Thrusting rabbit vibrator

Unusual Name but It's Fantastic

My first thoughts were: It' so big! Then I touched the head and discovered it was cushy and soft. It's also a little fatter and longer than my other rabbit. So this will be used on weekends, holidays and special occasions. Who knows, maybe it's someone's birthday somewhere every weekend!
Soft cushy head, rotating beads in the shaft, 7 patterns of clit vibes
Collects dust like crazy
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First impression

No clue how they came up with the name, but it's super fantastic! Maybe the inventor's name was Kai or his GF?
This wonderful sex toy can vibrate your clit and rotate/ swirl and thrust in your vagina. A winning combination in my book. The specs said 1 1/2" diameter, but when I unboxed, it appeared bigger. I touched the head of the shaft and was happy it was so cushy. When I powered it on, I almost dropped it. The rotating thrusting shaft surprised me, and the clit vibe was so strong. I received this with the Viva XL. I charged both according to the instructions and left them by my nightstand. I love wands and intended to use the Viva that evening.

The control panel was very impressive. Very modern, waterproof, and the buttons protruded out. For some of my toys, it is hard to find the control buttons. Who wants to fondle and search for the on button? Turn on already!

Love the controls. Easy to use in the dark and under the blankets.

Kai. Viva XL. Pulsar
Big head Kai, Viva XL, Pulsar

First Use

My first use was unplanned. I was using my new Viva XL and got so overheated. I had to grab this to satisfy my urges. The Viva wand made me cum twice, but I wanted more. Good thing I charged both toys. I applied lubricant to the shaft and rushed it in. The thrusting shaft felt so good! Not like having hub's pumping me but so much action in my overheated vag. I turned on the clit vibe and nearly fainted. It was super fantastic. The Viva had already tuned my clit, and anything would have got me off. The powerful clit vibe and jumping shaft did me in. I had another 3 orgasms. My husband was lying in bed next to me and asked if I was alright. He's not used to me tossing, wringing, and moaning all of a sudden. When I had the 2 Os from the Viva, I kept pretty quiet.

He knew right off I was having an orgasm. I didn't want to tell him it was more than one. I always feel guilty If I have one and he doesn't get any action. This time I didn't need to ask him. I got him up in a flash and gave him a turn. He said I was very hot and open down there. Just the way he loves it. :)

Further Experience

It was a while before I used Kai again. I just love wands more, I guess. The Viva XL gives me fantastic Os without having to stick something in my vagina. Kai was fantastic the first time I used it, don't get me wrong. Maybe it was getting messy from lubricant and then my natural wetness and cumming so much. And I also love my Purple Pussy Pleasure, Mr. Pulsar. It's skinnier, and I can get it in after using my wand with no lubricant. With Kai's large head, I need lubricant. So I had to wait till the following weekend when I have more time and no work the following morning.

The following weekend I did the same routine as before. Viva XL first to get my body ready for the larger Kai. The specs say 1 1/2" in diameter, but it sure seems bigger. Guess it's the lack of taper on Kai's head. The first time I used Kai, I didn't actually feel the thrusting head and swirling shaft. Obviously, I was in the throes of passion and just enjoying the long, long moment. All I knew was something was moving and shaking my inners.

This time I felt every inch on Kai's thick shaft. What was the most impressive was the strong rabbit motor. All the patterns were strong and felt ever so good! The first time I came almost instantly. This time I was just enjoying the dancing shaft inside me and playing with the different rabbit settings. I used it for maybe 35 mins and enjoyed every second of it. I was glad I didn't cum as fast. It was very relaxing and pleasing!

I did end up having a big orgasm, maybe 2 or 3. I was in heaven, and that's all I remember. Hubs was dozing off, and I let him sleep. You snooze, you lose!

Vibration Map

There are 7 different patterns on the rabbit's stimulator. The first is just different strengths of steady humming. The next four are patterns. The vibrations from the rabbit shaft are fairly strong past the first 2 settings. I would say the Pulsar is a little stronger, though. Of course, neither are as strong as the almighty Viva XL.

Both the Pulsar and the Kai have thrusting shafts. My Kai seems to be defective and only 1 speed on the shaft, though. The specs say 3. The Pulsar has a thrusting and swirling head. The Kai thrusts, and there's a set of beads that rotate around and around. I wasn't crazy about the rotating beads, but after a while liked them. Thrusting is a definite must-have. Some moving in there takes some getting used to.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

My first use, as you read, was over the top, fantastic. Like having sex with a porn star, maybe. Oops, did I just say that? My second use was very long, drawn-out, and enjoyable, like a luxury vibe working on my bits and insides. To tell you the truth I love both and plan on using this a lot. Weekdays will be Pulsar's turn and weekends, Kai.
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Follow-up commentary
Kai is my new favorite rotating, vibing rabbit. I been using Pulsar mostly and pull Kai when overheated. I'm starting to realize I like the bigger size and more powerful stimulation. Inside it feels like actual intercourse with the added strong clit vibes. I hope my husband doesn't get jealous. (wink)
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