Vibrating Jelly Twist by Nasstoys - review by BrokeNHorny

Vibrating Jelly Twist

DVD by Nasstoys

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Very Good, but Unnecessarily Complicated

You're in for a good time with this toy. The complex functions can really stretch out your session, and are great for foreplay. Apart from the smell and complexity, it's solid construction and design make this a toy we can stand behind. Enjoy!
Great functions, very quiet, and good speeds.
Bad smell, no simple function, and the buttons are hard to tell apart.
Rating by reviewer:
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My partner and I were very excited to be receiving the Vibrating Jelly Twist. We had been wanting a quality vibrator for some time, and this seemed to be a good choice. It came simply, with little fanfare. Upon opening it, we were displeased to find that there was a noticeable odor, probably because of the material. It is made of jelly, which while not the best material to use, is fairly cheap. As with all jelly toys, don’t share without washing in between, and always use toy cleaner instead of soap and water. Make sure to keep all jelly products clean, because they have a tendency to smell bad if you don’t.

The vibrator itself is of excellent design. It is 7 inches long, and has grooves running along the entire length of the vibrator. All but the last inch and a half has the metal vibrator core underneath it, which gives it the feeling of a more solid vibrator. The tip is a bit flimsy, but that is not really undesirable. The tip is modeled generally like the tip of a penis (which I guess could be good or bad depending on your opinion of the male anatomy). The vibrator runs on two good old AA batteries that are a bit tough to get in and out, but nothing a few smacks didn’t fix.

And now for the bit you’re really wondering about, the functionality of the vibrator. The vibrator has 5 speeds and 5 functions, controlled by two buttons on the base of the vibrator. The buttons are pretty much flush with the base, but give a satisfying click to let you know you’ve done it right. Unfortunately, the buttons are not labeled very well, and are very hard to pick out when in use (especially if you intend to twist the vibrator). My solution to this problem was to take a knife and make a gash across the function button, which has helped a lot. There are 5 different speeds, and a significant change from low to high. The low speed is barely audible, but still fairly powerful. The high is still really quiet, and is roughly equivalent to a medium strength on a normal egg or bullet vibrator. All in all, it’s a very quiet vibrator but still packs plenty of kick.

Here’s where it gets good…and weird. There are 5 functions, but no steady function. That’s right, there are only complex functions, so if you’re looking for a good old classic vibrator, you won’t find one here. The 5 patterns are as follows (Morse code terms, dash is longer than dot): dash pulses, dot pulses followed by a short steady period, a long steady period followed by a few dash pulses, a steady pulse that oscillates from high to low, and dot pulses follow by one oscillation of a steady pulse. So, you don’t get a steady function, but you do get variety and two pulses designed to stretch out your session as long as possible. The last function (dot pulses and an oscillation) will keep you on the edge for a long time without having an orgasm, even at high speeds. This is especially great as foreplay, or if you’ve got a lot of time to kill.

Overall, this is a great vibrator that we would recommend for others. It is slow starting up because of the two button system, and navigating around the speeds and functions can be cumbersome, but it’s well worth the effort. We are assuming that the smell will fade with a few washes, but it’s pretty strong at first. Our main praise and complaint about this product is that it’s not built for a quick session. You will most likely have to put more time into this vibrator than usual to get to an orgasm (if that is your goal, that is), but the journey there is a lot of fun. This is great for an evening alone or some sexy foreplay, and gets our stamp of approval.
Follow-up commentary
As discussed in the earlier review, this vibrator has its quirks. With a little effort, and some time, a lot of these quirks sort themselves out. As with a lot of jelly toys, there was a certain smell that haunted this vibrator. The smell got everywhere, and wasn't pleasant. After a few good washes though, the smell has diminished, and is no longer very noticeable.

It is very good that this vibrator came with two buttons to make it more customizable, but it's still hard to turn off. We fixed the problem with telling the two buttons apart by making a gash in one of them using a knife, but you still have to cycle all the way through the functions to get to off. On the bright side, you don't have to cycle through the speeds, so it won't get more intense while you are trying to shut it off. Although, a "hold for off" function would still be greatly appreciated.

All in all, this is still a great toy. It's powerful, quiet, and good for a lot of fun. This toy is best used as foreplay, as it will take a lot longer than most vibrators to finish you off. It's great for setting the mood, or heightening the anticipation before a hot night of fun. I can imagine that it would also be great for solo use if you've got some time, and want to savor the feeling. We recommended it before, and we stick by our word.
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  • Mamastoys
    Nice review...thanks!
  • Oggins
    Nice review BrokeNHorny! I wonder though, because this one has a bad smell, if it contains phthalates? A lot of Jelly toys do but a few don't. It might be a good idea to cover it with a condom if this one does contain phthalates and you're sensitive to them or prefer to have as little contact with them as possible.

    Thanks for pointing out that there is no steady vibrations with this one because that's a real bummer! The steady vibrations are usually my fav's! Smile
  • BrokeNHorny
    We always thought it was wierd not to have a steady vibration function. We expect complex vibrations in a good vibrator, but steady is a staple. The toy just feels strange without it.
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