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The sexiest toy to penetrate my USB port.

Small, cute, and prepared to please you without the help of batteries, this USB vibrator is a surprisingly efficient toy. It won't take pride of place in your toy box, but it's a unique little gadget even seasoned toy lovers will enjoy.
Powerful, doesn't use batteries, small, pretty quiet.
Not built to last, too intense for some.
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I bough this vibrator many eons ago from another toy store when it was on sale for a measly $5. I was excited by the idea of a battery-free toy that I could use while watching internet porn, and the price was certainly right. It's been a while now, and while this toy does frazz out a bit in its old age, it is still one of my absolute favorites.

The toy arrives in a cardboard box. The box is decorated with a picture of the toy, as well as bright red letters that call this toy a "arouser." (Call it whatever fancy name you want, buddy, it's still going in my crotch.) The toy itself is separated in to four pieces--the USB cord, the control pack, the finger attachment, and the actual cover--and each piece is nestled in a bubblewrap pocket.

The toy itself is purple plastic with a black cord and a clear cord. The black cord plugs in to the USB port, then hooks in to the battery pack; the clear cord connects the finger attachment to the battery pack. The cords are pretty long, and I was able to stretch the whole toy from my computer to my bed roughly 4 feet away. The battery pack and finger attachment are about the same size from length to tip; I'd guess that they are about 2 inches long. The rippled, translucent rubber cover goes over the finger attachment and makes the vibrations slightly less intense, so if you want a stronger vibration, don't put the rubber cover on. Also, the finger attachment has a hard plastic loop you can put your finger through so that the toy stays put while you masturbate, but if you find it uncomfortable, you can just hold the toy.

The battery pack has a slider that allows you to choose between "high" and "low" speed, as well as the obvious "off" option. A little red light on the battery pack lights up when the toy is on.

This vibrator is surprisingly powerful! I usually use only the low speed while I watch porn on my computer, and I get off every time. I can only use the high speed for a few minutes before I start going numb. As previously mentioned, the vibrations are even more powerful without the rubber covering, so I don't think this toy would appeal to more sensitive users. Also, because the finger attachment is so small and the rubber cover is removable, I can't recommend it for any sort of penetration.

In terms of sound, this "computer powered arouser" is also relatively quiet. It's not silent, but it only emits a high-pitched buzzing noise that is easily muffled with a pillow. The sound is even softer when the toy is being pressed against something.

There is a major downside to this toy, however, and that is that--in typical California Exotics fashion--this vibrator isn't built to last. After using this toy once or twice a week for about two months, I noticed that the rubber covering up the wires was chipping off; soon after that, I realized that the wires themselves were separating. A bit of tape fixed the problem, but I use the toy much less now, and I plan on retiring it soon for the safety of my lady parts. Also, this vibe has begun to stall a little, and sometimes it will only turn on at "high speed." Usually, unplugging the toy, waiting a few moments, then plugging it back in will fix the problem, but still, it's an obvious sign that this isn't a top quality vibrator.

Quality issues aside, I got this toy at a ridiculously low price, and even when I have to fuss with it every once in a while, it always gets me off. Hopefully a toy company will come out with a revamped version of this vibrator that features a wider variety of intensities and more resilient wires.
It seems odd for me to rate this toy so highly when I just ripped California Exotics' Vibro Wings a new one; however, this USB vibrator didn't start to break down until after I'd used it a good bit, and it still works very well, while the same company's Vibro Wings butterfly vibe broke on me the first time I used them and are as touchy as they come.

This is, as previously mentioned, a surprisingly strong toy. My one friend has a very sensitive clitoris, and she shuddered with fear when she felt the low speed on her forearm and nose. However, I think less sensitive women will enjoy it as a cheap companion to Internet porn.

If you want to make cleaning easier and aren't afraid of the more powerful vibrations, try using this toy without the rubber cover. Hard plastic isn't as porous as rubber and is much easier to clean.

You could probably use this toy for partner play if you were careful with the wire and had sex near your computer, but I always worried about yanking the wire out during sex, so I never tried.
Follow-up commentary
Alas, for my beloved USB vibrator has finally died! Considering it cost me a mere $5, and got me off consistently for roughly half a year, I have to admit that I'm pleased with my purchase. Hopefully they'll come out with a sturdier and more advanced USB vibrator (besides Lelo's Mia) in the years to come.
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  • Dame Demi
    Nice review of what seems to be a very interesting toy! I wasn't even aware this one existed, but may have to give it a look now!
  • Liz2
    Enjoyed your review! I never saw this one either but fills a need for Internet porn viewing. Too bad California Exotic has great ideas but their products don't last but who can complain for $5.00?
  • Backseat Boohoo
    DD: There's another more expensive version that apparently has extra features, but I haven't tried it yet.

    Liz: Even for $20, I really wouldn't complain. This toy has had a long life, and despite a few frazzes, it still works well.
  • Naughty Student
    Wow, I totally agree about the perfect side dish to internet porn!
    Nice review!
  • Michelle Conner
    nice review
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