Silicone fun vibes ribbed G - g-spot vibrator by Pipedream - review by Maria

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Silicone fun vibes ribbed G sex toy review

Although the Ribbed G looks very pretty and the controls are easy to use, the barely adjustable vibration and awkward shape made it uncomfortable for me to use.
Looks pretty, not too noisy, handle is easy to control.
Awkward shape, poor variability in vibration, didn't actually work on my g-spot.
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Probably one of the things I enjoyed most about the Ribbed G was the packaging--it just looks so cute sitting there in the plastic, all purple and happy. It feels very smooth, has a comfortable weight, and was actually softer and more flexible than I had expected. Outside of the battery case--which is, of course, rigid--the toy has a comfortable amount of squish. Not enough that it's going to flop all over the place, but enough that it is comfortable for use.

The vibrator is located in the body of the Ribbed G, not the head. Consequently, while the vibrator can be used as a tease on other parts of the body, it's much better just being used as a g-spot vibe because it doesn't adapt well to clit stimulation. I didn't find that there was a lot of difference between the lowest setting and the highest setting--I would classify the vibe as going from low-medium to high-medium, since I've got toys that both vibrate less (my first vibe) and more (my Magic Wand|Hitachi magic wand review). Vibration is changed by turning the base from left to right, and the ridges on the base make it easy to grab onto even if the vibrator itself is wet. Speaking of which, the Ribbed G is waterproof. I took it for a quick spin in the shower, and didn't notice any changes in performance. Due to the shape of the Ribbed G, it stayed inside me even when I was standing, which was a benefit for the shower.

Alright, enough about the vibrations--what about the toy itself? As always with insertable toys|Vibrators, lube is your friend. I found that the ridges felt really big the first time that I put the toy in, but after I'd had it in for a while and started moving it around, I adjusted to the sensation. However, I couldn't actually get the toy to stimulate my g-spot--obviously, your mileage may vary, but no matter how I twisted and turned it, it just didn't quite make it. I found a few positions where I could get the Ribbed G pressed up against my g-spot, but unfortunately, the vibrations didn't actually penetrate all the way to the head of the toy. Or, at least, they didn't penetrate strong enough for me to be able to still feel them.

Sensation came easiest with short quick strokes, but no matter how much I used the toy (and lube) and practiced with it, it never actually got comfortable or overly pleasurable. It feels very uncomfortable to be dishonest in bed, and that's exactly how I felt using this toy--sure, I was having sex with the Ribbed G, but I was lying there thinking about other toys.

If I could only use one toy while masturbating, this toy wouldn't be it. It looks pretty, fills me up inside, and vibrates, but it doesn't do any of these things enough to actually get me off. I'm relegating it to a corner of my toy box--I'll bring it out when I need something inside me, and the Ribbed G|Silicone fun vibes ribbed G works pretty well in conjunction with my Hitachi, but I sincerely doubt that I'll ever long to use the Ribbed G by itself. That said, if you're new to vibrators or if you only like softer stimulation, this may be something to consider. However, I think you might get better bang for your buck (as it were) with another toy.
Follow-up commentary
Although I didn't actually think I'd use this toy again once I finished my review on it, I actually have been dragging it out every once in a while for a very simple reason--I just recently found that clit stim feels better when there's something inside me, and if I'm alone, the Ribbed G is the only toy which actually stays put when my muscles start twitching.

Every other dildo or vibe I have is straight, which means that it slides out if left unattended, but this one stays where I put it. I think it's due to the curve--I mean, the curve was useless on my g-spot, but is pretty good for keeping the toy hands-free. Generally, I just stick it in, turn it on (even though it's not that strong at the highest intensity), and then use the Hitachi on my clit. Having something inside me gives masturbation an extra hit of intensity, which is really nice.

I'm not going to change the rating on this toy--it's still two stars by itself. But I would upgrade it to a three-star rating used in conjunction with my Hitachi.
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  • Ha. Is it cheating if you think about a person while with your toys?
  • Maria
    I guess it depends on whether or not your toys are okay with that! (Apparently I'm a poor partner, I never actually asked my toys. )
  • Ahaha, thinking about other toys. That's great. I totally know what you mean!
  • Lynx Lady
    Whenever I get a new favorite toy I feel that way. "I'm sorry, but... there's someone new... We can still get together though..."
  • Maria
    I'm so glad I'm not the only one that feels that way about my toys! =)
  • Nashville
    How many different speeds did this have?
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