Monica's silicone 7 vibrator - traditional vibrator by Pipedream - review by Airen Wolf

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Speeds and Variations!

This toy was surprisingly exciting. I didn't expect much out of it, except a new experience with different speeds and escalations. What I got was a very versatile toy with the girth I love, and textures that range from soft and tantalizing, to rough and ready! This toy has a powerful motor, and can deliver many different experiences. It's one I won't grow bored with anytime soon.
TPR silicone sleeve is easy to clean, powerful vibrations and escalations, textures easily felt.
Might cause numbing of clitoris, girth might be too much, textures might be too rough.
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The Monica's Silicone 7 Vibrator was the first of it's kind I have ever tried. I have tried and liked the simple twist bottom vibes that have at most three to five different escalating speeds but this vibe has an added benefit of 7 different speeds and variations of pulses. I found many uses for the toy other than just to stimulate the clitoris.

The vibe has a powerful motor that can deliver a credible massage to the neck and shoulders, as well as the back and legs! I experimented with all the variations of speed and escalation of pulses and found that they are all pleasurable as a massager with the softer slower speeds tantalizing the nipples and labia. The escalations have two distinct interrupt cycles building slowly and then starting over making for a breathtaking clitoral stimulation.

This toy works very well as a perineum stimulator though I personally wouldn't use it as an anal toy because it is rather girth-y. I would recommend a condom if this toy is to be shared or used anally for both ease of cleanup and hygiene. This toy is also covered in small bumps that are rough in texture, which might make it too rough for an anal toy; or perfect depending on how large and rough you like your toys.

There are three prongs on the tip of the toy that vibrate softly, and are a wonderfully teasing sensation when directed over an erect nipple or very lightly on the clitoris. The motor in this toy is very powerful and the vibrations are rather concentrated near the tip of the toy so more forceful direct stimulation of the clitoris can lead to a numbing sensation in more sensitive individuals.

My husband and I really enjoyed playing with this toy. He felt that the different speeds and escalations were pleasant when run over his penis and testicles. He enjoyed the prongs run over his perineum and around his anus, but he agreed that the toy was just too big for us to find useful for anal thrusting at our present comfort level.

Material / Texture

This toy is made of TPR Silicone which is miles better than rubber, or other cheaper materials. It has no discernible smell or funky taste. It is a very pretty purple, and it is soft but firm to the touch. The toy has three prongs of silicone at the tip that aren't as firm as the rest of the sleeve, so they vibrate nicely and can be very soft and tantalizing. They are sturdy and look as though with proper care they will last for a long time. After a good session of thrusting inside me they weren't fazed a bit. No cracking or stretching, they looked just as good as before I used the toy.

The shaft of the sleeve is covered in small bumps that don't seem like they would add much to the toy, but they give the otherwise normal vibe a kick. They are easily felt and create a rough texture that was very stimulating to my G spot. Still as a personal preference I prefer a rougher type toy for thrusting. If you prefer a smoother ride, then this might not be the toy for you. I would use caution if you are very new to toy play, and you will need some water based lube to make the initial thrust pleasurable; and keep things moving, so to speak.

Design / Shape / Size

All in all I really like the design of this toy, even though it looked a bit odd in both the advertisements and in the package. The prongs on the tip of the toy look useless, but provide a whole new sensation all on their own. They aren't harsh, nor do they cause cervical pain with even the most vigorous thrusting.

The bumps on the shaft are firm and can very easily be felt but, when manipulated by finger, are actually pliable and have enough give that they don't cause discomfort. Still if you are very sensitive inside, it might be easier to use a condom to ease how much texture you feel. Using a good water based lube also helps ease how rough the thrust is inside.

This toy is 8 inches in total length, with 6 1/2 inches insertable. This isn't a toy you can carry in a lipstick case! You would definitely want to put this in your luggage if you are traveling, it fairly screams vibrator. The circumference is 4 1/2 inches, with a diameter of 1 1/4 inches; something to consider if you prefer a more slender toy.

This is a toy built for size queens! I wouldn't want to warn beginners away from this toy, as the vibrations are worth a try, but I will caution them that if they are planning on trying to use the toy internally to have a condom and some good water based lube. The condom can ease the texture and the lube will make slow, careful penetration pleasurable.

The base of the toy twists off to reveal the battery compartment. It has a unique plastic insert that is removable for the batteries, and it is clearly labeled so correct battery placement is a snap. The base then screws on and the toy is completely waterproof. This toy takes 2 AA batteries.

The overall shape of the toy is pretty basic, with the sleeve offering the texture that raises this toy above others in it's class.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The 7, as I have nick named it, has the controls on the base of the shaft. It has an on/off button that lights up a small green light which changes to red with different vibrations. It then flickers green/red with the pulse settings, and a second button that controls the speed/variation of the vibrations. The buttons are easy to manipulate and find even in the dark. It was very easy to learn which button was which even in the middle of the fun. If the toy was turned off, it was very easy and quick to resume the pleasurable vibrations, just a quick pressing of the buttons and it was off to the races.

The vibrations in this toy are felt most strongly in the tip but are also spread through the shaft. Holding the vibe in my hand on the second speed variation made it go numb, but using just the tip of the toy on my clitoris didn't cause the same reaction. The prongs on the tip cushioned the full vibration just enough to make the sensations easily felt, but not too much. There are seven variations: the first three are solid vibrations like one would find in any traditional vibe and the difference between them is intensity, the next is a vibration that slowly escalates to a high pitch before starting over, the fifth and sixth are a pulsing steady rhythm with the sixth being faster, the seventh is a pulse that escalates faster before pausing and restarting. I can't seem to decide which variation I like the best, it really depends on the day!

This isn't the noisiest vibe I've ever heard, but it is fairly easy to hear if you are in the room with it. When I placed it on it's noisiest setting, and left it on the bed, I could not hear it through the closed door. If you have room mates, or a sleeping partner, it might not be easy to disguise but it won't alert the neighbors or wake sleeping children.

The toy is waterproof and works in the tub like a dream. It doesn't announce it's presence like some vibrators though again it isn't whisper quiet. My kids were not aware I was using it in the bath even though they were in the next room so it gets major pluses in my book.

Care and Maintenance

The 7 is made of TPR Silicone, which means it is pthalates free and hypo-allergenic. It is recommended that it be washed thoroughly with water and antibacterial soap, before and after use. It cleans up easily, and if allowed to dry completely before storage it won't pick up lint. It can be sterilized with a 10% bleach solution, but I find a good antibacterial spray is all I need.

The sleeve is firmly attached to the shaft of the toy, which is both a good and bad thing. The good thing is there are not going to be any pockets of air that could be a breeding ground for bacteria beneath the sleeve, this will extend the lifetime of the toy. The bad thing is that it can't be removed, so it can't be boiled or placed in the dishwasher.

It is a silicone toy so storing it with other silicone toys isn't recommended as they can warp and break down. Likewise it isn't recommended that you use silicone or oil based lubes with this toy, a good water based lube is best. I store this toy in a pouch and then in a shoe organizer that hangs on the wall behind my bedroom door.

If you are planning on sharing this toy, then a condom is recommended. It's simply easier than stopping mid play and washing the toy! If you are planning to use the toy anally and vaginally please cover it with a condom... again it's easier than stopping mid session to wash the thing.


This toy comes packaged in a plastic case, with a picture of Monica Sweetheart in lingerie on it. Not very discreet, but pretty standard. There were no included instructions, but the toy isn't all that hard to figure out. The package is not meant to be used as a storage medium, and is a monster to get into without ripping it all to pieces.
Follow-up commentary
This toy is still on my bedside table which is a ringing endorsement indeed! I love the different speeds, and the three prongs still look brand new after hours of use. The toy is very conservative with batteries as I have yet to run down the original set I put in. The barrel of the toy is just rough enough to be exciting, though I find that it feels better after a nice clitoral orgasm.

I still recommend this toy for anyone who likes a bit of variety, strong vibrations, and a vibe with some girth.
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  • Luscious Lily
    Great review, you were really thorough! As someone who often has an issue with the rougher textures, knowing that a condom works on this one to ease the texture is a big plus!
  • Airen Wolf
    That was my first impression of this toy when I first inserted that's almost too rough but then for me I like it that way. Still I figured a friendly warning might be welcome for those who simply don't like it rough. Tried it with a condom and it was still pleasurable and I could still feel the bumps but not as intensely.

    Thanks for the compliment! I wanted to try out the new system and WOW it just about pulls every nuance out of you! Good job Victoria and the design staff! I definately felt like I had said just about everything I could say, warn, praise and inform about this product.
  • damnbul12
    Thank you for the review.
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