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The little vibe that could... sometimes.

If this toy were a food, it would be toast. Something you could not live without, is excellent when you're home "ill" from work, doesn't quite fill you up, but is lovely to start the day with, is great with Italian(s) and you always hear it when when it pops up.
Fabulous for foreplay and lovely in the morning.
The thing that keeps coming to mind is not coming.
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useful review
My review takes us back to the day my speed demon arrived in the mail. I opened the cute little package with one hand and dropped my new toy into the other. There were no real instructions and the packaging was minimal, just a clam shell and a paper insert with a little hole for the toy. I searched my car for an AA battery and was disappointed that not one was around. I really like that you only need one battery because this means you can switch an oldie into the TV remote for one of the new ones your hubby just put in there a week ago. At home and with battery in hand, I easily twisted off the cap from the main body of the toy. The texture was very smooth on the hands, but this was a smelly little devil. I was a little doubtful about the sharp plastic edges of the cap’s lip, but figured that once everything was locked and loaded it would be nice and flush.

With the battery in, I tried the sliding switch on the end of the cap. The first notch was a very slow, absolutely silent hum, which intrigued me since very few toys will maintain this level, especially with a speed dial. I ran the tip up my arms and over my neck, which I found gave me goose bumps right away! Normally I find vibes to be too tickley to use for all-over use, but this low buzz was just fantastic, and unlike anything I had felt before from any toy. Feeling optimistic, I turned the switch to the second level. The motor kicked it up a notch to what most people would expect as the lowest vibe level on most other toys. Yes, this was good… nice and steady with no sputters because a dial was twisted a little bit by accident. I tried inserting the toy vibrating at this level, and while the vibrations were good on the outside, I found that the hard shell dampened the vibes so the feeling inside was somewhat muted. This seems to be the case with most hard shelled toys, but because the vibrations were so low in this level I found it more noticeable. After feeling the range and trying the toy with and without water-based lube, I concluded that for a little more effort than a normally-sized toy, you too could hit the G-spot, but the length of the toy made it less versatile for my positions, because the length is shorter and the smooth cap is tricky to hold just be the tip. Upon inspection afterward, the groove between the cap and toy was filled with lube and such, so I had to take it apart to clean, making it a little trickier to do since there were distinct no-water zones.

The next day I tried out the highest setting, after the hubby and neighbors had head out to their 9-5s. Scrolling though the first and second setting, I wondered what was coming since the first two were very low vibration settings. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the answer was me. The highest setting was just enough to take me over the edge, however there was a cost. First, there was the noise. This little fellow is whisper quiet on the first two settings but the highest was definitely a rattler. Second, since I had been in the tub at the time of testing (O!) I found out the hard way that the coating does tend to be less powerful when submersed. My overall impressions of the toy are mixed, because while I think it is an excellent foreplay toy, being non-descript, small and quiet; I think that as a stand-alone toy it would not do the job most of the time. Now that I’ve had it for a while, the Speed Demon is actually my reading buddy when I’m having at a good erotic story and not wanting to fuss with a loud, or distracting toy. As a beginner's toy, I think the Speed Demon would be great, since it is very straightforward and not at all intimidating in size or shape. The cleaning is straightforward and easy to do, and the designers who made this a single AA battery toy should be kissed!
For optimal G-spot stimulation you have to sacrifice a little time to stretch your shoulders, ladies. The only way I found to effectively hit the G was to stretch my arm behind me and insert from behind the leg. This way you are not putting so much pressure on the toy and you can just go with the natural angles of your body.

Additionally, I found that this particular "skin-like" texture responds well to silicone-based lubes, but don't go overboard because it seems to clog the texture and becomes much less fun. [Editor's note: this toy is hard plastic.] As well, please note that using silicone lubes may require a different toy cleaner than the one your usually use, so check it out before you indulge!
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Interesting, I think hard plastic usually transmits vibration better than softer materials. This vibe looks to be hard plastic with velvetcote texture, is that true?
    Also, I'm not surprised it was hard to use for G-spot stim., since it's designed and billed as a traditional vibrator, not one for that specific function.
  • Epiphora
    Was it the battery rattling inside of it on the highest setting?
  • motleykimset
    Hi Wrangler - I thought so too, but it seems to me that the harder the material that the vibe is encased in the easier it is to dampen the vibes, especially at the lower frequencies. The texture you mentioned is not the exact texture, but similar. And for the g-spot info, I included that because the information of previous reviewers indicated that it could be used for g-spot stimulation and I want everyone to know the real deal of my own experiences.

    Hey Epi - no, I do not think it was the battery rattling around, it does seem to fit pretty snug in the slot. I think that there is just a fantastic echo inside the chambers within the toy that amplify the noise that the motor makes.
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