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Sweet & Sour

Sweet Spot by Vibratex will hit all your "sweet" spots, clitoris included! It combines some SERIOUS power along with a super soft, body-friendly sleeve. Best of all, it looks like a real cock. However, there are also some serious issues with this toy that I encountered which took away from its true potential.
Great size~Soft~Realistic~Powerful
Lint magnet~MAJOR quality control issues~Battery guzzler~Expensive for what you get~Not Discreet.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
When I first noticed the Sweet Spot rabbit-style vibrator, I had to have it. There are very few in this category that look like a cock, let alone 'almost' feel like one too! This is intended mainly for solo play and is geared toward the female user who is looking for dual-stimulation to both the vagina and the clitoris. The size is great for either a beginner or a more advanced user.

It comes in a clear, semi-pliable, clear plastic box. The manufacturer is Vibratex, a Japanese family-owned company that's been around since 1983. I also own one of their bullets. After using both toys, I'm not overly impressed with the craftmanship of either, but they are among the most powerful ones I've used. The reverse side of the main label of the package includes some basic care information. You may want to hold on to the box to store the toy in, as elastomer can corrode by coming in contact other reactive materials. And it attracts lint big time!

Elastomer is a phthalates-free, hypo-allergenic, and latex-free material that is relatively safe but still somewhat porous, so condom usage is still advised to keep it from harboring bacteria. I find condoms don't fit all dual action vibrators due to size differences in the shafts; however, for the Sweet Spot, I had no problem placing a regular-sized Durex brand condom over the thick main shaft. Obviously, it won't cover the clitoral stimulator, but you will still benefit from some protection.

There was very little smell at first, and tasting it was comparable to licking a ball of cotton, so save your oral skills for something (or someone) else.

Texture-wise, the sleeve is elastic-y as the name implies: stretchy, compresses easily, and has a dry, powdery-soft feeling to it, which adds to the realistic feel the manufacturer was trying to achieve. It's certainly very comfortable to use for extended periods of deep thrusting. But I believe the dryness also contributes to some design deficiencies, which I will share under my experience.

Overall, I measured the toy at 9-3/4 inches long, with 2-1/2 inches being the handle/controller, and the remaining 7+ inches is the shaft. About 4-1/2 inches of it is insertable. The girth is pleasing at 1-5/8 of an inch, and because the toy is squishy, it's easy to accommodate the fullness.

An approximately 1/4-inch thick, pink, penis-like elastomer sleeve fits over a bendable shaft of inner-workings (wiring, etc.). This allows the insertable portion to be bent at an angle so that the user can enjoy a small or wider arc of rotation. The sleeve has some veins on it and some skin folds in addition to a nicely defined mushroom head. There's also a little smiley face imprinted under the helmet.

Jutting out from the base of the shaft is a large clitoral vibrator (and sole motor) with an animal face, which appears be a dolphin-like. There's no texture to its body and its surface is smooth elastomer with the exception of the eyes, the mouth, and a small spot on its head where the mold of the sleeve was snipped off, but it's not something the user will feel.

The control portion is located on the frontside of the handle. There are two sliding tabs, which increase the speed of the vibrations and the rotation of the shaft and can be used individually or simultaneously. By holding the handle on the underside, they don't risk being triggered accidentally. The controls were easy too use, but on the downside, the battery cover on mine kept sliding off, so I had to put some tape over it. Fortunately, the required 3-AA batteries to juice this baby stayed in place and the toy kept running.

Even on the lowest setting, the sound is VERY noticeable. It's very likely that on the highest setting, it will be heard behind closed doors unless you are buried under mountains of covers.

Sweet Spot is NOT waterproof, so the best way to clean it is under warm water with antibacterial soap or toy cleaner, being careful not to get the lower portion wet. The sleeve does not fit tightly around the lower part of the shaft, so water could get up inside. It's compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants and I found I didn't need too much of either.

Once you read my experience portion below, you'll find out why I rated this toy three-stars.
The shaft/sleeve and intense power felt awesome, but almost immediately, the (dry) elastomer sleeve starting slipping off the shaft! It didn't come completely off, but there's a good chance it could over time or extended use. To top things off, the control unit started to pull away from the inner parts and rotated so that the sliding controls were almost facing my bed, which is NOT supposed to happen. Thankfully the power was still buzzing away and I came within a few minutes. Hmpf! So much for Japanese technology! It left me feeling a bit disappointed. What this toy needs isn't a warm wet hole, but rather a major design overhaul and some hands-on product testers!
Follow-up commentary
A lot of potential was lost on this toy. The sleeve was dreamy and soft, but the rest of it just felt thrown together in a hurry, and I am not a big fan of a sleeve that doesn't fit snugly over the mechanics of the toy and allows for fluids to seep up under there. I'd certainly be willing to try it again if the company redesigned it.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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