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Super Powered

The sleek, compact design of this wand is perfect for solo or couple's play. It packs a punch while maintaining a quiet hum of sound and is a great addition to any bedroom or tub session. It feels like a luxury item without paying a luxury price.
Powerful vibrations
Variety of patterns
The head is too small for wand attachments.
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First impression

When first taken out of the box, this wand has a new-toy smell that most vibrators do. The soft, matte feeling of the silicone underneath the fingertips was pleasing to the touch, and it provides smooth handling. It was packaged nicely and came with a booklet and the charging cable neatly packed in the box with it. We noticed that the wand was small enough to be portable and easily packed in a suitcase if we wanted to take it with us on a trip. It's not discreet enough that no one could tell what it is, but it could be a wand massager for anything, really.

Packaging and magnetic charging port up close

"Instruction" manual included

There are three buttons only, making this a simple use device, and the charging port is magnetic. Sometimes, magnetic charging ports are a hassle, but thus far, we have not had any issues with it. The buttons on the vibrator were easy to figure out; each one has an icon for vibration speed, vibration pattern, and then the power button. Overall, we noticed the simplicity of the wand, and the ease of which to use it.

First Use

Even from the first use, we noticed the simplicity of the wand and how easy the buttons were to press and cycle through. It wasn't hard to find a vibration we liked, and we were happy to find that the wand had a memory function that worked. When you turn off the wand, it will still be on the same vibration pattern as it was that you left it, but not at the same speed. The wand turns on at the highest speed, and the user will have to find the vibration right for them each time the wand is turned on, which is not a big deal for us, as my partner and I prefer the highest speed. The highest vibration on this toy will turn even a clit of steel to jelly, even through clothing!

Light flashes when charging - an up-close shot of buttons (speed, pattern, power)

We had no trouble getting off with this wand in our first experience, and that was when we knew that this wand would be a keeper in our bedroom. I'm not a huge fan of any vibrators, but this is one even I reach for when I'm feeling a little aroused and in need of a quick session. With the twenty various vibration settings ranging from helicopter-like sounds to re-enact the sounds of S.W.A.T. breaking into your home to the long, drawn-out buzzes similar to that of a cell phone's on silent mode, this wand has been both entertaining and exhilarating ever since our first time using it.

Further Experience

We've used this at least twice a week since we got this item for review, and though it cannot hold any of the attachments that typical wands can, we'd like to say that it doesn't really need any. With how much power this wand has, it's great for beginners or advanced users. It's got a vibration pattern or speed for just about anyone (we think so anyway). The battery has held up to the multiple charges it's had, and we can see this toy lasting a long time, even with extensive use. It's great for back massages and other trouble areas like the feet and legs too and works great for easing tense muscles after a long day of work or simply for a sensual massage.

With a little water-based lubricant (use only this form of lube), we've found this toy glides with ease along the skin, and the cleanup for the wand is just as easy due to the waterproof design. We wash the wand in mild soap and warm water, but the wand can be sterilized with a 5% bleach solution (95% water). Obviously, you don't want to boil or put anything with mechanical parts into the dishwasher, but you can also wipe this toy down with toy wipes or a toy cleaner for a quick fix when you don't feel like thoroughly cleaning it. When it is clean, let it air dry, or wipe it down with a lint-free towel, as lint, dust, and hair are attracted to the silicone. Just about anything will stick to this material, and it is especially true for pet hair, so you'll want to clean before and after each use.

Size in hand, Size compared to Grace wand.

We really like the compact size, and it fits in hand well. It's not too heavy that it's cumbersome, and it's not too lightweight that you feel the vibrations all the way down the handle like some other wands. The head is the perfect size for resting just about anywhere, and though it does not provide pinpoint stimulation, the power behind it doesn't require a pointed tip in order to reach orgasm.

Vibration Map

The vibrations are intense in the wand's head for obvious reasons, but the low vibrations in the handle are a major plus and really help keep your hand from going entirely numb during play. Compared to other wands, this toy has a smaller head but can really compete with some of the electric ones on the market due to the powerful stimulation it provides. It feels like one of the luxury wands that are higher in price, and we really enjoyed the power behind this one. With eight different speed options and twenty different vibration patterns, this toy is probably going to have something for anyone who likes vibrations. We are definitely now fans of this wand, not only because of the power but because of how quiet it can be too.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

My partner reached orgasm pretty quickly with this wand. When we paired it with penetrative sex, it tipped her over the edge and had her legs shaking quicker than our average time; and not only that, she squirted with this wand. Typically, my partner doesn't reach that level of orgasm without intense foreplay; but with this, we didn't need to have a long foreplay session to obtain it. The many different patterns of this vibrating wand helped her achieve some of the deepest orgasms we've had without warming up, and so this has become a staple next to our bed. The wand gets a lot of use, and the charge lasts throughout our playtime and more - which averages about an hour, sometimes more.
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