibe - rabbit vibrator by EdenFantasys - review by timelady

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Short on squirt and sensation

Ultimately, this toy might be a match for you if strong clitoral stimulation isn't a must and you know this will fit or can be adjusted to fit your body. The flexibility is a nice feature, but its shortcomings (pun intended) are just too many for me. The dubious statements about its use in water should also be considered.
Soft silicone
Clearly defined modes/patterns
No power in the rabbit attachment
Will not reach every clit
Not truly waterproof
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First impression

The first thing I noticed about this toy was that there was lots of information included with it, something I really appreciate! The front of the package touts the 4" (10 cm) vibe's "super soft" hygienic, waterproof silicone.


The back cautions you that it is for external use only (sure... it's a vibrator, come on) and reminds you to secure the cap tightly during cleaning and in water. It also contained a caution that I'd never seen before: "This product cannot provide water resistance in the bath or in the pool. Waterproof can only be provided when in the shower or while it is being cleaned with water." So, I guess it is more accurate to call it "splash-proof" than waterproof.

The Squirtation is on the smaller side, which I don't mind all that much usually. Power is a bigger concern for me than size. The toy is 6 1/2" long, with the previously-mentioned 4" of insertable length. Circumference is 4 3/4" and diameter is 1 1/2". It easily fit into my hand.

In hand

Right away, I noticed a slight smell when I took the toy from its plastic case. It's unclear if it is the toy itself that smells or if it is from the plastic packaging, but the plastic odor was still present after washing, prior to use and after. The silicone did feel nice and soft, though. And silicone is a 10 on Eden's safety scale: hypo-allergenic, latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free (be sure to only use a water-based lube with this toy).

While I was examining the Squirtation, I did notice a very prominent seam in the middle of the rabbit attachment. For reasons I will explain, it didn't cause an issue for me, but be aware of this if you are concerned about texture.


First Use

Having read such promising things about the power of this toy, I eagerly got ready for a solo session. I examined the paper instructions that were provided in addition to the text on the box. The paper included tips on how to insert the batteries and prevent leakage, a reprint of the rhythms/patterns (which are also on the side of the plastic box), and an explanation of the single button operation: press once to turn it on, change the setting by pressing again, and press and hold to switch off. Nice and simple. This vibe is NOT rechargeable and takes 2 AAA batteries.

I was impressed by the curve and flexibility of the Squirtation, hoping it might help me finally discover one of those incredible G-spot orgasms everyone raves about. Too short, in my case, but the "bendiness" factor is a definite plus.


Unfortunately, this toy was a disaster for me from start to finish. Inserting it was fine and the rhythms/patterns/modes themselves were decent, but the power was underwhelming and the noise louder than I was hoping for. It could definitely be heard in the same room and through a closed door if there was no other noise to drown it out.

Worse yet, it did not fit my body at all—the first rabbit I have ever had this issue with. Perhaps due to the short length, the rabbit attachment was far too low to reach my clitoris. Even inserting the toy completely (meaning no thrusting was possible), I could barely get it on my clit and couldn't apply any pressure with the "ears." Even more depressing what that I could hardly feel any vibrations from the rabbit: not through the ears, not through the "face," nowhere except at the very bottom (where I assume the secondary motor is). This toy might as well have not had a rabbit attachment at all!

Further Experience

Once I cooled down from the frustration I experienced with this toy, I gave it another chance. Same problems reoccured: barely-felt vibration in the rabbit and not enough oomph/too short in the shaft. I guess I finally discovered what other reviewers mean by "if it fits your anatomy"—maybe this toy would work better for someone else or as part of couples' play (no anal play though, folks: it's too small), but just not for me.

I would have liked to try it in the tub to see if that made any difference, but given the warning on the back of the box, I won't risk it.

Vibration Map

One of the nice things about this toy is that a list of the vibration patterns with diagrams was provided in multiple places.


The "rhythms" (modes) are:
1) Vibrate (high)
2) Vibrate (medium)
3) Vibrate (low)
4) Gradient burst
5) Intermittent
6) Surge
7) Inta-surge
8) Even step
9) Roller coaster spurt
10) Pulsate

The vibrations were strongest in the insertable portion of the toy, particularly where it can bend towards the "tip." As already mentioned, I couldn't feel any vibration coming from the clit attachment, only at the very base. This is my biggest disappointment with the Squirtation.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

No power in the clitoral portion meant no orgasm for me. Such a bummer. As a result, you should consider this toy only if clit vibrations aren't a big deal for your or if you can get that stimulation elsewhere (perhaps from a partner or another toy).
Follow-up commentary
The Squirtation continues to leave me high and dry . . . the useless bunny ears ruin this toy for me. It may work for someone else, but its a dud in my book.
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