Micro G opulent massager - g-spot vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Cezium

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They really do mean micro.

I wasn't overly impressed with the Micro G Opulent Massager. It's definitely cheaply made and not all that powerful. However, if you're looking for an inexpensive, not-too-strong G-spot stimulator, it isn't too bad of a toy, especially if you prefer thinner toys. While I wasn't able to get an orgasm just using this toy, paired with clitoral stimulation it wasn't too bad. It's simple, it's nonthreatening, but in the end it just doesn't stand out.
Quiet, pocket-sized and curved to touch your G-spot.
Low vibrations, too thin, and it's made from a cheap material with an odd smell.
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Micro G Opulent Massager is pretty straightforward: it is a g-spot stimulator, so it made entirely for internal use. The best way I've found to use it is to insert and rock the vibrator up and down like a see-saw so the curved tip of the toy meets your g-spot. Inserting it in and out like a straight vibrator or dildo is a bad idea because the tip does curve upwards and could potentially hurt you if used roughly.

Material / Texture

The Micro G is made from smooth plastic with a shimmery, opalescent coating. The coating on mine was a little uneven and almost seemed to have worn down in places, which left me a little concerned with the safety of the material. The last thing I want is shimmery plastic chipping off inside of my vagina. Since it is such a small vibrator, I can't use a condom over it so I've made sure to wash it well after each use.

The smooth plastic is a little unexciting, but the purpose of the toy is stimulating the g-spot with vibrations so I can understand it being really simple and inexpensive. The smell the plastic gives off, however, it pretty awful. It's gotten better since I first got the toy, but it still has a really sharp plastic smell that is unpleasant.

Design / Shape / Size

The design is pretty standard for a lower-grade g-Spot stimulator: it is small, about three inches long, and has a tip that curves up to hit your g-spot. The length is appropriate, and since the toy is so small it is very easy to hide. It's pocket-sized! You can easily slip it into your purse, though watch out: it turns on by twisting the bottom, so if that somehow happens by accident you could have an embarrassing moment. It is, however, better than a vibrator which turns on with a button.

I wish the vibrator had been thicker, ideally; it is really too thin to do much other than stimulate your G-spot, and even then sometimes the tip just did not do it for me. I think if the toy had been wider it would have been much more effective.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy is very simple and easy to operate. There is a plastic knob at the end of the toy which you just turn right to turn it on. The farther you turn it, the more it vibrates. The vibration comes from just below the curve at the tip of the toy and travels up to the end but doesn't quite make it down to the knob end. Even at its strongest I'd give this product just two vrooms -- it doesn't get very powerful. I would have been happier with more vibration to be sure. While it's loud enough to be heard through a blanket, you definitely would not be able to hear it through a door.

Care and Maintenance

Because the toy is made from a pretty cheap material you're going to want to be sure to wash it well. It's plastic and phthalates free, so you can just wash it down with some antibacterial soap and water or toy cleaner, though the soap and water approach will probably be easier for you because of it's size. I've just been using that. I don't see a problem with using either water or silicone based lubes if you really need them, just remember that it's short, so use lube sparingly - you don't want to get it into the cracks around the plastic knob at the end of the toy. I store it in a little plastic baggie in my toy drawer to keep it from getting scratched up or dirty.


The most disappointing aspect of this toy was its inability to bring me to orgasm on its own. I was only able to make it over the edge without pairing it with clitoral stimulation as well. The vibrations were just not powerful enough for me.
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