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6 Steps To Heaven

Rabbit vibrator by Fantasy toys

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The Purple Behemoth

6 Steps is a dual action vibrator that offers 75 different combination of rotating/vibrating/pulsating pleasure. Women who enjoy a sizable toy with lots of girth should find this one a good find. Although, the last 1/3rd of the shaft containing one row of three large hard beads may be a drawback for some.
Low noise factor, strong vibes and a slew of combined functions.
Large/girthy/less than safe material compounds/little on the heavy side
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The 6 Steps to Heaven is a dual-action multi-function rabbit vibrator. Designed for the user to stimulate the clitoral, outer and inner labia and the ever famous G-Spot. The toy is fun for both solo use and with a partner. It is a toy of girth for those who prefer a thicker size. Per the manufacturer is "For Novelty Use Only".

Material / Texture

Per the material listing on EF, this toy is pure PVC. The material packaging does not have any information whatsoever as to what the toy is made of. Out of the box, the toy did not have a overwhelmingly odor to it. Stick your nose to the toy and lo and behold ….new shower curtain! Definitely PVC. Given a quick taste test…it also tastes just like it smells. We were VERY uneducated on PVC…our own fault for not educating ourselves prior to the use of this toy.

Our 1st session…yes…you guessed it was without the use of a condom. Although, we cannot verify the culprit, my wife became sick the day after our 1st session and was diagnosed with a UTI and Kidney infection as well as soreness inside. We cannot find any information that this toy does not contain phthalates which are harmful to consumers. (phthalates are common toxic additives to PVC which is a possible carcinogen and also detrimental to male sperm)

Please make use of a condom at all times with this toy. If you do not like the use of condoms, we recommend that you do not purchase this toy. The packaging label does state that "No Medical Claims are warranted or implied by the use of this product"...hmmmm.

Design / Shape / Size

The texture of the toy is pretty firm, although by squeezing the tip/shaft it is somewhat pliable and returns to its original form immediately. The insertable portion of the toy resembles a phallus/penis for those that enjoy this type of design. Below the crown of head, it has two (2) small raised ridges circling the entire circumference that simulate a pulled back foreskin. These ridges are fixed/molded into the toy and not movable. The shaft contains raised simulated veins that look like tree branches which my wife could not feel very much at all. The actual shape of the toy was fine with us and served its purpose of a phallus remake.

The rotating bead section contains three (3) very hard and solid plastic beads. The width of each bead in approximately ½”. The outer sheath of this section is quite thin and very pliable. It contains six (6) raised ridges and thirty (30) small raised bumps.

The rabbit section is pretty big, from the tip of his ears to his butt is 4 ¼”L. His ears are very soft and pliable and 1” in length.

Size: The actual head of the toy measures 1 ¼” L x slightly graduated to max. girth of 4 ½”. The head and shaft combined before the beginning of the bead section is 3 ¼” L x 5 1/8” circumference. The width of the shaft is 1 ¾”. The beaded section is 1 ½” L x 6” in circumference. The width a little over 1 ¾”. Total insertable length is 5”. Although another inch of the toy is left before meeting the point where the rabbit device is attached, if fully inserted, this could possibly cause some pinching do to the rigidity of how the rabbit is attached. The actual size of this toy was determined too large for my wife due to her anatomy. She did experience some slight discomfort inserting the toy and the beaded section remained on her outer labia only.

This toy as your 1st rabbit? Probably not recommended. We suggest starting out with a smaller rabbit and then graduating up if you so desire. This toy is recommended for those, in our opinion, who want a very full feeling.
Overall length from tip to bottom of the control base is 10 ¼”L. Not a very discreet toy and I would most likely leave this one at home for travel abroad.

Weight of the toy is a bit hefty, we weighed it on our mail scale and it topped out at 1lb. 1.5oz, this is with the 4AA batteries installed. The battery compartment is sleek and slides into the base of the toy. It also has a lock to keep from unintentional opening during use. The lock did stick a few times and was hard to open.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Functions: The label in the box reads, “Ultimate High-Spec Rabbit – 5 Speeds for Shaft Rotation – 5 Speeds for the Rabbit Stim, each with 3 Functions: Total 75 Functions” We haven't calculated them but are sure that if you try each rotation speed/function and vibe control settings, it could come close to that. All functions are controlled on the base with three (3) buttons labeled as F1/F2/F3

Shaft Rotation has three (3) functions… F1-full circular revolutions, F2-back & forth at one full revolution each before automatically reversing and F3 - a side to side ¼ revolution. All three (3) functions are capable of five (5) separate speeds. Speed is controlled by the “On/Off” button. Continually pressing the “On” button will increase the speed, while continually depressing the “Off” button will decrease the speed. There is one (1) set of “On/Off” buttons for shaft rotation and the rabbit. The F1 function is cool as it will automatically go through the full circle rev's clockwise for approx. 8 seconds and then reverse in counter-clockwise for another 8 seconds, then repeat. The gearing seams pretty high quality and does not bog down during use.

The rotating beads rotate in the same direction as the shaft on all (3) functions. Do the beads slow or bog down? We could not fully insert due to size, but holding in one's hand they do bog down somewhat but not enough to obscure their performance.

Vibrations are contained only within the rabbit, which is a rabbit form containing a single bullet vibe. Vibe functions are Steady/On-off at 1 second intervals/On-Off at a rapid ½ second intervals. Vibe has five (5) speed settings from a slow but good hum to a high “get your rocks off now”. Only a very, very slight vibe sensation came through the shaft at the rabbits highest speed setting….and that was with the shaft not rotating. If you looking for G-spot stimulation with vibes added to the G-spot, this toy won't provide it for you.

The settings she most enjoyed were full rotation and the rabbit set on high. The rotating beads felt good to her just on the outside of the labia. The beads felt too “hard” in material, possibly due to the very thin skin around them and too large in circumference for full insertion.

The controls are very easy to use “with” a partner. As a solo based use, her arms got tired quickly due to the weight of the toy and not being able to “see” the actual controls. For solo use, you'll need to memorize where these buttons are located and for which function should you find that a specific series of functions bring you to your best orgasm.

This toy is not bendable, so the first session was with her controlling the toy. The size of the toy restricted her to holding the toy at a downward 45° angle, hence placing the rotating head of the toy below her G-spot without much pressure. Also holding the toy at this angle incurred the soreness of her forearms due to holding the entire weight of the control base upward.

The entire toy seems to be waterproof with the exception of the control base, there is not an O-ring encasing the battery compartment. So, we don't suggest immersing this toy in the tub.

The toy also has a pretty cool light show from within the bead section. It has (2) red and (2) blue LED's that flash and rotate in function with the toy.

Noise Factor: We were pretty impressed with the rotational noise level. Not too loud to overcome your concentration but could possibly be heard through a closed door. It does get slightly louder a certain angles. Vibe noise is about the standard for a bullet but somewhat deadened due to the PVC covering.

Care and Maintenance

Care: With number one in mind…that being ‘You”, always use a condom while using this toy as mentioned previously. Care for the toy…clean warm/hot water with an antibacterial soap and dry or by the use of a sex toy cleaner. The packaging came with no directions whatsoever on its use or care for the toy. We used a water based lube although a silicone based lubricant is ok to use.


The packaging is a molded plastic container suitable for storing and is how we have it stored. No instructions at all! It came without 4 AA batteries, so have some on hand prior to your toy arriving.

Personal comments

Although the toy is designed for vaginal use, it could be used anally if one so desires.


Our 1st session proved that this toy is better used with a partner as described for the reasons above. Our 2nd and 3rd session was controlled by me. This allowed me to control the toy for her and she instructed me on what functions and speeds she wanted and was ready for. By my controlling the toy, this also allowed me to place the toy at a lowered 45° angle, (in which she could never accomplish on her own due length of toy vs. length of arms). This provided a much better G-spot stimulation for her. I was also able to direct the rabbit ears to more controlled and applicable positions in and on her clitoral region. With her preferred rotation function, speed set, I slipped one of the rabbit ears “under” her clitoral hood. Within moments, she had a squirting orgasm. This has only happened once before in our sexual play....so...that was a good thing! (But I made her sleep in the wet spot) ;o)

Overall, we will give this toy a 3-3.5 star rating. This is due to the overall size of the toy in relation to solo use, the beads being way too hard and the rabbit device a little difficult to control in placement during solo use. Also, due to the fact that the toy is not made with safe materials.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • 2BudZ
    Thank you all so very much for the supportive comments! We tried out the toy several times over a few weeks and wanted to make sure we could accuratley describe the toy effectively for everyone. Put alot of time into the review. Meh, makes you wonder where the "Somewhat Useful" vote fits in from somebody...oh well.

    @Sammi: Thank you and she has since fully recovered from it.
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