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Triple Orgasmic Delight!

While not the best quality egg on the market, this toy does deliver strong vibrations and interesting combinations. Well worth the inexpensive price tag, it’s a great one to add to your collection for solo playing and would be interesting to try with a partner too!
Great value! With strong vibes and endless possibilities this toy is fun to the third power!
Shoddy quality, scuffs easily, hard to clean and doubtful durability.
Rating by reviewer:
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When I first received the Triple Love Bullet|Triple love bullet I was trés excited. One of my favorite toys is my vibrating remote control egg (from my Venus Remote Controlled Butterfly); I love to use it in the shower for an easy, intense g-spot orgasm. This toy seemed like three times the orgasmic delight, and its many possibilities sent my imagination into overdrive.

The three plastic pink eggs are smooth and pleasant to touch, with no odor to speak of. The pink wires connect to a remote with a turn dial, and two switches on the side to control the second and third eggs. The controls are simple and straightforward, but it is unfortunate that the eggs must be turned on in order of largest to smallest. The dial controls intensity for all three, as well as turning on the big one.

Its construction is cheap, compared to my other egg… the wires, battery pack and dial all seem flimsy. I doubt this toy is built to last but for such a low price it remains a great value. My main concerns center around the wires, which are not sealed at the entrance to each egg. It’s definitely not waterproof and I worry it won’t be lube-proof either over time. These eggs aren’t easy to clean. My biggest fear though is that the egg will come loose from the cord while inside me… I have to tug pretty hard to retrieve the largest egg. Scary thought!

I was very pleased with the strong vibrations in the large egg, and found the vibration level in the other two eggs to be serviceable, if a bit less intense. The small one is perfect for use on nipples, but falls a little short in terms of clitoral orgasm on its own. I enjoyed the shape of the medium egg, which slid into me with graceful ease. This toy really does have a little bit of everything, and it provided a very long, pleasurable and intense series of orgasms.

The noise is pretty hard to miss, especially with all three turned on at once. Even with just the large egg on, you could hear it from inside me. Luckily I never worry with subtlety anyway!

I tried it out on a solo venture one afternoon. I did not use the toy anally, nor will I be. Among other reasons, I don’t think this toy is the most sanitary for any anal to vaginal use, even after being cleaned. Yet even not utilizing that angle of play, the toy has many mix and match possibilities. I haven’t yet tried this toy during couples sex, but I am looking forward to it!

Overall, if you want a high quality, silicone, waterproof egg that you can even take in public, opt to shell out more for the Venus Butterfly with removable egg. However, if you’d like to try something inexpensive and imaginative, go for this one! What it lacks in quality it makes up for in fun and innovation.
I found the best way (so far) to enjoy the toy is to start with the medium egg inside you and the large egg on your clitoris. Then work the large egg inside too and use the tiny egg on your nipples and clit. When you are ready for the big bang finish, bring the large egg back out and all you have to do is hold it on your now-swollen slippery clit. I nearly squirmed myself right off the bed in multi-orgasmic ecstasy.
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  • It's hard to tell what the setup of this toy is- three vibes that aren't detachable from the battery pack? How long are the cords on each?

    Also, it is plastic, so relatively non-porous, but you're right about not being safe for anal play!  
  • Oggins
    "it is unfortunate that the eggs must be turned on in order of largest to smallest."

    That would suck....thanks for the heads up!
  • That's correct, the eggs are permanently connected to the battery pack, and the cords aren't very long. The tiniest egg has a cord just long enough to reach my nipples, with the other eggs inserted, and I am 5'8. There is really just enough cord to hold the dial/battery pack in your hand during use. There is another review here by a couple that will give you a better idea about how it works when sharing. There is also a discussion about it in the forum.

    It's not whether the plastic is porous or not that concerns me regarding hygiene.  It's the connections of the wires to the eggs. There is plenty of space for water, lube, bodily fluids, and yep, germs to get inside the eggs. I would not risk either anal play or sharing the toy with a casual partner. In comparison, my silicone egg is wireless, but it does have a retrieval cord, and that is sealed. It's waterproof and much more sanitary. I wish they'd sealed these.

    Oggins, yes it is of concern if you like to build up can turn on the large egg and leave the dial set on low, but of course to use the tiny egg at all, the other two eggs must be on. As it is, it seems better suited to someone who likes to immediately set toys on high and just go... Like me!
  • Dame Demi
    As has been previously mentioned in comments, if you're worried about the wire of an egg coming detached when you pull it out, put the egg in a condom first, then just pull the condom out instead.  Even if it's not built to last, 3 eggs sounds pretty cool!
  • Helpful experience section, thanks!
  • Jimbo Jones
    That is a pretty weird control strategy, but I suppose one could get used to it. It probably wouldn't use up batteries as quickly if you could turn them on and off individually. Thanks for the review.
  • Nashville
    You can use the eggs for use during vaginal play if you put them inside of a condom first. Also, it's inadvisable to use them during anal or vaginal play anyway because pulling on the cord to retrieve them could break it and cause the bullet to be difficult to remove. I heard putting superglue over the holes that connect the cord to the bullet can help prevent anything yucky to get down inside of them.
  • Thanks for the comments, and thank you for the suggestion about the super glue...I will look for a non-toxic one to try. I did try the toy with a condom, my first outing with it actually. I tied off the condom with a little string to be *extra* sure I could retrieve it. I then tried it with no condom, and found that the condom significantly dampened the pleasure for me. Not only did it muffle the vibrations and feel yucky, but it didn't allow the two eggs enough room to vibrate against *each other* inside me. The g-spot sensations I got from the toy came from the eggs bouncing off one another and subsequently off the walls of my vagina. In my opinion that's what makes this toy interesting, having a two egg party inside me while a third egg is on my clit. I considered using a rubber glove, tied off, instead to give the eggs more room, and I might try that later. Thanks again for all the comments! :)
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