Super bullet and magnum combo - bullet vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Darling Dove

"Super" is right!

An excellent investment that won't break the bank, strong enough for almost anyone's needs and easy to use--versatile too! Whether you like penetration with the magnum bullet or clit stimulation with the standard sized bullet, this toy's got you covered.
STRONG, has a rubber flange so body moisture won't get into the bullets, cheap.
A bit noisy, may not last you very long.
Rating by reviewer:
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I'll admit, I've owned two of these toys. The first one, I purchased a long time ago. It kept me going for a long time--about three or four months, until one day I got a little carried away, and tugged one of the cables loose inside the controller.

However, I am pleased to say that it seems they have greatly revised the construction of this toy. It feels, and behaves, a lot more solidly now. It also featured legitimate safety info on the package, including what kind of lubricant to use, and a warning about using condoms for sharing!

As might be obvious, for me to want to replace said first toy as soon as it broke, it must be an amazing thing--and oh, it is. I use this for everything. The magnum is perfect for just a bit of internal stimulation, while I use the bullet on my clit. For me, I use the lower settings to just arouse myself, and middle setting to finish off--the highest setting on both bullets is too much for me to handle.

Of note is that I have never really come across another bullet/clit stimulator that gets me off as good as this toy. I really haven't. While others can get me off, they usually require me holding onto and moving the toy manually, which can be hard when they're covered in lube. This toy, however, I can simply place against my clit, and squeeze it between my thighs. After that, my involuntary shaking and thrusting finishes me off quite nicely.

So, if you haven't gotten the idea by now--power is NOT a concern. Noise, however...? Well, it's not too noisy either. I've managed to use it on the lower settings as a "wearing around the house" toy and nobody has noticed. However, I never really sat directly next to anyone, either. But as long as there is about 5-6ft between you and someone else, the sound of the lower speeds is diminished. I can use the higher speeds while people are home, but only if they are in other rooms.

This is one of the louder bullets I own, in truth, but it's also a lot stronger due to its size and the fact that it uses more batteries. And as I've said, it gets me off the best. These bullets also have rubber flanges around the cord where it enters the bullet. This stops moisture from getting inside- it's still not waterproof, but it eases some bacterial concerns for me, and it makes me feel safer when lubing them up or using them for insertion. Some other bullets don't have this and I have already become rather off-put by the fact that my natural lube will get in the cord's niche and I can't get it out easily at all. (Even though I haven't used them inside, I get pretty wet.)

So, that is another good point about this toy.

To be honest, the only bad thing I have to say about it is that my last one broke and if you aren't careful you might break yours too. I've never had problems with it overheating, and it can eat batteries if you use it a LOT, but it's a good portable toy with a moderate noise level that makes me sore after using it from the spasms of pleasure in muscles I didn't know I had.

However, at its price point, it's something everyone can afford to try, and a good bullet vibrator|Super bullet and magnum combo will take you places you never knew existed. It's also small enough to use the bullet part during intercourse, as an accent to penetration.

A bit of a note: This toy has 3 bees, but it's really more of a 2.5 bees. It can be heard through covers, but it's louder than a cell phone, just by a bit--you probably can't hear it through closed doors though.
Follow-up commentary
I would just like to note that it was a lot louder than I thought when it wasn't covered up or muffled by use. So, for some people, it may be a 4 or 4.5 bees toy. It really depends on if it's covered or not and such.
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  • So is the outer part hard plastic, or velvetcote, or...? Is the rubber flange just by the cord opening, and not connected to the outer cover? Nice review!
  • Darling Dove
    It is hard, smooth plastic. Smooth as in shiny-smooth. The rubber flange is just at the point where the cord meets the bullet.
  • Epiphora
    I gotta say, I'm surprised. I kind of feel the same way about my Xtreme pack g-spot bullet... I wouldn't want any other bullet.
  • I'm getting that one and trying it out too. This one shocked me because it was the first bullet I ever got and it was really strong. The quality might turn out to still be an issue, and it is pretty loud, but its worth it to me, lol. I'll probably replace it every time it breaks, until I find something I like more.
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