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G-spot rabbit vibrator by Vibratex

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The Little Rabbit That Could

This is the perfect starter rabbit as long as it fits your anatomy. Like all rabbits, each will fit differently. I couldn't stop the rotations with my PC muscles or my hands so this will keep going if you want to clench down on it. The flimsy attachment wanted to go all over the place so I had to do a little work to keep it where I wanted it but other than that I was really happy with this as a rotating rabbit.
Soft material
Could not stop rotations with PC muscles
Fit anatomy
Smaller size than other rabbit
Controls easy to hit during use
Flimsy attachment goes everywhere during use
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Thumbelina is a rabbit vibrator that rotates at the shaft and vibrates from the clitoral extension. It's a dual stimulator, meaning you won't have to reach for two vibrator to get the job done. The shaft is rotating only so it won't be for those that like internal vibrations. Thumbelina is meant for vaginal play and not anal play as there is no flared base.

You can use Thumbelina alone or with a partner. She's great for solo sessions when you're feeling a little lazy since she rotates. You can pretty much just stick her in and let her do all the work. Instead of having to do all the thrusting and rotating yourself, Thumbelina will take care of it for you. Thumbelina will do the same if your partner isn't in the mood for doing a lot of thrusting and rotating during foreplay. Thumbelina can be thrusted during use, but this will move the clitoral stimulator away from its desired position.

Material / Texture

Thumbelina is made of Elastomer which puts it at a 7 on the saftey scale. Elastomer is a soft, squishy material with a good amount of give to it. It's not quite as squishy as jelly but it's a lot safer. It is not as safe as a material such a silicone as it cannot be boiled to make sure to use condoms if you intend to share.

I'm a big fan of squishy materials. I like the give that they have to them because I'm very sensitive and materials that are too hard tend to hurt. I like the feel of jelly but don't like how it burns up my insides, so Elastomer, a safer alternative, was a nice choice for me. There is a hard center to it so that it's not completely flaccid nor could you bend it in half. It has just the right amount of softness where it won't hurt internally but maintains its shape.

The only part that is very flexible is where the shaft meets the clitoral attachment. It can be rotated completely to the side. This can be very annoying during use as the clitoral attachment will go any which way it wants - not always on the clitoris. Sometimes it ends up nowhere near my vagina at all.

The material does have a distinct smell to it. It's not overwhelming to the point that it catches you off-guard when you open the package but it is noticeable from a few feet away from the nose. It mostly goes away after a few washes. It had a slightly odd taste to it when new but that also went away after washing.

Thumbelina features small bumps along the shaft and head and well as on the clitoral stimulator. These are meant to add some texture to the design. I can feel these slightly when running my hands along the shaft and are more pronounced on the clitoral extension. In use, I cannot feel the bumps on the shaft whatsoever. I can feel the bumps on the clitoral stimulator to a lesser extent but it's really not all that much. I think the material is so soft that it squishes them down in use where they become virtually nonexistent.


Base and Clitoral Attachment

The texture is such that sensitive users such as myself and beginners should have no troubles using this. Those that love more pronounced textures and ridges probably won't like the bumps on Thumbelina. I do like texture, but my insides are very sensitive to certain textures and I had no issues with this since I couldn't really feel them. I do like added textures to clitoral stimulators though and I didn't find that the ones on Thumbelina really added a whole lot to the experience.

Design / Shape / Size

Thumbelina is on the smaller end of many of the rabbits I have run across. While her entire length is 8 inches, the length from where her clitoral attachment ends and the tip of the shaft is only 3 inches. The clitoral attachment is 2 inches in length and 1 inch wide. The head of the shaft is 1 inch wide. The head from tip to end is 2 inches. From the end of the head to the clitoral attachment is 1.5 inches.

She does not quite fit in the palm of my hand due to the bulky operating device at her base, but if you look only at the vibrator itself she would. I usually use this to measure if something is going to be way to big for me so since the vibrating area wasn't going too far past my arm I was happy with the size of Thumbelina. Size queens will likely be disappointed. Beginners or those who like mid to small range vibrators like myself will likely be happy to find a not quite so intimidating rabbit.

Thumbelina is shaped in traditional phallic shape, head and all, with the traditional rabbit attachment. She looks very much like a sex toy and is not discreet. This is one for drawer or other types of storage if you don't want everyone up in your sex life. If you choose to travel with Thumbelina, make sure you remove the batteries as there is no lock feature.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Thumbelina's shaft rotates at the speed selected by the controller. The clitoral attachment provides external stimulation at the same time, controlled by a separate switch on the base. The base has two sliding controllers. The one to the left controls rotation, the one to the right controls the clitoral attachment. Slide up to increase speed or rotation. They're easy to slide which means easy to accidentally slide up or down during use since they are located exactly where you would hold the vibrator. I keep mine on high at all times and just held right below where I kept the settings to avoid this. If you wanted to keep it at a mid-level setting I think it would be near impossible not to mistakenly move the controls up or down.

The rotations are geared from the area where the shaft narrows which causes the head to rotate. I was unable to stop the rotation with my PC muscles or my hands though I could slow them down a little bit. They move from a slow-moderate to moderate level in speed. There's not a huge difference from the lowest to highest setting.

The vibrations of the clitoral attachment come from the center of the attachment and radiate upward. This means that you get less vibration to the tip than you do at the base. There's a flutter attachment to it but to be honest I couldn't feel any vibrations in the flutter attachment at all. The vibrations feel fairly strong on my hand but once put to use seem to diminish. Again, there's not much of a difference between the lowest and highest setting. It seems to go from a low end three to high end three on the vroom scale.

Oh my goodness, is this thing loud! I felt like I was doing heavy construction on my insides. Even on the lower settings all the rotations and vibrations were making a ton of very distracting noise. In fact, when typing this and retesting some of the settings the vibrator woke my son up two rooms over! Discreet on sound, this vibrator is not. I've never had a toy wake my son up before. I think it might not in his nighttime sleep, but during the day I can't see myself using this when he's napping because of how loud it is. Loses some points from me there because it renders it useless during one of my peak "me" times.

Thumbelina takes 4 AAA batteries, not included. These are out in from the bottom of the vibrator. I had a really hard time getting these in because there isn't anything that holds them in place so you have to hold them in place yourself while getting the others in or they just float. Kind of a pain but workable.

Thumbelina is not waterproof due to all the battery compartments and whatnot, so take care not to get her wet or bring her in the shower or tub.

Care and Maintenance

This vibrator attracts lint, hair, and anything else that might be floating around in your house like crazy. By the time I got her from the box to my room there were particles all over her including some random orange glitter looking thing I could not identify. Yuck. Wash before using, please.

As a non-waterproof toy, care must be taken to be sure that water does not get into the battery compartment during cleaning. I use a toy spray so I spray it down and then use a rag to dry it off. You could do the same with a damp cloth and soap. You could possibly run this under a very light running water if you were VERY careful, but I really wouldn't recommend this as you could ruin the toy if you did it wrong.

Elastomer is compatible with both silicone and water based lubes, so feel free to use whatever lube you may like.

You can store Thumbelina in the box in which she came. However the Elastomer seems to want to stick to the box and I feel like the clitoral attachment wants to rip off when I take her out of the box. I'm using it as temporary storage until I order a pouch for her. You might want to order one if you buy this.


This come in a clear box labeled "Thumbelina" stating "the action packed little fairy tale" on the front." The side gives some specifics about the material and use of the vibrator and where it is made. The inside of the wrapping give a little bit of instruction but they're more general vibrator instruction that specific to this particular one.

The packaging is nothing spectacular. It's average toy packaging. It's not terrible, not fancy. As mentioned, it's not the best for storage because the Elastomer wants to stick to the plastic and I'm worried that at some point it will rip the clitoral attachment off.

Because it's totally clear it's not discreet at all. When opened, everyone will know it's a sex toy. If you need to be discreet, wait to open this until you are alone.

Personal comments

This was my very first rotating rabbit. I know, right? I have rabbit styles that don't rotate but none that do. I never bought any because I just started shopping online. At the stores near my house there were rows of rotating rabbits and no reviews. I got overwhelmed and when I get overwhelmed I tend to make the decision to not make a decision. I knew I didn't want jelly so that narrowed it down some but there weren't a lot of people there to tell me what was great and what wasn't. Then there's my major issue of disliking dual stimulators because they never seem to fit my anatomy right. So I just never bought one of these.

A little on anatomy. Like all rabbits, this one will be hit or miss. If it fits, I think it's a solid beginner rabbit. It doesn't have a lot of frills but it gets the job done. If it doesn't fit then it doesn't fit and you'll likely just end up frustrated. I have a mid to shorter length canal and a more prominent clitoral hood that is not super close to my opening but not too far either. So basically I need something that's not too large with a stimulator that isn't too far away. This one happened to do the trick. If your anatomy is similar to mine and you're just starting out with rotators, give this a shot. If you have a few rabbits that you love, I still think this is a worthy purchase for the price. I got this and a more expensive rotating rabbit at the same time and I like this one a thousand times better than the one that cost double the price of this one.

There are things I'd like to fix. The controls are a little loose and too easy to accidentally hit. The vibrations and rotation could be stronger. The biggest issue is how the clitoral attachment just goes wherever it feels like going all the time which was almost never my clit. That's got to be the worst flaw of this vibrator. I'd forgive the rest of the issues if the attachment would just stay in place.

I'm still going with four stars on this one. I like the material, even if it's not a 10 on the saftey scale. It feels good internally. Since it beat out the near $100 rabbit, it scores major points for that. I did orgasm from this even though it was only a level three vroom, although this required some work on my part and was mostly due to the rotations and not the too mild vibrations. I think this is a solid choice as a first rabbit and probably a good addition for rabbit collectors as well, given that it fits your anatomy (as with any rabbit).


The great thing and what I was looking most forward to about a rotating rabbit is that you get to stick it in and it does most of the work for you. No rotating and thrusting and a tired arm. In that area, my Thumbelina did exactly what it was supposed to do. It rotated around and I didn't have to rotate it myself and my arm was very happy with me. The downside, as mentioned, was that the silly little attachment went all over the place. How I ended up using this was holding the base of the vibrator as well as the base of the clitoral attachment to keep it in. This kept the clitoral attachment where I wanted and the vibrator where I wanted. I then moved the clitoral attachment as needed in circles or to different areas. The clitoral attachment was a little broader than what I normally prefer and a lot weaker in vibration so I had to really work with it to get the desired clitoral effect.

The rotations could have been faster but even at the speed they did the trick. It took longer than what I'm used to to cum, but when I did it was harder than I expected from a moderate level vibration/rotation rabbit to produce. Mind you, it wasn't crazy intense but it wasn't a mild mannered orgasm either.

I look at the experience a bit like I look at going out to dinner. It's always better when you don't have to do the cooking and cleaning. Yeah, I had to do the clitoral work because of the flimsy attachment but my wrist wasn't about to fall off when I was done. I think that had something to do with why my orgasm was more intense than originally expected - I wasn't exhausted trying to get there.
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