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Hot metal bunny

Rabbit vibrator by You2Toys

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Hot Metal Bunny is a great dual stimulating toy. Its non-intimidating design and cute look make it fun and functional! Though the vibrations might not be enough for power queens, the shaft helps make up for it with stimulating beads and a rotating head. Overall it's a nice toy, but because of quality concerns you could probably get something similar that's better quality, for a better price.
Cute design, separate functions, easy to use, non-intimidating design.
Lacks power, quality concerns.
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Hot Metal Bunny, from You2Toys, is a rabbit style vibrator that's designed to pleasure some of the most sensitive areas of a woman's body: inside the vagina and against the clitoris. Great for solo play, this rabbit vibe can be inserted and held in place, or very lightly thrust, to create the stimulation you desire. Whether or not this toy stimulates your G-spot or connects well with your clitoris depends entirely on anatomy.

Individual use isn't the only way this rabbit likes to play. Put this toy in the hands of your partner and allow them to control your pleasure! With three different levels of intensity, three different rotation speeds, and the option to reverse the direction of rotation, there's sure to be something to satisfy just about anyone!

The design of this toy makes variety of use fairly limited. It can be used to stimulate the nipples, penis, testicles, and other erogenous areas of the body, but is best used for its designed purpose. Anal play is possible thanks to the clitoral arm acting as a base to the toy. There's no way for this one to accidentally slip inside of you, but caution needs to be used if you plan on switching orifices. Since the material is somewhat porous and can't be sterilized, it's best to use a condom for switching between the two or if you're sharing with another person.

Taking this rabbit with you into the tub or shower isn't a concern. Around the base of the battery cap is an O-ring that prevents water from leaking into the battery compartment, so as long as the cap is tightly closed, fully submerging the toy isn't a problem.
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    • Couples
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
    • Tub/shower/pool
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

Hot Metal Bunny has an insertable shaft and clitoral arm made from TPE, and a base made from ABS plastic, but the inner working parts are made from plastic and metal.

The TPE is a soft material which allows the toy to have a lot of give and squish to it. While the size might seem a little intimidating for a new toy user, the material makes it much easier to handle. The head of the shaft and the head of the rabbit on the clitoral arm have the most amount of give to them, since there are no internal parts directly under the surface. The rest of the TPE area is covering the internal parts. In the clitoral arm, it's only covering a plastic area, but the shaft covers rotating beads that are easily felt through the surface. On top of being able to feel the rotating beads, you can also see them, since the TPE is transparent.

The surface of the insertable area feels quite rubbery and has some drag to it, which picks up lint but isn't sticky or tacky feeling. Just be sure to rinse your toy off before use to ensure that there's nothing on it prior to using. The base of the toy, where the controls are, is made from plastic and is totally firm. The plastic area is a metallic pink and is very shiny. This area of the toy is totally smooth, other than the area where the buttons are. The buttons are slightly raised, which makes it easier to feel when you're trying to change functions.

The back of the shaft has some light texture to it toward the head, as well as the curve and bulged area around it to help make it look realistic. There are small, circular bulges that form a diamond pattern and are very light; they can hardly be felt during use. For someone that prefers toys without texture, this shouldn't be an issue, since it's not easily detected or overwhelming. The clitoral arm also has some light texture to it, but not in an area that is directly touching the body. The TPE was molded to help give the rabbit a body shape instead of just looking like a bulge with a face and ears. There is a seam that runs down the top and bottom of the shaft, but it's not detectable during use.

The plastic base also has some texture to it. While this isn't an area that directly touches the body, it has its own use. While the front of the base has the controls, the back has four raised lines on it. These lines are there to prevent the toy from being too slippery if you're holding it with lubricated hands. It's easy to grip, even in the shower, which makes it less likely to slip from your hands and fall to the floor.

Upon first opening the box, there was an odor to the toy. I could smell it right away, but it was neither offensive or overpowering. After washing the toy, the odor faded considerably and was nearly eliminated.
    • Flexible
    • Light odor
    • Somewhat porous

Design / Shape / Size

This vibrator is designed to look somewhat realistic, but in a very non-threatening way. The insertable portion is shaped like an erect penis, but only the head truly resembles one, since the rest of the shaft is totally straight. The clitoral stimulator is animal shaped; it looks like a rabbit sitting down, front paws up, and slightly leaning forward. It has all the details to make it obvious that it's a rabbit, from the two ears on the top to the legs on bottom. The clear surface, paired with the metallic pink coloring, makes it look like a fun, girly toy.

Because the surface is clear, you can see exactly how the toy works on the inside. Just below the head of the shaft is a white plastic piece that's attached to a thin metal rod. The rod is slightly angled at the top, making the head rotate. Below that, on the same rod, are nine metallic pink beads. These beads also rotate and can easily be felt through the TPE covering them. They are patterned so that you're getting maximum stimulation - three rows of beads, three beads in each row - and are staggered.

The size of the toy might be a little overwhelming to look at when you're holding it for the first time. With 9 3/4" in total length, it's understandable! However, considering the insertable length is 4 3/4", it's a little easier to consider. At 1 1/2" in diameter, it's not a thin toy by any means, but because it's not a rigid toy, it's not as difficult to insert as you would assume. While it might be large for someone who's not used to any type of penetration, it should work fine for an average toy user.

The clitoral stimulator is 2 1/2" in total length, 2/3" being the ears; the nose itself is 1 3/8" up from the shaft. The girth of the rabbit area isn't important since it's not insertable, but the length is very important. Because of the nose on the face and the length of the ears, this would work well for those who have a clitoris that's average to far from their vaginal opening.

Nothing about this toy is something anyone could consider to be discreet. From the realistic head to the shape and the buttons, it's very obvious that this is a sex toy. For that reason, it's not a great idea to travel with this item, since it could be embarrassing if someone were to see it, and the size makes it a challenge to take on the go as well. Leave this one at home where it can safely be hidden from prying eyes.
    • Ergonomic
    • Whimsical / artistic
    • Realistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Hot Metal Bunny is powered by three AA batteries. The bottom of the battery compartment simply twists off, revealing a white tray that houses the batteries. The plastic is clearly marked, making it simple to figure out which way to insert the batteries. Once the batteries are inserted, make sure to tightly screw it back on, especially if you're planning on having some fun in the tub.

Five buttons and six light indicators make up the front of the battery compartment. There is an up and down button that controls the rotation of the shaft, an up and down button that controls the intensity of the vibrations in the clitoral arm, and one button that reverses the direction of the rotation. There is no on button; you simply press the up button to the rotation, or the up button to the vibration, to turn it on. Above the rotation buttons are three light indicators. The first area lights up when you're on the lowest setting, the second on the middle setting, and the third for the highest setting. These same lights are displayed above the vibration buttons and work in the same way, indicating which level of vibration intensity you're on. The reverse button is in the middle and doesn't have a light indicator.

There are many different combinations when it comes to this toy. You can have only rotation, only vibration, or a mix of both, with varying speeds/intensities. The vibration intensities range from 2 vrooms to a high 3 vrooms, close to 4, but are very buzzy. Power queens won't find this toy to be highly pleasurable with the vibrations alone, but what it lacks in vibration, it makes up for in rotation. The three rotation speeds are simply low, medium, and high. Even on the highest setting it's not extremely fast, but it does produce great internal stimulation.

The location of the buttons make them very easy to press, even during use. They make a little click sound when pressed on, and the light indicators make it easy to know which setting you're on. When you're ready to turn the toy off, you simply click the down buttons until the power stops: simple as that.

The vibrations are felt strongest in the clitoral arm, since that's where they come from, but can lightly be felt through the shaft of the insertable portion. When the rotation is on by itself, there are no vibrations, and the rotation is only felt in the shaft. There is no movement to the clitoral arm when only using the rotation function.

The sound level is fairly modest. You can hear it from under the covers, but would have a difficult time hearing it through a closed door. Adding a little sound will eliminate any concern of someone else hearing you, so turn on a fan or TV and you're good to go.

The rabbit did very well when fully submerged in water. Not a drop leaked into the battery compartment, and the vibrations traveled just as well as they did outside of the water.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

TPE can be cleaned using antibacterial soap and warm water, or your favorite sex toy cleaner. This material can't be disinfected, so sharing with a partner is highly discouraged. You could put a condom over the toy, but that's not going to help when it comes to the clitoral arm.

This material is compatible with water-based lubricants. Included with your toy is a sample of a water-based lube, called Lust, that is made in Germany. The sample you get contains 6 ml and comes in a little pouch with an easy to tear top. The back states that it's not suitable for use with latex condoms, so make sure you don't use this sample if you're planning on engaging in sex using condoms. The ingredients are: Aqua, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Hydroxypropyl Guar, Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, Methylisothiazolinone, and Citric Acid.

Storing this toy is a little difficult. It doesn't come with a storage pouch, and the box doesn't work well for long term storage. Using a gallon sized plastic Ziploc, or a large toy pouch, would work best for this one. You want to make sure you do store it in something, since the surface attracts some lint, and the material could become damaged. Never store directly against a toy of a similar material. They could have a poor reaction and cause surface damage to your toys.
    • Difficult to store
    • Easy to clean


Hot Metal Bunny comes in a thin cardboard box that's about as indiscreet as it gets! The top of the box displays the product name, and the front cover features a full size, full color image of the toy, and a topless blond female leaning forward with a seductive look on her face. The back of the box has the same two images, only they're reversed. The two sides have information in the toy that is displayed in eight different languages. The box is very flimsy, isn't very informative, and can be broken down and recycled.

Inside the box is a cardboard piece that is supposed to help keep the toy place, but nothing is directly around the toy to protect it. There is an informational paper and lubricant sample also included. The paperwork is folded up like an accordion and has information in several different languages, along with a diagram that shows you how to insert the batteries in any You2Toys product. The information is helpful, but doesn't answer all questions about the toy.

Because of the way this toy is packaged, it's best not to give it as a gift. The nude girl on the front and thin cardboard material are tacky, and they might cause someone to be quite embarrassed. It's best to give this gift in private, if desired.
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

There are a few small quality concerns with this toy that are rather frustrating. The metallic pink on the base of the toy is already coming off, and one of the beads inside of the toy also has the color missing from it. This is frustrating considering this is a new toy, not something that's been around for a while. Also, there's an area in the TPE that looks like it has a small cut in it, about 1/4" long. Considering the price of this item, it seems pretty cheaply made, and shouldn't have these quality issues coming straight from the box.


This was the first rabbit I've ever used that has a rotating shaft, so this was a totally new experience for me. When I first turned the toy on, I knew that the power was seriously lacking, but I pushed it out of my mind and gave this toy a fair shot. The rotating shaft was very stimulating, and I really enjoyed the way it felt. The vibrations were lacking but, because it was stimulating in other ways, it wasn't a huge deal. The rabbit connected with my clitoris (which is rather high) and, though it look a little longer than normal, I was able to orgasm using this toy.

If it had a little more power behind it, this would be an awesome toy for me. I can see someone who's more sensitive to vibrations really enjoying this one!
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