Petite couture Aquarius - rabbit vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by tim1724

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Sleek blue dolphin knows many tricks.

A well-made, attractive rabbit-style vibrator with interesting vibration patterns. A good pick for women who want a smooth, relatively straight shaft, with a clitoral stimulator angled close to the shaft.
Good materials, well-constructed, attractive appearance, plenty of power, variety of vibrations.
Sizes and angles don't fit everyone, lackluster rotating shaft, frustrating vibration patterns.
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This is a sleek, stylish take on the classic rabbit vibe, with a rotating shaft and vibrating clitoral stimulator. Like all vibrators of this type, it's intended for vaginal use, with simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation. But a man could just as easily use it anally, with the vibrating portion against the perineum and scrotum.

Material / Texture

The Aquarius is covered in a high quality silicone, with a nice matte finish. For the most part it's smooth and featureless, but with a pair of ridges running up the shaft. The matte texture adds a bit of friction, but not enough to be irritating. Overall, it's a very nice material. The silicone is a very pretty shade of blue, whereas the base and controls are a silvery plastic, which complements the blue silicone nicely.

Design / Shape / Size

The Aquarius is an average-sized rabbit-style vibrator. The insertable part is 4 3/4 inches long, with a 1 3/8 inch diameter shaft. The shaft is pretty much the same diameter throughout, although it tapers at the end for easier insertion. There are no big bulges or ripples or anything like that. About two inches or so of the shaft can rotate, for G-spot stimulation.

The clitoral attachment is dolphin-shaped, with the dolphin's nose intended to press up against your clitoris. The angle between the dolphin and the shaft is pretty small, so it presses pretty tightly against your body. Getting the angle just right is tricky; not all bodies are built the same. Some women may find that is angled too closely to the body to be enjoyable. On the other hand, women who find that other rabbit vibes have their clit stimulators too far away to be useful may love the way the dolphin is positioned.

The overall length of the toy is about nine inches including the controls at the base, so keep that in mind when thinking about where to store it or how to pack it for travel. It weighs about a half pound.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The shaft of the toy rotates, with about two and a half inches at the tip gyrating at any of three different speeds. The speed is controlled by pressing a button which toggles it between the different settings. The rotating part is not very angled, so the effect of the rotation is not very pronounced. Those who desire vigorous stimulation of the G-spot may be disappointed. On the other hand, the motor is pretty strong and it doesn't slow down when vibrations are enabled, which is a problem common among some other vibrators of this type.

The clitoral stimulator vibrates in any of seven settings, and is controlled by a separate button. Pressing the button toggles it between the various settings. The first three settings are constant vibration at different speeds. The fourth setting is an on/off pulsation. The fifth setting starts off with a very low buzz and gradually ramps up to the highest level of vibration. It stays at the highest level for a short time, then repeats. The sixth setting is the same as the fourth (pulsing on/off) but faster. The seventh setting has two short pulses followed by a longer one, then repeats.

The fifth setting was the most intriguing, but the timing isn't quite right. The speed at which it ramps up is frustrating, and it would definitely be nice if it stayed at the highest power just a bit longer before starting over.

A separate power button allows you to quickly stop both the rotation and vibration at the same time. Overall, the controls are pretty easy to operate.

The toy is relatively quiet, especially for a rabbit vibe. When used under blankets and with the door closed, it shouldn't be noticeable from another room.

The manufacturer claims that it's waterproof, but the way the battery compartment closes makes me not completely sure. I haven't tested it extensively, and while a quick test didn't lead to any water leaking into the battery compartment, I'd strongly suggest checking it carefully after every use in water, as you wouldn't want to end up breaking an expensive toy.

Care and Maintenance

The toy is silicone and hard plastic, so it can be cleaned pretty thoroughly, but due to the electronics inside you obviously can't boil it. Therefore a condom might be a good idea if you intend to share it. If you're not sharing it, it should be fine to just clean it with soap and warm water.

Water-based lubes are recommended with silicone toys. If you insist on using your favorite silicone lube, be sure to try dabbing a tiny bit of the silicone lube on the silicone somewhere unimportant (perhaps down near the controls) to make sure the lube won't react with the toy. If the toy soaks up the lube and starts to dissolve, then obviously that particular lube shouldn't be used with it. But it's easiest to stick with water-based lubes, as they won't damage silicone toys.


The packaging consists of a flimsy (but reasonably attractive) cardboard box. The vibrator is wrapped in a foam-like plastic bag, which then rattles around in the box. I wouldn't recommend using the box for storage; it's pretty insubstantial.


My girlfriend and I tried out this toy a few times. We liked a lot of things about it, but it just isn't quite right for what she needs. The shaft is a bit longer than she likes, so when fully inserted it tends to poke her in areas where she doesn't want to be poked. If it were about a half inch shorter it would be perfect. It's a bit girthier than most of her toys, but the tapered tip and smooth shaft made it easy enough to insert. The angle of the dolphin causes it to poke her clitoris too directly. It would fit her better if the dolphin were angled outwards more, so that it could rest along her vulva rather than poking her.

The vibrator worked well, but it would be better if the patterns were slower to go through their cycles. The rotating shaft, on the other hand, didn't do anything for her because the bend in the shaft is so subtle that she really couldn't feel it rotating much at all.

Overall it seems like a great design, and many women will probably love it, and in most ways it comes very close to being right for my girlfriend, but everything is just a bit off, so overall it doesn't quite work for her. But finding a rabbit vibe that works for you is a bit like buying shoes or clothing without being able to try them on first.
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