The white stork - rabbit vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Sin Secret

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Stork does what?

You don't usually think of storks as being sexy at all, but with this toy you'll change your mind. It is nice and strong and has multiple speeds, and even looks pretty good to boot. Definitely not for those not looking for lots and lots of textures; but for the adventurous girl, this is heaven. So many ridges and bumps to tickle your fancies. Use it alone, with a partner, or in the shower, and discover the sexier side of this exotic bird.
8 speeds, lots of texture, waterproof.
Maybe too big for beginners, and pretty loud.
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When you think "stork", the last thing you think of is sex. Well, not exactly. At least, not in a good way. Storks bring luck, and storks bring babies. Not orgasms, right? Wrong. This Stork, an over-sized rabbit-style vibrator inspired by Asian ideals/myths about storks, is the kind of stork you actually want visiting your bed. It's the typical "rabbit" style, with a thick rotating shaft and a vibrating bullet head, meant to stimulate all your girl-y parts. A nice strong bullet for your clitoris (shaped like a sitting stork), and a thick, rotating shaft with turning beads for your vagina. It even has strange protruding ridges to rub up against your G-spot.

It's primarily meant for solo play, but if you're the right kind of couple it's always nice if your partner helps along.

Material / Texture

The material is simple TPR and hard plastic. A little hard to keep clean, but I generally like the way it feels. Texture-wise, this is definitely in the advanced users zone. My best friend has a vagina so sensitive that she can't even use ribbed condoms; it's just too much sensation. If you're like that- or aren't used to highly textured materials, this isn't for you. There are more bumps, ridges and grooves in this baby than I care to count. Most of them protrude at least a few centimeters from the shaft. It's odd, intense, and oh-so interesting.

Design / Shape / Size

I have to say that this doesn't look like a stork to me. I might have only really seen cartoon versions, but this doesn't come close. I can see the eyes, and maybe the beak, but what's the rest? Anatomically correct or not, I like the way it looks. It's a little intimidating while still being colorful, interesting and pretty.

It's definitely big. In fact, my first time I thought I'd never be able to get it in. Maybe I'm just out of practice with this kind of size, but I thought I'd never get past the patch of ridges and bumps just under the head. Good thing I did though, because that patch tickles your G-spot quite nicely. Altogether, the size is something a lot of girls will probably have to get used to. It's also not easily hidden, and the designs do make it a little harder to clean.

Functions / Performance / Controls

For a Cal Exotics toy, the bullet part (the stork's head) does surprisingly well. Super strong, and it goes up really high (8 levels!). It didn't even seem to loose power when I turned on the shaft at the same time. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast and well it worked for me. I typically don't really love rabbit vibes as a full package. I like the bullet, but the shaft is usually just extra. This was not the case for my Stork. I fully enjoyed all the sensations together.

One downfall would probably be that the designers didn't seem to keep in mind those of us with somewhat tighter pussies. There were times when I noticed that the beads in the shaft weren't turning anymore. But with a little shifting and relaxing it worked out. Did I mention it's big? Because that's probably most of the problem.

The battery pack and controls (there are quite a few of them- On/Off, Up/Down for both parts, and an F button to switch the rotation) are all part of the shaft, which I like. There's nothing more annoying than a battery pack falling off the bed mid-coitus.

The Stork is waterproof, and worked just fine in the shower, but I'm a little hesitant to submerge it completely under water because of the somewhat open looking crease around the control area.

Care and Maintenance

The material itself is easy to clean, but not so easy to keep clean, since things tend to stick to it. As for clean-up time, it's not difficult but would probably be a hassle if you don't keep up with it. There are so many ridges and grooves that aren't so easy to get down into; you don't want things growing in there. I use a water-based lubricant (although I'll never try that in the shower again, it kept melting away!), and you can also use a silicone one.


Very average, simple thin cardboard packaging. Nothing special, but I did love the weird Asian characters trying to tout storks as sexy.
Follow-up commentary
I don't use this toy very often anymore, I've become a primarily external kind of girl and the stork is so thick that it pushes my comfort level nowadays.

However, thanks to a very helpful salesgirl nearby, I discovered that you can actually tilt the head of the vibrator in any direction you want! How did I not notice this before? Right at the clear section of the shaft, you can bend the shaft to add a nice curve to it! When you turn it on, it spins with that curve. Very impressive! It made the toy that much more awesome.
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