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Sugar pop

Rabbit vibrator by Vibratex

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Sweet like sugar!

I love the Sugar Pop! This is my favorite rabbit vibe, with its short shaft length, filling girth, strong vibrations and AMAZING rotations! There are so many options to use with this toy, between all of the many rotation and vibration patterns and intensities! The only flaw is that it is loud, but that is easily covered with music or a TV on in the background. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in a new, or even first, rabbit vibrator.
Versatile shape
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Perfect rotations
Not an ideal material
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The Sugar Pop is a rabbit-style vibrator. The shaft has a row of rotating beads which are fixed in place, resulting in a very comfortable-to-use toy (for me, anyway!). The "rabbit" attachment (which resembles a butterfly) vibrates, and can be used to stimulate the clitoris while the toy is inserted.

This toy would be safe for anal use (with a condom!) provided the clitoral attachment remains outside of the anus, which would assure that it would not be lost. This is not the intended use of the toy, so be cautious if using this for anal play.

Material / Texture

The Sugar Pop is made of elastomer (the shaft/attachment) and plastic (the battery compartment).

Elastomer rates at a 7 on Eden's safety scale.

This material is porous, so be sure to use a condom over it if sharing, or using for anal stimulation.

The Sugar Pop can be cleaned with soap and water, toy cleaner, or cleaning wipes. Do not bleach or boil. Store the Sugar Pop away from other toys, as toy materials may react with each other and cause damage to the toys (you wouldn't want your Sugar Pop melting onto another toy!).

Elastomer is suitable for use with both water and silicone based lubricants.

The Sugar Pop feels nice in its texture. The elastomer material feels a lot like many jelly toys in that it is squishy, soft, and has a touch of stickiness to it. This does mean that it will attract lint, so be careful to store it appropriately, so that you don't have to pick hair and lint off of it every time you want to use it! The material feels very nice against the skin, but lubricant is a must, as it has a LOT of drag on the skin by itself. Once lubed up, I very much enjoy the feel of this toy against my sensitive areas.

Design / Shape / Size

Sugar Pop from the back

Rabbit vibrators often leave some ladies feeling left out, as they do not always match up perfectly with the anatomy of every vagina. I found that the Sugar Pop fit me very well, and that will likely be the case with many others as well, as the clitoral arm is very flexible and can easily be moved to other positions if necessary.

I find the size of this rabbit vibrator to be perfect for me as well. With a total length of 9" and a bit of weight to it when the batteries are inserted, it is a bit on the larger side as far as toys go. The insertable portion is only about 4" long, which I love. I often find that rabbit vibrators are too long for me, and the tip of the insertable portion sometimes hits my cervix before the clitoral stimulator is even in place! Not so with the Sugar Pop. It is fairly short in comparison to some of my other rabbits, and that is one of the characteristics that really drew me to it in the first place. Additionally, the girth of this toy is ideal for me. At about 4.5" around, it is filling without being overwhelming. A perfect middle-ground!

The shape of the Sugar Pop is also great. The head is quite bulbous and has small ridges all the way down the length of it.

Sugar Pop from the front
Here, the head of the toy can be clearly seen. It's quite round and feels great when inserted. The ridges add some wonderful texture without being overwhelming.

After the head tapers down a bit, the rest of the shaft is relatively smooth, save for the texture of the rotating beads.

Sugar Pop from the side
Here, you can see the gentle ridges in the toy's texture that correspond with each row of rotating beads. I will talk more about the beads in the next section, but suffice to say that, even without the beads turned on, they provide pleasant sensations to the user. The texture is fairly gentle and will not overwhelm anyone.

The texture of the clitoral arm is a simple set of little nubs, which is easily seen in the above photo. While the wings of the "butterfly" cradle the clitoris and labia, the nubs provide some stimulation as well.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Rotation and Vibration
The beads are often what turns me off about some rabbit vibes. In the past, I've had negative experiences with those that simply have a bunch of loose beads that are stirred around in the shaft of the toy. I find them to be irritating and just generally feel awful. I prefer a more subdued sensation, and that is what the Sugar Pop gave me!

The beads are fixed in place in four rows, so they do not jumble around in the casing freely like some other rabbits. The beads, rather than feeling annoying, REALLY massage the vaginal opening and just inside the vagina, giving something of a squirming feeling when they're turned on. In fact, just recently I found that I was able to orgasm through turning on the rotating beads and placing the shaft against my clit! The slick feeling of the lubricated shaft squirming against my clit was enough to send me over the edge. I was very pleasantly surprised!

Next, let's talk about the vibration. When this toy says it vibrates, it REALLY means it! I find that the vibrations, even on the lowest setting, are very intense and not buzzy at all. If you are looking for STRONG, RUMBLY vibrations, then look no further! I sometimes find that the vibrations are even too intense for me, which was quite a surprise when I first received the Sugar Pop.

There are 5 vibration settings (one steady and three different patterns) and 4 rotation settings (one steady, and three different jerky start-and-stop type rotations). Additionally, each vibration setting has three levels of intensity, and each rotation setting has three different speeds, and the steady rotation can be changed to rotate either left or right.

As this toy has both vibration and rotation, it can get loud. Even on its lowest settings, this is not a toy which is suitable for dorm living or for using secretly in the same room as someone else. To properly cover up the noise of the Sugar Pop, you will need fairly loud music or a TV on. Just blankets won't do it, and even a closed door will not block all the noise of the Sugar Pop if there is no other background noise.

The Sugar Pop has six buttons which control its various functions. On the right hand side of the toy, one will find three buttons which control the rotation. The bottom button is a dedicated off button. The button on top of that turns the rotations on. If pressed a second time, this changes the rotation speed. The third button changes the rotation settings to different patterns. Simply use the "off" button to end the rotations.
The right hand row of buttons controls the vibrations. The bottom button is a dedicated off button, as with the rotation. Above that, the intensity of the vibration is controlled and you can cycle through the three intensities for each pattern. The button above that will cycle through the various vibration patterns.

The buttons themselves are quite nice. They are easy to press, but not overly sensitive. I do not find myself accidentally pressing them during use, nor are they hard to press when needed. I do find them sometimes confusing and I don't really care to think about exactly what each button does in the heat of the moment, but I haven't found that to be a problem so far.

The Sugar Pop runs on four AAA batteries, which may be inserted into the removable battery pack. Follow the directions on the pack to see which way to insert the batteries. The battery pack then slides into the base of the toy, the cap for which can be easily removed by twisting it to the side and lifting off. Replace the cap by twisting it back on, following the available grooves to be sure that it is in the right way. Do not force the cap, as it will sit properly into its place if it is well aligned.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is only splash proof, so please do not submerge it in water.

Wash the Sugar Pop with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner, but DO NOT bleach or boil.

This toy is suitable for silicone and water-based lubricants.

As the toy is a bit sticky in texture, store it in a bag, away from other items and especially away from other toys, as the material may react with other materials it comes in contact with and ruin your toys!


The Sugar Pop comes packed in a fairly sturdy plastic box, which is clear and does expose the toy. This would be suitable for storing the Sugar Pop, but will likely not hold up forever. Inside the box, the Sugar pop is packed in a plastic bag to keep the surface free of lint.
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    Thanks for your detailed review! .. 4.5 inches around?? That's too large for me.. I'll be passing on this rabbit.
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