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This Diva Is Quite The Tease...

Sensitive vaginas and clits of steel! Come forth! I have your toy! The rotating head does feel nice, and the clit stimulator, aside from having the awesomeness of not being an animal of any kind, should do something for even the pickiest of power queens out there.
Very strong vibrations, Beads won't jam
Vibrations might be too strong for some, TPR shaft started peeling away from the base
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If you have a sensitive vagina and like things spinning inside of it, then sit back, and prepare yourself for this bad girl. The head does provide a pretty wide circle of spinning, and the 4 rows of synchronized beads are nice if you can feel them. The clit stimulator will wow you and quite possibly buzz your clit right off.

Material / Texture

The shaft and clitoral stimulator of the Diva is made of TPR, making her hypoallergenic and free of latex and phthalates. She's pretty soft and squishy, right up until her hardware, which obviously has no real give to it. There is some detailing in the shaft such as veins and a pronounced head, but because the material is so soft, it's not all that noticeable. The Diva is also pleasantly scent free. She's got some drag to her, and a feeling almost reminiscent of gummy, but not in a gross way.

Design / Shape / Size

The Diva is quite a handful, coming in at just under 10" in total length, however she's still pretty easy to wield with just one hand. You can insert up to 5 inches of her shaft and just about everybody will be pleased with her girth. She's somewhere right in the middle of the spectrum with her circumference of 4 3/4", being just right for most vaginae.

The shaft does feature some detailed veining that will unfortunately be lost on all but the most sensitive of vaginas. It also features 4 rows of spinning beads that aren't free floating, they are actually attached to the mechanism that spins them, so you won't have to worry about them jamming as easily. The head also rotates as well, giving you a swirling motion that looks like it would be felt very well, but doesn't deliver quite as promised.

The clitoral stimulator, is not a dolphin. Or a bunny rabbit. Or any other kind of animal. Ok, so it does kinda look like an oyster shell sticking out its tongue, but it's not really creepy in any way. It'll easily bend down to meet your anatomy if you want it to.

There is definitely no mistaking what the Diva's purpose in life is, so keep her tucked away if you don't want anybody to know about her.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Let's start with how to run it. First pop 3 AA batteries into the little case for them, then slide them back in to the base. Then decide whether you want vibration, rotation, or both. You can run them both at the same time, and I was surprised to find that neither's power level seemed to be affected by the other.

If you want vibration, just start pressing the top button (it's labeled though, so no worries about remembering). There are 7 different modes, and they're all really strong. The first one will be plenty for most clits, and almost too much for sensitive ones. Level 2 is another solid vibration, even stronger than level one. Level 3 is even higher pitched, although feels only marginally stronger. I also noted that while levels 1 and 2 seemed to have some 'residual' vibrations in the base of the shaft, level 3 is exclusively located in the bullet. Level 4 is a roller coaster that travels through a few of the previous vibration levels, stops, then repeats itself. Level 5 is a fast pulsing somewhere between level 1 and 2. Level 6 the company calls "stair stepper". It's like 1 longer beat with 4 longer ones behind it, something like daaaa dadadada. And level 7 is an even stronger steady vibration. It will definitely be enough to satisfy most power queens out there. Unfortunately, the only way to turn it off (short of yanking the batteries) is to cycle through all of the vibration modes. They're all definitely on the higher pitched whiney side of vibrations.

There are also 3 speeds of rotation as well. Those are controlled by the button on the bottom and are all almost indistinguishable from one another aside from the noise level. With each click, the beads on the shaft spin faster, and the head cycles a little faster as well, however in the vagina, it's barely a noticeable difference. If you have strong kegel muscles, you will be able to completely stop it from rotating as well. I didn't really have any problems with that during my own climaxes, but I was able to almost completely stop it with just my vaginal muscles. I felt pretty strong.

Being in a nice medium size range, the Diva is easy to thrust as well, although the rotating head might catch on the way back in if you pull out too far.

The Diva claims to be waterproof, and has made it through 1 round in the shower and one attempted submerging in the sink, however some of the TPR at the base of the shaft has started coming undone and makes me leery about any more attempted submersions. I'd still feel confident enough in the shower, but I wouldn't bring mine into a bathtub.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is fairly easy, wash with warm water and antibacterial soap, or your favorite toy cleaner. You could also wash it down with a 10% bleach solution, but that's not really necessary since the material is still a little bit porous and shouldn't be shared without a condom anyway.

You can safely use water and silicone based lubricants with the Diva as well. She can be easily stored in her original box, but otherwise I'd find a pouch for her. She's not exactly a lint magnet, but picking up random particles can definitely cause the TPR to cloud much faster than it would have initially, so she shouldn't be left wandering sock drawers on her own.


Certainly not discreet by any means, but also pretty far from being really tacky as well. The front has a see through window displaying the toy, the back has an almost life size picture of the toy along with all its fun features. The side lists fun and exciting perks of the toy.

There was a little pamphlet, but it didn't seem specific to this toy. There were a few general care instructions.

The box is also made of a sturdy enough plastic that it can easily double as storage for a while.

Personal comments

While I didn't personally use it this way, so long as you use a condom and plenty of lube, there's nothing wrong with a little butt play involving the Diva.


I wanted so badly to be in love with this toy. The pictures seemed so cool, the description seemed so awesome, playing with it right out of the box got my juices flowing. Then I started playing and was, well, a little underwhelmed. This is my first toy with a rotating shaft, so I don't know if they're all this 'unnoticeable' or not, but while I could definitely feel the spinning of the head, it didn't really do anything for me. I could barely feel the beads, and the clit stimulator was so strong, even on the lowest setting, that I could barely use it either. So many great possibilities, and not much deliverance. I wouldn't recommend against this one, as it could just be my trapper keeper (stealing that from you, Blinker) that doesn't agree with it as much. It's still a pretty nice toy, and will definitely work for someone.
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