Tera Patrick's high octane magic fingers - rabbit vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Nashville

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Tera Patrick's™ high octane vibrator takes some getting used to. It's big, beefy, and incredibly powerful. While this vibrator is complicated, there are too many unique and varied functions to pass up.
High-powered vibrations and unique thrusting action.
Complicated, long, and weighty.
Rating by reviewer:
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I don't own a lot of complicated vibrators. I've only ever purchased one that was overly complicated and it turned out to be a terrible experience because it wasn't user friendly. Tera Patrick's High Octane Vibrator while initially overwhelming, turned out to be a complicated vibrator I was happy to learn to master.

This rabbit vibrator isn't one I'd pen as "luxurious" but it includes many different features. It seems like Cal Exotics sacrificed a little (mainly material) to be able to include so many electronic parts. The major drawback is that it's made out of jelly which is unfortunately, a material I'd characterize as cheap, smelly, and a slew of other unflattering adjectives with the occasional expletive thrown in for good measure. Jelly is porous meaning it can't be fully sterilized, it has a short life span, and as time goes by chemicals leach out of it releasing into the air or your body. I hate condoms but I have buckets of them, these condoms (I'm sure several dozen of which are expired) can easily be rolled over the vibrator to protect it and you from bacteria. Condoms will not only prolong the life of your toy but they will save you from the possibility of phthalatees.

This long and clunky vibrator measures in at 10 1/2 inches and tips the scale at 1 lb (add the 4 AA batteries and it feels like 2 lbs). It can be a little intimidating but take comfort in the fact it only has a circumference of 4 1/2 inches which is satisfying and filling. If you aren't into vibrators of tremendous widths, the 1 3/8 inch diameter is what I consider the standard for most vibes on the market. While width-wise it was comfortable, the 6 inch insertable length was an inch or two too long. I'm sure I can handle 6 inches but the reason it was too much is that to truly make good use out of the "thrusting" action you need to push the vibrator in as deep as possible. I must have a short vagina because I pushed it in as far as I could and it required a lot of maneuvering for the "magic fingers" to finally touch my clitoris.

The "magic fingers" look like little mini fingers with fingernails. When the vibrations are on high these thin, tapered fingers are like two buzzing torpedoes. The jelly used to craft them is very stiff and when coupled with the high powered vibrations they can hurt. I had to stop a few times because they were vibrating too hard against my clitoris. That may be a good thing for some because high powered vibrations rock (even the lowest setting was unbelievably powerful) but the fact that they weren't soft or accommodating was a major drawback. There are 8 increasing / decreasing levels of speed and 5 different "racing" aka vibrating functions. To make this vibrator even sweeter as you increase, decrease, or change the vibration settings, a column right above the buttons will light up graduating from green to yellow to red.

The 5 different "racing" functions are as follows:

1. Revving- A continuous buzz.
2. Racing- Feels like city traffic (stop and go).
3. Throttle- Like pressing the gas pedal while your car is parked.
4. High torque- A bass beat with a fast stop/start tempo.
5. High octane- Fast on/off buzzing.

While the various vibration patterns were great, the major feature of this vibrator is that it thrusts. The thrusting action may not be extreme enough for some users but the vibrator will actually expand to about an inch in length. It was a little daunting to master all the different buttons but after a few minutes I was on the fast track to getting off.

First I pressed the upwards arrow key (the up/down arrows determine how fast the vibrator will thrust). Initially it started off as just a deep thrusting, I then pressed the "C" key which prepared the vibrator for the various functions, aka the "F" key.

Thrusting functions are as follows:

1. Short and quick, back and forth pumping action.
2. Short thrusting in an almost side to side motion, like it's bouncing.
3. "Swirly" pumping; thrusts outwards, stops, and then does a counter clockwise twist as it contracts back down.
4. "Gyrating" pumping; thrusts outwards, contracts down, stops, and does a counter clockwise twist as it extends again.

This vibrator has so many buttons, lights, and functions (including a low battery light) that even the savviest of techies may feel overwrought and exhausted. Take comfort in the fact that after a few minutes it doesn't matter what you're doing because any combination of button pressing will result in high charged action and a speedy orgasm that leaves your heart racing.
Noisy; this vibrator will cause a racket before you insert it. However, once it's inserted, your vaginal walls will muffle out most of the low hum buzzing.
Follow-up commentary
After playing with this toy for a month, it has held up well. While it personally isn't my cup of tea because of the porous, unsafe jelly, it still offers a lot. This is without question a powerful vibrator that can thrust as well as vibrate, it's easier to use now that I'm a little more familiar with it but the functions are at times (mainly the height of the moment) a bit overwhelming.
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  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Hmmm.... seems like for over $100 they could have at least used TPR, if not silicone.
  • Nashville
    I think they used jelly to keep the cost low considering all the electronic parts and functions it has. I think if they had used TPR or silicone the toy would have a much higher price tag. It's a disappointment to say the least.
  • nicole07
    great review
  • Willis2011
    great review
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