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Soft bullet

Bullet by Shaki Toys

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Unexpected Awesomesauce

The Shaki Soft Bullet is an ideal bullet for those who like strength and softness. The vibrations are strong and transmit thru the soft sleeve encasing the bullet well and allow you to press quite hard without discomfort!
Soft, squishy sleeve makes bullet ideal for applying pressure, strong, excellent patterns.
Gets a bit tacky, not waterproof, picks up dust, dirt and lint easily.
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Sometimes, awesomesauce appears in the most unexpected places. This squishy bullet is a perfect example of that.

I was shopping around EF, looking for something to add to my order to qualify for free shipping. I'd MUCH rather spend ten bucks on an extra toy than five on shipping, you know? So I'm cruising thru the clearance stuff and the Shaki Soft Bullet sort of leapt out at me. I remembered seeing it when it first came out and that it got sort of a crappy review. I reread the review, peered at the pictures for awhile and decided that I was going to go for it anyhow.

After all...
I rather like squishy, plushy toys and I could plug this one into a different control pack if I wanted to and, besides, the colors are just so summery and blue sky happy that I couldn't resist. I mean, it's less than ten bucks!

So I ordered. And I got it in a box with a bunch of other stuff. And it's just as happy looking in person as it is in the pictures with it's bright blue controller and soft white bullet. It's bright and happy and ever so snuggly squishy!

The control pack is pretty standard; a corded rectangular shape with an on/off switch that also changes between functions. It has a jack for the bullet to plug in to rather than a permanently connected wire and a little red light to let you know when it's on. A press to the on/off part of the switch (the bottom) turns the toy... um... on and off. A press to the upper part of the switch changes functions; from low, to medium to high, then on to three different pulsation patterns and finally back to high. I LOVE this since I tend to like to start on low, work my way up, play with some patterns and end on high. It's literally ideal for me. The little red light comes on when you turn the toy on, stays on steadily when you're using it on low, medium or high and blinks when you're using patterns.

The bullet itself is just a bit over an inch long. It's white plastic, connected with a sturdy wire that plugs in via the jack at the controller. It's a bland, standard looking bullet inside it's little cover but it's really quite strong. This is good because the TPR cover that goes over it is thick, gooshy, squishy, plushy, cloudlike goodness and the vibes transfer well thru it due to their strength.

I do have some issues with the TPR sleeve/cover. It picks up lint easily and shows every bit of it due to it's whiteness. It gets to looking dingy sort of fast. But it's really easy to clean by just removing it from the bullet and giving it a wash under warm water with some mild soap or toy cleaner. The control pack can be cleaned, if you need to, with a toy or baby wipe or a damp cloth of some sort.

The TPR cover also gets a bit gummy and tacky feeling, rather like cyberskin. I've not heard it recommended elsewhere to use corn starch on TPR but we do use it on cyberskin so I gave it a try and it worked well. No more tackiness!

The cover is crazy good feeling when in use. I like to use pressure on my clit as well as motion but very firm materials tend to hurt. This thing allows me to press to my hearts content without bruising my clit. It also dampens the vibes just a bit which allows me to use the bullet on high when normally, with a hard bullet, that's uncomfortable for me.

Because this is a TPR silicone blend, use only water based lubes with it if you want to keep your squishy sleeve in good condition. Don't share it without a condom and don't use it anally without one, either. You don't want to be tugging on the cord to remove it and have it break on you.

It's best suited for clitoral stimulation and that is where it excels. It's become my new best friend and I am definitely getting another while they're on sale -- since bullets tend to be notorious for shorted wires and not lasting super long.

I love that I can plug this in to other control packs - or plug other bullets into it! And that the removable TPR squishy thing can also be put on other bullets if this one croaks.

Noise level is average for a wired bullet; loud but not jackhammer loud.
The previous review on this mentions that it's not strong, that it's cord came unplugged easily and that it's difficult to use solo. I found none of those things to be true, in fact found it intensely strong, so I suspect quality control may be a bit off on this one or it may be a matter of personal take on toy strength.

I love it. You may or may not.

I was very, very, VERY pleasantly surprised by how much I like this, especially given it's cost.
Follow-up commentary
Unfortunately the actual bullet that came with this toy did not last very long. The wire crimped and shorted out within weeks. For me this was not a big deal since I have many jacked bullets I can plug into this remote and the marshmallowy sleeve fits on just about all of them.

I actually use it on all sort of bullets with all sort of controllers and am still quite in love with it. In fact, I intend to buy the larger one simply so I can use it to cover my larger bullets. I LOVE being able to apply pressure while still getting some give and softness out of a bullet so this is probably the best purchase I have made in a really long time.

And it was less than ten bucks.

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  • Sammi
    I got a control pack with another Shaki toy, and it is great to hook up to other toys. I love the colors on this one Smile
    Great review!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Good things in small packages ,eh? Interesting to know about the corn starch, too
  • Kayla
    The blue is so pretty. Thanks for a great review.
  • ......
    That's really cool that it was so adaptable! Great review!
  • Selective Sensualist
    I love the idea of the squishable sleeve. I'm not a huge fan of bullets, but this type of sleeve may convert me!
  • Fruity
    Thank you.
  • zracer
    great review
  • darkkitty
    Super review!
  • pinkzombie
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