Bullets galore kit - bullet vibrator by Pipedream - review by Jul!a

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Spikeys And Flowers And Dolphins, Oh My!

Single bullet on a cord getting boring? Then check out bullets galore, because this awesome product not only lets you run two bullets at the same time, it also lets you choose from three different sizes and attachments while you're doing it. Great for alone time or partner sex, you really can't go wrong with this set.
Multiple sizes, Multiple attachments, Multiple speeds
Sleeves are lint magnets and made of jelly
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There are so many fantastic ways you can use this bullet set. Plug in one and let it lay between you two during sex, letting the remote sit off to the side. Plug in two and use one on each nipple, one to teash his sac and one for his shaft, the possibilities are endless! I really don't think there's anybody out there who wouldn't be able to find some use for this set.

Material / Texture

The controller pack, as well as the 3 bullets, are made of plastic. I'm not entirely sure what grade of plastic, since it's not listed anywhere, but aside from a horizontal seam across the middle of each bullet, it's all very smooth and doesn't have any smells. The three attachments, the dolphin, the awkward flower, and the spikey tube, are listed as being jelly/vinyl. That means they are porous and shouldn't be shared. All three are soft and squishy, all three have some pretty decent drag that easily catches a finger, and all three are lint magnets. They all had a slight chemical smell to them, but only if you're pretty much sticking them up your nose, and the smell does dissipate with use/washing/etc.

Design / Shape / Size

The 5" long controller pack has three settings lets you control up to 2 bullets at a time. Each bullet is a different size, and each sleeve seems like it was made for a specific bullet. The controller itself is very easily held in one hand (even small hands) and doesn't feel bulky at all.

Bullet #1 is the smallest at 1 3/4" long and 2 1/2" around, making it perfect for use during sex. With the little purple spikey sleeve that covers it, you get just enough padding to keep the bullet from getting uncomfortable with any real weight behind it.

Bullet #2 is right in the middle, coming in at 2" long and just a hair under 3" around. It's also pretty decent between two people during sex. Its coordinating sleeve attachment is this awkward looking pink flower. This flower attachment can also go on the smallest bullet as well. It goes onto the bullet about an inch, and has 4 petal-like arms that are great for teasing and stimulating the clit and nipples.

Bullet #3 is the largest at 2" long and 3 1/4" around. The larger size makes it less than ideal for use during sex, but it's still very easy to maneuver around during a solo session. This one is fitted by the blue dolphin attachment. I can stretch the base of the dolphin attachment to have over 4" in diameter, so one could in theory wear it as a cock ring, or very easily put it onto your favorite dildo that won't react to jelly, and then insert the smallest bullet into the hollow portion of the dolphin's body. The dolphin itself is about 2 1/2" long.

Each bullet is on a cord that's about 33" long, giving you plenty of room to do pretty much whatever. It's long enough that you can lay it on the bed and forget about it, but not so long that you get lost trying to find the controller.

Out of the packaging, everything is pretty easy to hide due to size. It won't be hard to tell what everything here is, so keep it tucked away if you're worried though.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are 3 speeds offered here, low, medium, and high. They're operated by a slide on the front of the control pack. Each bullet makes slightly different noises when in use, but even on high, they're all still relatively quiet. I might turn on the TV or radio just in case, but the neighbors won't ever have any clue. As far as the intensity of the vibrations goes, they're all pretty strong. I don't often get above low personally. On high, each bullet can definitely make your fingers go numb in a relatively short period of time.

As I mentioned earlier, you can use two bullets at the same time. They'll both be on the same intensity level, and since power is being put out to two instead of one, there will be a slight decrease in power, but it's spread out and universal. Both bullets get knocked down a bit, but it's not enough to really notice unless you had one on and running when you plugged the second one in.

Nothing about this says waterproof to me. Nothing I could find on the packaging, and nothing about the design even implies it. Unfortunately for all you water lovers out there, this is a dry dock toy.

As far as battery life goes, well, I'll put it this way. I got this to replace a one bullet version of the same exact thing from Doc Johnson. It needed replacing because the cord fritzed out after being used pretty frequently for about 3 or 4 years. I never changed the batteries. Not once. So battery life is pretty good unless the controller accidentally gets turned on in a bag or something.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is pretty easy. Avoid getting wet. For cleaning the bullets, I recommend a carefully sprayed toy cleaner, and if for whatever reason you need to clean the control pack, just wipe it down with a lightly damp cloth. You can remove the sleeves and wash them with soap and water if you'd like. Since the sleeves are made of jelly, they definitely aren't something you'll want to hold onto forever. I would recommend tossing them once they become cloudy. You'll also want to take care to avoid storing them together where they can touch, since they might melt together. If you want to use some lube, I'd stick with water based, and if you happen to get lube or juices stuck in the seam on any of the bullets, go ahead and use your fingernail through a paper towel to try and scrape everything out.

You can store the whole set in its original packaging, or you can store everything in separate plastic baggies.


The packaging would fit right in at Spencer's. It's not the most tacky thing out there, but it's certainly not discreet in the least bit. Each bullet, all the sleeves, and the control pack are all visible through the front of the clamshell style packaging. The insert gives you a little rundown of what's inside, tells you that you need 3 AA batteries to run it, etc. It's not too bulky, so you could keep it to store everything in.

Personal comments

While the packaging and Pipedream's product page are all gung ho about all the places you can stick these bullets, number one, keep them out of your butt. Tease the opening, fine, but don't go inside with it. Number two, the bullets aren't waterproof, and inserting them vaginally might result in gathering of fluids, not only in the seam that runs around each bullet, but also at the base where the cord connects. You really don't wanna deal with that.


Quite honestly, I don't care that much for the larger 2 bullets. The smallest one was the one I was interested in, as it was the closest in size to the bullet that came with the same control pack from Doc Johnson. I have used all of them for teasing various areas on myself and my fiance, because they did need a good testing, and they work very well. Vibrations are strong in every bullet I have, I just prefer the size of the smaller one the most.
Follow-up commentary
Despite my ever growing collection, this one still lives in a nightstand drawer. I think I've changed the batteries once overall and that was because it got turned on in a bag. Heck, I even pulled the batteries once or twice to power another toy and they're still kicking at what feels like top power here.

I know it's discontinued now, but if you ever come across anything similar I wholeheartedly encourage picking it up.
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