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This little bullet is a fun and versatile addition to anyone's sex life. It may not knock your socks off with its power, but that doesn't stop it from showing you a good time!
Small, versatile, quiet, easy to use, waterproof
Not rechargable, a little annoying to turn off
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First impression

A little while back, I purchased a set from Eden that included a rechargable bullet and several silicone attachments. The bullet was wonderfully powerful, but it only had one intensity setting, and I found myself wishing that I could sometimes swap it out for a bullet that has adjustable intensity. This waterproof 10-function long bullet seemed like it might be an inexpensive solution to that issue.

This bullet arrived with several other purchases of mine in Eden's usual plain brown shipping box. Nosey neighbours or housemates will never have an inkling of all the fun being delivered to you in that boring-looking box! The bullet itself came in a small box with the EdenFantasys logo. I forgot to save the box to take pictures (sorry!), and I honestly don't remember much about the packaging except that the bullet sat inside a molded plastic insert inside a small black cardboard box.

I removed the bullet from its package and felt its material. This toy is made from smooth PU-coated plastic, which has a lovely velvety sort of feel to it and has very little drag when you run your fingers over it. I opened up the battery cap and noticed that there was a little cardboard insert inside the battery compartment that told you which way to insert the battery, which was nice. (For the record, I suggest leaving this piece of cardboard in place; it seems to sort of cushion the battery a little and makes the toy quieter while in use.) The O-ring that makes it waterproof looked sturdy and effective, which was a relief. I popped in one AAA battery, and used the black button on the top of the bullet to cycle through its functions. It had three intensities of steady vibrations, as well as a number of patterns (I believe 7) that seemed to vary in rhythm as well as intensity. Honestly, the vibrations didn't feel overly strong, even on the highest intensity, but I wasn't expecting a toy that costs less than $15 and runs off a single AAA battery to totally knock my socks off, so I wasn't overly disappointed with the power. The only thing I didn't really like about it was the fact that you had to cycle through all 10 of the bullet's functions in order to turn it off, which was a little annoying, but still workable.

With a standard Bic lighter for scale:

In my hand (I have small hands):

First Use

Before trying out my new toy, I took it off to the bathroom sink for a quick wash. You can clean plastic toys using either toy cleaner or a mild soap and water (I personally use toy cleaner and rinse in warm water). Since this toy is waterproof, it's very easy to clean, you can just run it under the tap without having to worry about ruining it. You should NOT boil plastic toys or put them through the dishwasher, as the heat could melt or warp the material. Since plastic is slightly porous, I also wouldn't recommend cleaning it with bleach or alcohol, just in case some of those chemicals seeped into the material (definitely not stuff you want touching your sensitive bits). If you intend to share this toy with a partner to whom you are not already fluid-bonded, you should encase it in a condom or toy cover (it would be easy enough to slip it into a condom and tie off the condom so it has a little protective latex sheath).

Once my toy was clean, I took it back to my bedroom and pulled out my silicone bullet attachments. I was a little disappointed to discover that this bullet is just slightly too narrow to fit into the attachments snugly, but I found it pretty easy to just hold the bullet around the base of the attachment, to keep them connected and use the bullet with the attachments that way. I definitely enjoyed being able to use the attachments with a less intense vibe, and one where I had the option to adjust the intensity. I also found that I enjoyed just playing with the bullet on its own. It felt great on my clit, and it's long enough that you can even use it for some shallow penetration. Most of the vibrations seem to be concentrated in the tip and body of the toy, with only some mild vibrations transferring to the area around the battery cap where I was holding it, which was great, as my fingers didn't get numb. The vibes aren't super strong and they're definitely on the buzzy side, which is not really what my clit prefers, so I didn't orgasm from this toy alone, but with and without the attachments, it was great for teasing and getting me nice and turned on for the bigger guns in my collection.

Further Experience

I've actually been surprised at how much I've been using and ejoying this great little bullet. It's just so versatile and easy to use, and the fact that it's quiet (it's not the absolute quietest toy I have, but you definitely don't have to worry about it being heard through a closed door) makes it nice and discreet. It's one of the few toys I use frequently in the shower. It's just so simple, and its small size means that it doesn't need any lube, so I don't have to worry about lube washing away in the shower. I also love pairing it with a dildo, either by using it on my clit while I thrust the dildo, or by holding it to the base of the dildo and letting the vibrations transfer through the silicone of the dildo (although sometimes I prefer to use my stronger bullet for that). Another great way I've found to use it is to just hold it over my crotch through my clothes while I'm watching a movie or something. It feels great, and it's much less obtrusive than my Magic Force wand massager. It won't get me to orgasm that way, but it will have me all hot and bothered and ready for some fun by the time the movie or episode is over, haha.

I'm just having a lot of fun finding new ways to use this versatile little toy. I think it's a great toy for anyone's collection, whether they're just getting into sex toys or already have a considerable collection. I have to say, as much as I love my powerful vibrators, it's nice to have something a little mellower and less intense in the arsenal as well. Plus its simplicity and ease of use means that the ways you can use it are really only limited by your imagination! The only thing I wouldn't recommend using it for is internal anal stimulation, since it's small and has no base or even a good place to grip onto it, so it could get sucked up into the rectum relatively easily, which could make for an extremely awkward ER visit. However, it feels AWESOME being held and rubbed around the external part of the anus and perineum (though I slipped it into a condom when I did that, since I also enjoy using it vaginally and I'm not 100% sure how well plastic sterilises). Just keep it on the outside for butt play.

Vibration Map

Most of the vibrations seem to be concentrated in the tip of this toy, which is exactly where you want them. They travel some up the body of the toy, and can only be felt mildly in the cap area, which is typically where I hold it. Pretty much perfect, in my opinion!
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I typically don't orgasm from using this toy alone, but when I hold it to my clit while working a dildo or G-spot vibe in my pussy, the orgasms are awesome!
Pleasure Meter

This is how
I describe
my orgasm

Follow-up commentary
I still really like this little bullet. And I was incorrect in my original review: you actually can turn it off by holding down the top button. I don't know why I didn't manage to make that work the first couple times I tried, but after using it more, I finally figured out you can turn it off that way, haha. It's not my most powerful bullet, but I'm definitely glad to have it in my collection. It's a great bullet for the money.
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