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The better sex synergy pleasure system

Oscillating massager by Sinclair Intimacy Institute

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The better sex synergy pleasure system? Uh...No. I SO don't think so!

I really wanted to like this toy. I really, REALLY wanted to like this toy. Maybe if I say that enough times, that will magically happen, but... somehow I don't think so. I'm not exactly sure what went wrong when they made this thing, but somebody was SERIOUSLY off their game...
Um... kudos to them for marketing. But I don't mean that in a nice way!
Ugh. I'm not going to waste the brain cells trying to reduce this to one sentence...
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I was so excited to get this assignment and I eagerly waited for it to arrive in the mail. I waited very patiently as it went through a night of charging, spent some time going through the nifty instruction pamphlet that it came with, but then it became apparent that what I thought was one of the primary perks of this toy, was quickly to become my number one beef.

This toy comes across as an EXPENSIVE and tasteful, medical sex aid, not a novelty sex toy. Everything from its packaging to its instructions and even its outward design is not meant to grab the attention of someone who is looking to spice things up and have some fun. It's meant to speak to those who have no experience with sex toys in general, but are in desperate need of assistance with achieving orgasm. It will speak to those who are a little put off at the sight and stigma of novelty toys, yet are having enough problems with reaching orgasm on their own that they are desperate to find something to assist in this endeavor.

I thought this was a great idea. I loved the tasteful, spa-looking packaging, the nifty bag, and the design of the toy and the heads. I was expecting a great performance from a toy that was so obviously high quality and designed to help women the world over find their personal state of bliss.

What I got was nothing less than a piece of crap, and a serious case of PISSED OFF.

This "pleasure system" comes across as something that will help a woman achieve orgasm that otherwise can't do so on her own. This is bull. I seriously doubt that even a woman with the most sensitive clitoris in the world is going to like this toy. Granted, I'm a power queen, but even I enjoy toys with a softer touch from time to time. Plus, even if I don't particularly like a certain toy, I can always write an unbiased review as I understand that all women are different, and I can quickly determine that what I don't like about a toy, someone else might love. That's why playing with different toys is always an eye opening experience because you never really know what the playtime is going to be like, as just because someone had one reaction, it doesn't mean that yours will be the same.

But this toy... this toy I wouldn't recommend to anyone, particularly someone who is having a difficult time having an orgasm! Which is this so called pleasure system's intended demographic.

If someone inexperienced with sex toys, who couldn't come on their own got this toy, thinking it would help them achieve orgasm, and then tried it and couldn't come... what do you think the resulting psychological affect is going to be? That person is automatically going to assume that there is something so wrong with them, that even an expensive toy can't help them.

I really wouldn't have had a problem with this toy if it wasn't just so obvious who they were trying to fool.
The power in this toy is just ridiculous. Yes, I know its not a vibrator, but the darn thing doesn't even barely oscillate! For something that is running off of C batteries, you would think you'd be getting something. But when I turned this toy on, I LITERALLY had to double check that it was even on! I thought maybe the problem was with the batteries (it does come with rechargeable c batteries, which is a plus) so I pulled them out and put in a fresh set. No difference. I was shocked. I could barely feel ANYTHING, even on the inside of my wrist.

Trying to keep an open mind, I spent a good hour with this toy and its interchangeable heads. All I got from the experience was some mild g-spot stimulation from inserting a couple of the heads that otherwise weren't doing anything to my clit. I couldn't get anywhere near achieving orgasm, or at the very least arousal. I at least got that much from my disastrous experience with a pocket rocket! :p This would have been an excellent g-spot stimulator if it had more power.

Then there is the problem with the heads. Granted, a couple of them are a bit weird looking (and much larger than they appear in their pic on this website) but to each their own. Some of them are a really nice concept and I could see really enjoying under different circumstances. But they are not only a pain in the ass to change out, but they kept falling apart! There's an inner ring inside the mount at the base of each attachment, and it was all too easy for that ring to separate from the attachment. I would then have to pry the ring off of the main unit and pop it back into the attachment. Someone else here mentioned the same issue in their review, so I know this wasn't just me having this issue.

Then there is, again, the issue with the power, only this time, in reference to the supposed levels. There are supposed to be five levels of power. What...a...load...of...crap!! There is only one level of power/speed and that is S.N.A.I.L. slow. There is no change regardless of how many times you fruitlessly hit that button. I've had more stimulation for being tickled with a feather!

Bottom line, if you are someone looking for a toy to assist you with achieving orgasm because you are experiencing some difficulty in that area, then honey, this toy is NOT going to be your new best friend. I would recommend the Golden Nugget, the Hitachi, or the Blueberry. All three of these toys not only have a SERIOUS cult following for a VERY good reason (and usually multiples of those! lol!) but they don't have such a ridiculous price tag attached to them. They are also not as quite as "adventurous" looking in case you aren't at the point of being okay with that yet. But if you are, then just go take a gander at some of the rabbits that are available in the same price range of this toy. Yeah, they look like something out of a cheesy, x-rated old Star Trek episode, but I guarantee you'll be happier for it!
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  • YvetteJeannine
    An enjoyable review! I can understand the frustration of seeing/experiencing a toy that makes it's claim to be the ultimate tool for un-orgasmable (a newly coined word women..I could only imagine how poorly a woman would feel if she regularly had terrible problems reaching orgasm/had not ever been able to orgasm to any other stimulation (human or otherwise), only to think "now THIS is juuust the THING!" Well, of COURSE she would try this, and if she couldn't climax, she would almost certainly reach the conclusion that the problem is...HERS......I would say the same thing if that were ME; "Oh..something is very wrong with ME!".

    Hopefully, women in that circumstance will read your review BEFORE opting to purchase this! Now...the Eroscilator...that baby is on MY wishlist!!
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