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Cupid's rocker rabbit

Rabbit vibrator by Mantric

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The Rocker Rabbit Will Rock You Hard

Final verdict: it is not silicone and it is made in China, but it’s not exactly another cheap rabbit knock-off because it features an exceptionally strong and much-appreciated twisting action at the tip in addition to rotating pearls in the shaft and a vibrating clit stimulator. Many or most rabbit vibes lose rotational power when both features are on full blast, but this one goes strong!
Power of vibrations and rotations
All functions can be used at the same time on max
It's not silicone and can't be sterilized
It's not the most well-made toy
Rating by reviewer:
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As I was releasing the Cupid’s Club Rocker Rabbit from its plastic prison, I noticed that the insert touted it as a “mega powerful rabbit vibrator,” but I was skeptical about this claim until I actually powered it up and went at it. The cheap, unimaginative packaging led me to believe this was yet another semi-crappy rabbit knock-off so I paid extra close attention to the scanty information given in the insert. Cupid’s Club is a U.K.-based company that claims it hand picks “goodies for grown ups that make love lives livelier.” The insert gives cleaning advice (use an antibacterial cleanser and a warm, damp cloth) and medical cautions (e.g. “do not use on swollen, inflamed areas”—although I don’t think this exactly applies in all cases of swollen (read: aroused) areas! Apparently, Cupid’s Club “beaver(s) away around the clock to bring you the very best toys” they can find, and if you’re not satisfied, you can e-mail them at I haven’t tested it out, but I do hope that this applies to U.S. customers as well.

Despite all of the nods to customer service, I didn’t initially have very high hopes for its quality because it’s made in China, comes in crappy packaging, and exhibits at least one of the tell-tale traits of cheap toys: a seam running down the shaft where the two halves were fused together. The seam is completely non-irritating though, as the hard plastic interior of this toy is encased in some of the softest, squishiest jelly I’ve ever felt. People who are into VixSkin et al. might really appreciate the softness, even though it’s not a very high-quality material. The insert claims its “skin-friendly,” and, although the packaging does not explicitly list materials, other websites selling this same item claim it’s “pthalates-free.” Unfortunately, we have no way of absolutely verifying that. It definitely does not have a strong odor, but it’s also definitely not silicone or sterilizeable. The material is a very stretchy and it’s transparent with a reddish tint.

Two scroll bars control the speed of the clitoral stimulator’s vibration and two push-in buttons turn it on/off and change the directions of the rotating shaft. The clit vibe is consists of an actuall thick bullet vibe attached to the base, and it's as strong as a decent bullet vibe too!

One feature that the insert does not specifically advertise, but which is not found in all rabbit vibrators is that while twelve sizeable balls rotate along the inside of the shaft, the tip also moves in circles. Some cheap rabbit vibes, like the Ghost vibrator I recently reviewed, feature only the rotating movement and no pearls in the shaft.

But, hand’s down, the best feature on this vibrator is its POWER. I used rechargeable batteries in it, but it was definitely the most powerful rabbit vibe|Cupid's rocker rabbit I’ve ever used. With other rabbit vibes, I find that the strong clenching of my vaginal walls makes the rotating function stop or slow down considerably when the clit vibe is on full force. The rotations on this baby, however, do not quit even when both features are on full blast, the batteries are not fresh, and my pussy is clamped down on it! Now that’s worth quite a lot in my book.
It’s a wonderful masturbation tool, and the stimulations from multiple sources effortlessly turns me on, gets me going, and takes me home without any undue muscle-straining. I do, however, feel squeamish about using it without a condom because it's not silicone. And, in order to avoid all skin contact with it surface, you have to slip another condom on the clit stimulator too, which feels like a waste of condoms and a slight pain in the ass. It seems like no single toy has all the features I want: the Mary Mermaid is silicone but too low on the power; the Rocker packs a great punch, but is made of jelly/TPR/mystery material. Ah well, there are worse things in life.
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  • Epiphora
    Woo! You can clamp on it!
  • Oggins
    Dang! I hate mystery material too! I hate that! I'm glad to hear it has so much power though. If the mystery ever gets solved, I might have to give this a try. Thanks for the review! =)
  • Safo Garcia
    You know, I wrote the review before the price was listed, and I must say, the price is right at $39.99. Other rabbit mystery material vibes sell for over $70.
  • Backseat Boohoo
    I'm debating what under $50 rabbit/dual to buy and review, and I'm definitely adding this to my list. The fact that it has good pearls AND rotation is amazing!
  • Safo Garcia
    You know, I was curious about how many 100% body-safe rabbit vibes were out there. It turns out that there are different versions of the Mary Mermaid by well-respected German Company Fun Factory, and they're all probably just different sleeves on the same motor because everyone seems disappointed by the power. So, there's only *one* other alternative: the Rosebud, which is the *only other rabbit-style vibe* that's 1. made of silicone and 2. provides both vibrating and 3. rotation.

    I've never tried the Rosebud myself, but I'd like to.

    But the important thing to remember is that, while some materials may be a little safer than others, there's only one 100% body-safe and sterilizeable vibe out there that might be as powerful as the Cupid and other rabbit vibes. And I just don't see the point in spending more than $45 on a mystery material toy, so I wouldn't bother with any of the surprisingly large number of non-slicone rabbit vibes priced over $75. And if you want ot spend more, try the Rosebud for around $80.
  • LittleBird
    Great review!
  • jeangel246
    Thanks for the review
  • damnbul12
    Thanks for the review
  • lzee
    Thank you so much for reviewing!
  • LavenderSkies
    Great review, thank you!
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