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Voice activated rabbit

Rabbit vibrator by Lady Calston

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Voice activated rabbit sex toy review

Holding it in front of me I told it to "do me" and the toy said "Ok, do me."...Each command caused a different variant of vibration from the toy.
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When I saw this toy I was immediately intrigued by the idea of a rabbit vibrator that responded to my voice commands. I anxiously waited for my Voice Activated Rabbit vibrator by Lady Calston to arrive so that I could see if it was as wonderful as it looked.

I know my mailman thinks I am insane since I get all excited every time he brings a box to my door. This time the grin on my face spoke volumes and I could see him chuckle to himself as he turned away.

After closing the door, I ripped the package open and started reading the directions for set up. The Voice Activated Rabbit vibrator by Lady Calston requires 6 AAA batteries, so I had to make a run to the store to make sure I had enough.

Finally, having everything I needed, I began the process of training the toy to my voice. This should be done in an absolutely silent room, no TV or radio. There are 11 commands that the toy programs to your voice and the whole set up only takes about 5 minutes, so I was very pleased that it was not a lot of trouble.

When the toy told me it was ready for play, I tested it to see if it responded to my commands. Holding it in front of me I told it to "do me" and the toy said "Ok, do me." The same with the other commands of "relax", "slow", "take me", "wave", "medium", "faster", "harder", "go back", "more power", and "next." Each command caused a different variant of vibration from the toy.

Satisfied that the Voice Activated Rabbit was set up to my specifications, I took it into the bedroom to give it a more thorough examination. Turning the toy on again, I listened to it go through its start up speech, and then told it to "relax" so I could play with my clit, getting myself nice and wet.

After warming myself up, I inserted the toy into my now dripping pussy and began to experiment with the voice command while in play. The base of the toy is large and easy to hold on to, but you have to be careful not to place your hand over the microphone or the voice recognition won't hear you. Since the toy was now farther away from my face, I found that I had to yell a bit for the mic to hear me. This was a bit frustrating, but who hasn't had to repeat themselves every now and again to get what they wanted?

I was a bit disappointed to find that the vibrating egg is all the way at the end of the shaft, so the rabbit part doesn't actually move very much. When the toy was inside of me, all of the vibrations were so far back that I had to pull the toy almost completely out to feel them and there was not much in the way of clitoral stimulation.

Cycling through all of the settings, I found one that was most pleasing to me, and I had no problems bringing myself to a very intense orgasm. The overall effect was not too bad and with some shifting around turned out to be quite nice.

The biggest drawback to the Voice Activated Rabbit vibrator by Lady Calston is the woman's voice that confirms your commands. If you tell it to "take me" she responds with "Ok, take me" in a very robotic voice and the toy switches speeds. If the voice was male, and maybe a bit more sensual, then this would not be such a bother. Also this toy could stand to be more powerful over all. The vibrations are pleasing enough, but I prefer toys that come packing a bit more buzz than this one, especially when there is a clitoral stimulator on them.

The battery case is a bit big, also the cover does slide off a bit easily, but not to the extent of being obnoxious. It is fairly easy to clean and doesn't have a strong smell to it. With a few of the bugs worked out, this technology could definitely be worth the effort and certainly adds something completely different to the whole self-satisfaction department.

Overall I like it and will definitely be using it more. I do suggest trying one of the models that doesn't have the rabbit on it first, though. With a few adjustments this toy could be the next "gotta have it" for every adult toy collection.
Follow-up commentary
This was a great novelty toy, but I got a bit tired of yelling at my pussy while trying to get some pleasure. Also, the heavy control box becomes a bit awkward in the middle of things. It is better with two people than as a self amusement toy.
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  • Trashley
    What a cool product! Too bad the price is so high. Yikes! Thanks for the review.
  • lamira
    Good review, thanks!!
  • Abaychan
    This sounds like a very interesting toy. Nice review.
  • onehotmomma
    How awesome! I want this one really bad, I'm waiting for some sort of deal, or for Valentine's day =)
  • tits only
    nice review
  • pinkcupcakes
    great review, too bad about the voice!
  • darkkitty
    Great review!
  • 7Miles
    Nice review. This toy sounds really neat aside from the bugs.
  • chantalgiardina
    thanks for the great review!
  • SexyStuff
  • phunkyphreak
    what a cool item- I love it--thanks for the review
  • ValentinaVenus
    Sounds very cool! What is the difference in the vibration patterns on "take me" and "do me"? Nice review!
  • skunked
    Thanks for the review, you have made me want this even more!
  • Biancanetta
    The variations for "take me" and "do me" are just harder vibrations. Also the robotic woman's voice isn't the most arousing. It would be nice if they gave it a man's voice that was more creative and said things like "I'm doing you now" or "I'm taking you now". But over all it is a neat idea.
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