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Supersex rabbit vibe

Rabbit vibrator by LoveHoney

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Supersex? It Sure Is!

The Supersex Rabbit Vibe is a powerful, well-designed, vibrator that takes the rabbit vibe experience to a new level. The toy's spot-on proportions and whimsical design provide both aesthetic and physical pleasure. For those who like a softer, gentler vibratory experience, the fully adjustable controls allow for a wide range of stimulation.
Maintains full power when all functions are at top speed, powerful and adjustable vibrations.
Delicate battery case.
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The Supersex Rabbit Vibe is, as it name would suggest, a rabbit vibrator that combines vaginal penetration with clitoral stimulation.

Rabbit vibrators have a unique learning curve, but the eventual orgasmic payoff is more than worth the time spent learning how the vibrators function. Like others of its kind, the Supersex Rabbit Vibe works by inserting the rotating shaft, while resting the vibrating bullet (the "bunny ears") on your clitoris.

This vibrator would be an outstanding toy for both beginners and more experienced users. The adjustable controls allow for a significant range of vibrating and rotating speeds. Beginners may want to work their way up to find what feels best for them. More advanced users can benefit from the Supersex Rabbit Vibe's considerable power and excellent design.

Material / Texture

The Supersex Rabbit Vibe is made from TPR - thermoplastic rubber. That's a polymer blend that is somewhere between rubber and silicone, in terms of porousness. If you decide to share your vibrator with others, it's a good idea to use a condom. Otherwise, the care and feeding of vibrators made from TPR is much like that of any other vibrator.

There is no particular odor to the vibrator, and the material is deliciously squishy. It conducts vibrations very well and the bunny ears do their job well of transferring the vibrations from the bullet to your clitoris.

Although this means absolutely nothing in terms of additional stimulation, there is a small happy face indented on the material directly underneath the head of the shaft. It sits right under the molded glans, adding a touch of charm and whimsy. There are a few additional bumps that form a molded necklace underneath the face.

Design / Shape / Size

I don't have the impression that the design takes itself all too seriously, and the Supersex Rabbit Vibe is all the better for it. The shape is much like that of any other rabbit vibrator - a shaft with rotating beads, a rotating head, and a vibrating bullet attached to the shaft that conducts vibrations to the clitoris.

Rabbit vibrators live or die by their design, and this one is definitely a survivor. The proportions on the Supersex Rabbit Vibe are excellent.

I had initially anticipated that the vibrator would be too close to the shaft, and rendered un-functional. I couldn't have been more wrong. The spacing between the vibrator and rotating beads allows the vibrating rabbit ears to rest comfortably on the clitoris, while the rotating beads do the sexual heavy lifting at the vaginal entrance. The top of the shaft is no slouch at this party, either. It easily massages the g-spot while the other functions do their dirty work at the same time.

The devil is in the details, though, and this is one evil rabbit. As mentioned above, a small smiley face is imprinted on the back of the vibrator. Using the glans as a hat and a few bumps as a necklace, this quirky addition adds a degree of joy and delight to the design that most other rabbit vibrators lack. It's saying, "This is fun. This will make you happy. Enjoy the experience".

As with most rabbit vibrators, the Supersex Rabbit Vibe is bulky. You could certainly toss it in a purse or overnight bag, but unless your pockets are deep, don't be surprised if a nosey neighbor can easily peek in and see what you're bringing along with you.

In terms of size, the Supersex Rabbit Vibe is a happy medium. Its width is sufficient for size queens, but not overpowering for those who like their vibes on the smaller end of the spectrum.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Supersex Rabbit Vibe is powered by 4 AA batteries located in a battery pack at the base of the shaft. The instruction manual included in the package provides a step-by-step walk-through of battery insertion, but the case itself is clearly labeled and the process is self-explanatory.

Unlike the rest of the toy, the battery case does feel somewhat flimsy. The metal prongs shifted a bit while I inserted the batteries and I did have a fleeting fear of breaking the thin plastic that holds the batteries in place. It also might take a few tries to figure out what the "battery case this way down" means when inserting the removable battery case back into the base.

The battery case wasn't my favorite part of the toy, but it works. It's perfectly functional and requires only a bit of care and patience. If you've ever assembled stylish Swedish furniture from a box, this will be a breeze in comparison.

The Supersex Rabbit Vibe's performance can only be described as excellent. This is where it truly separates itself from other rabbit vibrators on the market. Start with good-quality, fresh batteries. Insert them accurately. If you have those two steps covered, you'll find that the vibrations and rotating functions are some of the most powerful out there.

What's even more remarkable is that there is absolutely no discernible change in performance when both the rotating and vibrating functions are on at the same time. Turn the vibrator up to its full power. Do the same with the rotating beads. The vibrator will still have the same power it did when the rotating beads were off.

F***ing revolutionary, I'd say. Good job, Love Honey!!

The controls are convenient and easy to use. The power button is separate from the dials that control the vibrating and rotating speeds. It seemed strange at first, but the advantages became apparent during use. Keeping a distance between the on/off button and the controls means that there are no inadvertent shut offs at inopportune moments.

There are thin ridges on the dials that allow for a good grip even with slippery fingers. The dials are closer to where one would naturally place one's hand when holding the toy. The dials are neither too loose nor too unresponsive to change.

The base is large enough to be easy to hold, but not so large that it is cumbersome.

Care and Maintenance

As the Supersex Rabbit Vibe is made of TPR, it is compatible with all lubricants. It can be stored in its package or in a plastic or cloth bag. I would recommend some sort of barrier between it and other toys simply because chemical reactions between toys can occur and result in melting or warping. This is one vibrator that you really don't want to accidentally melt!

The Supersex Rabbit Vibe is not waterproof. Immersion in water is not recommended. I washed it with antibacterial soap and water, and found that a few splashes on the battery case did not in any way impede its functioning. Toy cleaner or toy wipes are also suitable ways of cleaning the vibrator.


Although the shipping package is completely innocuous, the Supersex Rabbit Vibe's box leans towards the risqué. It's still tasteful, but "supersexrabbitvibe" is printed prominently in bright colors on a black box, and the cover shows a woman's naked torso presumably in the throes of passion. If you decide to give this to someone who would open it in a public place, you might consider audience reaction.

The inner packaging where the vibrator is located is made of a durable plastic and is suitable as a storage container.
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