Waterproof gal pal chubby - realistic vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Tuesday

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The insertable, vibrating stress toy

Don't be dissuaded from the Waterproof Gal Pal Chubby by the generous dimensions for it listed on this site. Its only girthy near the base. This is a highly squeezable, easy to use toy with fairly deep, pleasing vibrations.
Deep vibrations, reasonably strong
not suitable for those with latex sensitivity, porous material
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The Waterproof Gal Pal Chubby is like a deep vibrator wrapped inside a stress ball. It will work well for those looking for a vibrator they can take into the shower/bath that can be thrust to your hearts content.

Material / Texture

The Chubby is made from latex. I had expected it to smell like rubber, but it actually only has a faint, fruity smell.

It appears to have a skinlike covering and very spongy squeezable material inside. It feels exactly like squeezable balls and toys sold, or given away at conferences, for stress relief.

Its so compressible that I don't believe it will be difficult for anyone to accommodate.

The surface of my Chubby is much smoother than what is pictured on this site. Mine doesn't have the pronounced ridges under the head or the bumps near the base. Even the head doesn't stand out at all from the shaft. I'm not sure if its been redesigned recently or whether there is variability from unit to unit.

Design / Shape / Size

This site lists its circumference as 6 1/4 inches, which may make users think twice about whether they can handle it. But its only that size near the base. The middle of it has a circumference of only 5 inches. I had wondered why other reviewers referred to a toy with such a beefy reported circumference as a moderately sized toy.

Even though it has a larger circumference than many women like near the base, this toy is quite suitable for beginners. Its so squeezable that nothing about it is difficult to handle, assuming you don't have a sensitivity to latex.

The vibrating part inside it only goes halfway up the toy. The top 3 or so inches is entirely composed of squeezable, stress-toy-like construction.

The Chubby takes two AA batteries. When the cap is opened to insert them, there is no plus or minus indicator to guide you about how to insert the batteries. You'll have to try it one way then the other until it works.

There is no O-ring, but it states that it is waterproof. I did test it, letting it run in a sink of water for awhile where it floated on the surface. No water seeped inside during this test.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Chubby is controlled with a dial at the base. Rotate the dial and it begins vibrating and moves through steadily increasing vibration strengths. Its easy to adjust the dial, even as you're using it.

The vibrations are actually surprisingly deep and of moderate strength. They are however dampened a bit by all the squishy material around the motor. I require deep vibrations. The Chubby's vibrations are deep enough for me. They are also deep enough that when its swimming in a sink of water, droplets of water continuously fly out from its sides. Only the deepest of vibrators do that.

Other reviewers gave this 5 vrooms. That was my interest in this toy. An inexpensive toy that multiple reviewers rated as 5 vrooms? I must investigate. But I believe they were responding to how deep the vibrations are. Its actually about 3.5 or maybe 4 vrooms, but has pleasingly deep vibrations.

I'm not sure that this toy will last through the years. I doubt its stress ball construction holds up well with use and time. But for the price its a good value.

Care and Maintenance

Latex is a porous material with a safety rating of only 4. Make sure you clean it thoroughly after use with soap and water.

Its not safe to share this toy with others. It may not be possible to keep it bacteria free due to its high porosity. If you do want to share this toy, put a condom over it.

Any lubes that aren't oil based are ok to use with this product.


The Waterproof Gal Pal Chubby isn't the most quiet toy. It makes a moderate amount of noise. But for some reason the sound it makes bothers me. It sounds like leaf blowers. If its on in the same room you're in and you close your eyes you will easily be able to visualize someone using a leaf blower outside your window. This is probably not imagery that will help you in any way. Maybe you can imagine a bare-chested, muscular leaf blower.

I was surprised at how well this toy works. Even though the vibrations are dampened by the soft, squishy outer covering and the vibrating motor only extends halfway up the unit, its still fairly easy to be successful with the Chubby.

You can thrust vigorously with the Chubby. Your cervix won't be bothered by the soft feel of Chubby's tip. It will give you nice A-spot stimulation (the area around your cervix) while its vibrations work their magic on your G-spot.

One issue with it is that when its wet there is no handle or anything else to grip. It can be a challenge to maintain your hold on it.

The Chubby is not a bad choice for those not bothered by latex.
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