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If you're really into rotation, or if you like rabbits with strong clitoral stimulators and not a lot of appendages, I'd try the Royal Surfer. Its specific size prevented me from liking it more than I did, but I would probably reach for it frequently if we were better suited. For the woman whom this toy fits, the issues I've had will probably pale in comparison.
Dual functions, strong clitoral bullet without appendages, waterproof, TPR silicone
Rotation didn't work right at first, advertised as silicone, attracts lint
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I really think that there is a perfect rabbit vibrator out there for everyone. Unfortunately it's not so easy for each woman to find her perfect rabbit, because these toys are less forgiving when it comes to anatomical differences. Thus my advice is for every woman to try a rabbit at least once and, lucky for you, it's something of a mission for me to try as many different rabbits as I can.

What better place to start than with a rabbit design by Sue Johanson herself? For those not familiar, Sue has had a few TV shows where she candidly answers sex questions from real callers as well as showcases sex toys. It's a natural progression for her to move to designing sex toys, and I trust her authority on sex, thus I expected a fairly quality toy. However, aside from a rather creepy caricature of the woman, there wasn't a whole lot about this toy that seemed different from any other California Exotic toy; which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Let me introduce you to the Royal Surfer. This deep pink (I want to call the shade "blush") vibrator features a rotating shaft, and vibrating dolphin clit stimulator with digital button controls for each. California Exotic seems to think that its customers won't know or care about materials, because the box advertises silicone in several places. Only in small print on the back does it say "Silicone based TPR". That makes this toy less porous than some, but not quite as safe as pure silicone, and impossible to sterilize. For my purposes, toy cleaner does the trick, but I would recommend using a condom when sharing. Water based lube is also the way to go. TPR silicone does pick up lint so I would recommend storing it immediately after washing.

For the most part, the material is smooth; however there are 3 wave-like ripples on the back of the shaft, and some waves around the base of the dolphin. Fans of beads might want to look elsewhere and while I enjoy that feature more than rotation, I knew what I was choosing. I can't hold it against the toy. Although the material has some give, the mechanism within the shaft is rigid.

When I popped the batteries (3AA) into the "EZ" load pack (the battery cap fits snugly against an O-ring, so I do not doubt its waterproof capabilities), I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of punch the clitoral bullet packaged. It was not a wimpy little vibrator in the least. I was also surprised to see the smaller rotations that the head of the Royal Surfer made, but quickly decided that maybe that is just what I needed.

What sold me on this toy when browsing, was the oversized clitoral bullet. The stimulator does not have a lot of tentacles or tongues, wings or other things, just a dolphin nose. Because I like to nestle the bullet right against my clit, it seemed perfect. The bullet, which measures just over 3" from tip to tail, provides more than adequate stimulation. Folks who are more sensitive may find it to be too much. Of course stronger vibrations equal greater sound, and this is probably fine through closed doors but can definitely be heard through blankets. The larger bullet also provides pressure against the clit as well.

Speaking of the shaft, this is where things became a little... strange. I had, at first, anticipated the smaller rotation to be more pleasant than some of my past experiences, but this was not the case. In fact, I couldn't feel it at all no matter which of the 3 speeds I had it on. Reversing didn't help either.

Before putting it away, I tried the rotation once more, only to find that now the whole 5" insertable portion rotated. I could tell this was how it was supposed to be. That's right, boys and girls, my vagina fixed it. I can't say what was wrong with the Royal Surfer right out of the box, but it might help others to know that it did work properly after a while. Maybe it just needed to warm up. The noise from rotation wasn't any louder than the vibration, and didn't have as much of a wine as some rabbits. It also didn't hold up well to clenching unless it was set to high. In my experience, very few rabbits do well with clenching.

Despite the issues I had with the Royal Surfer, I would recommend it to others as a decent rabbit which provides powerful clitoral stimulation and rotation. As it stands I can't help but wonder if the rotation issue is due to lack of quality on CEN's part, and why Sue Johanson wouldn't make a toy of a little higher quality.
I found neither of the textures to be stimulating in the least, but the froth around the dolphin was a detail I appreciated visually. Unfortunately, the length of the shaft was a bit too much to really snuggle the bullet as high as I want it. The dolphin's nose mostly made contact with my clit, and I actually found it a little too firm for my liking; as the TPR Silicone is rather dense and hard there.

The rotation wasn't any better or worse than any other rabbit I've tried, and I didn't find that reversing it did much. It just felt awkward and made holding the toy awkward as well.
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