Silicone spinner - traditional vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Viv

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Silicone Spinner Review

While the rotation was pleasurable, the lack of power and material mean I won't be using this often. As an introduction for experimenting with rotation, it does its purpose, but really no more than that.
Price tag, external rotation, no strong smell, easy operation.
Texture could be pro or con, slightly porous material, eats batteries, high friction.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
I had very high hopes for my Silicone Spinner|Silicone spinner, but this will not be one of our go-to toys. Neither my partner or I had tried a rotating toy before, and seeing as rotation is my preferred movement of my manual dildos, I was hoping this very reasonably priced toy would save me and Haslin some tired wrists.

The Spinner is made of Phthalate-free TPR silicone, so it does not have all the benefits of 100% silicone. Bottom line: use condoms if sharing. The Spinner is a straight dong with two rows of beads about two inches from the tip, and, for lack of better terms, looks a lot like a fish. I’m sure that it’s not meant to, but with those two little bulgy-nubs on, it just does.

This toy operates on two speeds (low/high) via a button on the bottom. It takes 3 AAA batteries. Not the best, but could be worse. Battery freshness was a huge issue with this toy. At first we put in what batteries we had around and while they still had juice left, the toy barely ran--the rotation would give up with the slightest pressure. When we put in brand new batteries, the rotation was a lot stronger.

In action, Haslin and I had very different reactions. Having super-human-nerve-endings (in my opinion) she is very sensitive to textures, and prefers her dildos nearly smooth. With the Spinner inserted, she felt like she was being stabbed by those little eyes. That put an end to that pretty quickly. She also couldn’t feel any difference in sensation externally, and compared it to a very weak vibrator.

On the other hand, I couldn’t feel those little eyes at all. When inserted, the rotation on slow grinded to a halt, but managed on high as long as I didn't kegel too much. And I very much enjoyed the rotation: it was subtle and stroked my g-spot nicely. At first. Each time I used it, for the first 10 minutes, it felt great, but after that, it started to hurt. I think the toy’s a lube-sponge, because even though I generally never need lube, I had to reapply several times to stop the friction-burn. The first time, I felt very sore the next morning, and the second time, we discarded it and finished manually.

Also, near orgasm, the first time we used it, the toy began to emit a loud clacking that could even be felt in the handle and seemed to portend impending doom (exploding toy?). The toy held out and hasn’t done it since, but it was enough to make us nervous.

Externally, however, I enjoyed the gentle circular nudgings on my clit, but there just wasn't enough power to get me off.

I will probably go to this toy as a change of pace, and in the future I will probably slap a condom on for good measure. As an introduction for experimenting with rotation, it does its purpose, but really no more than that.
When the toy was able to bring me to orgasm, it was not a regular or mediocre climax, but one of those toe-curling, hold your breath so you don't yell orgasms, but I haven't been able to stick with the toy long enough to recreate it. That clicking makes me nervous to use this for long periods anyway.
From the perspective of partnered play, this toy looked incredibly sexy when the rotation was held against my lover's clit, as it isn't so bulky that I lost sight of her, and strong enough that I could watch her sex move with the pressure.
Follow-up commentary

After having this toy for a few months, I find that I don't often pick it up. I'm finding that it eats through batteries like crazy and with more use, the base gets very hot. When I do use it, it is externally only because that rotating tip feels amazing on my clit--though it's still not enough to get me off, it's a great warm up.

Internally, while I really love the feel of the rotation, the horrible laboring groans and clicks of the motor just pretty much scare the sexy right out of me. It's hard to keep your chick-boner when you're nervous this thing between your legs might explode. So far there haven't been any serious problems, but the threat of them is enough to make this one only an occasional toy. I'll be sure to keep you informed if anything changes.

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  • Nice review! I wasn't even aware of vibes other than rabbits that did the rotating thing.
  • Dame Demi
    Does this toy vibrate at all, or just rotate?
  • Oggins
    I really had no idea that this one rotated.  Thanks for pointing that out although, I'm kinda afraid of it now.  I don't need any clicking down time bombs in my crotch. 
  • Viv
    CW&Oggins: yeah, i didn't know either before i used the search options on the side to narrow the toys down to just rotating.  seemed like a good idea before jumping into the higher priced rotating rabbits.  and i'll be sure to write a follow up if this thing decides to explode.  let's just hope it's not near my bits at the time if it does.
  • Viv
    Demi:  there is not vibrating option on this toy, despite what it says in the properties section.  like i said, haslin said that it felt like a weak vibrator on her clit to her on rotation.  well, really--if you apply pressure (doesn't take much)  the rotation stops but the motor keeps trying which makes the toy sort of shudder with effort, but that's about as close to vibration (and not very good vibration at that) as it comes.    
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