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This was a simple and sleek design thats not confusing and straight forward. The intentions are obvious, the design lets the intended use to be well understood, its amazing at accomplishing the job, it works for both partners really well, it can be adapted for solo play with remarkable results and altogether was such a toy that it literally revolutionized my bedroom habits and became a much referenced, included, and sought after friend between me and my partner.
Pleasurable for both during. Intercourse
Doesnt get in the way
Requires being recharged
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First impression

I loved the texture of the smooth silicone. Although pink isn't my favorite color, this particular shade of hot fluorescent pink carried a sense of fierceness and fun that I feel matched the product exceptionally well; both in relation to the products' look, the toys' overall aesthetic presentation and effectually preceived feel reflective of the visual context, and the products' performance which contains components of specific capabilities of the product and more insightfully the culmination of the capabilities in regards to how well and how affectively the components are expressed and how those expressions add up together to create the experience that is the utilization of this toy.

In regards, although the color and shade lends support to the toys vibrant, bright, playful and overall flirty yet enticing and desirable "vibe" (PUN IN-iTs-END-ed), it has a darker hue which reflects the dangerously desirable darker depths this product contains. The simple and seeming innocuous presentation are just decoration masking the truly effective and jaw dropping capabilities this tiny toy has, so the seemingly minimalistic design may be sleek yet unassuming, straightforward, and without superfluous accents or cheap taudry falsely presented bell and whistle gimmicks, creates the facade of inferior yet approachable and lighthearted, whilst the performance and possibilities this vibe has truly deviate from the innocuous perception the toy first gives, so the juxtapose between the two is a spectrum with a range as far expanded as the human capacity for emotion

First Use

The first time I used it, it wasnt quite as recommended. Although this massager vibe is classified as a c type massager, therefore characteristically is intended for use between couples during intimacy (although capable of being used in foreplay, intentionally more focused on use during actual intercourse). As such. My first initial experience with the product would be considered uncharacteristic or untypical application of the product as I was introduced to it during a solo session. And boy was it seemingly as worthy and fantastical as it would of been had another been involved. The toy certainly filled the void of another individual by proving to have the oompah and finesse to earn its spot as a contender in the between thr dheets category. For work up and beginning , I used the toy in the intended manner, with it inserted vaginally so as 1 end was vibrating desirably against the clit whilst the other end was vibrating as adeptly internally wrestling against the wonderful g spot. Now i love vibrations. And intensity neevr had been an issue internally. But the first few times i used this toy i couldnt cycle through the more intense settings when it was placed as intended because the vibrations on the internal end where soo very strong i wasnt entirely capable of handling the massive magnitude of ecstacy this powerful compact toy delivered. Instead i chose a lower setting vibrational pattern and enjoyed heavily the sensations as each waivering quiver internally helped facilitate a higher plateaue of excitement for me to reach, skillfully building a waxing elevation of bliss until i was thoroughly invested and intoxicated with indescribable joy and decided a climax was inevitable and well built up to to attempt to direct that way. At this point, i removed the toy as the end thats intended for g spot stimulation is excessively more aggressive and adept, so i removed it from internal and intended g spot stimulation to instead focus it on clitoral stimulation. It was seconds later and far before i had intended ro expected i erupted in orgasm and the waves that went through my body were astounding and remarkable. This toy sure csn deliver.

Further Experience

After the initial use. I experimented with its intended use. It was sensationsl for both of us. And the partner i used it with quickly became as much of a fan of this product as i was. We literally call it by name, and have confused others when we jokingly refer to unity in front of others when its come up. Like babe. You made sure to grab unity for the trip, right? Not only is this open reference to our tantalizing secret fun and helpful for building the sexual energy, just referencing it overtly in front of people unbeknownst to them helps build the energy, but the amazing abilities this toy offers helped normalize usage and desire of sex toys in the bedroom for my partner and me which is an accomplishment i was without a doubt dependent on. This toy truly ranked high on both of our lists, and to find a toy that can deliver for both partners equally so well is a true miracle. We used unity together, as well as my solo session play, for quite a substantial amount of time for more encounters and occasions then i can count
Definitely worth the money, although ny solo use of her on my clit had me sprawling her out open for comfort which unfortunately ultimately caused a disconnection between the two ends so now she has to be held very specifically for the vibrations to pass through to both enss. But this restrictive functioning was a result of ny particular solo use sessions which did utilize her in a means she wasnt intended for, and completely ny fault and not reflective of the toys quality or durability.

Vibration Map

5 out of 5 for vibration intensity and 3 out of 5 for noise
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I love using the stronger end for clitoral stimulation to climax. But it was unequivocal for both for use as intended for sexual penetration. Either way , both cases i rate it 10 out of ten stars with an amazing and shuddering orgasm that was intense and heavy. And could easily and quickly be obtained, or artfully drawn out and slowly built up to. My partner says 19 out of 19 as well, and when he climaxed the vibrations and intensity of it was astonishing. Although they couldnt cause climax for him alone, the amount of bliss they reinforced ro stimulated themselves for him was phenomenal and truly worth it.
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