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Vanity Vr10.5

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Vr10.5 is for Versatile!

The leaping rabbit makes this slender, smooth vibe perfect for women with average to far clits who like pressure, nestling, or classic stimulation. The adjustable rotation path and the six levels of rotation and vibration mean Vr10.5 is a versatile choice for women seeking the perfect rabbit. While I miss the second vibration motor on the shaft, bringing all these great features together under magenta Jopen silicone, with Jopen's famous rumbly vibes, means Vr10.5 is one you don't want to miss.
Kegels don't stop rotation, strong motor, soft silicone, adjustable shaft angle, ears are versatile.
No motor for kegels, rabbit ears will fit average to far clits best.
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Jopen's Vanity line is famous for ergonomic shapes and deliciously powerful, rumbly vibrations. The Vr1 through Vr9 are purely vibrational, while the Vr10 and higher are vibrational and rotational "rabbit" vibes, designed for simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation. The Vr10.5 rabbit is one of Jopen's second generation of vibes, which means they've taken feedback from their first generation and produced a new model in response.

The Vr10.5 has a more slender shaft than the Vr10, Vr11, and Vr12, making it easier to insert and appealing to newer toy users as well as experienced ones. By popular request, Jopen has also removed the three ribs on the shaft, meaning Vr10.5 is a great choice for those who are irritated by extra texture. The "rabbit in profile" clitoral stimulator style is best for women with average to far spaced clits, but the ears can also be folded down to work for women with close clits. Finally, while Vr10, Vr11, and Vr12 have two vibrational motors (one in the clit arm and one in the shaft), Vr10.5 has only one, making it best suited for women who prefer clitoral stimulation to vaginal vestibule stimulation.

Vanity Vr10.5 is a vibrant purple rabbit vibe with two simple controls---one for the six incremental strengths of vibration of the rabbit, and one for six incremental speeds of rotation of the shaft. The shaft can be bent before insertion to customize the "size" of the circle the shaft will churn inside you---from quite gentle to pretty extreme. Vr10.5 can be locked for travel, charges in an attractive charging cradle, and is water-resistant for easy cleaning (but should not be submerged). Its body is made of fantastically smooth, odor-free, hypoallergenic, body-safe silicone, and its PowerBullet vibrations are some of the strongest, most rumbly available today.

(Vr10.5 resting in its charging cradle, showing the flexibility of ears/paws for range of placement on clit, and showing the vibe on the second level of vibrations and sixth speed of rotations)
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    • Dual stimulation
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Clitoris
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Material / Texture

Vr10.5 is made of many things, but the two your body will come into contact with are the lovely polyurethane-coated ABS plastic of the charging cradle and the front half of the base that houses the buttons, and the wonderfully sleek silicone of the vibrator shaft, handle, and rabbit. The silicone of the Vr10.5 is more silky and less draggy than the Vr8, which surprised me, but perhaps that's another improvement Jopen made in the *.5 line.

The silicone covering is moderately thick---both the shaft of the vibe and the rabbit's body have a medium amount of give. I can squeeze it with a fist, which is a combination of the thick silicone and the flexible core that allows rotation. The rabbit is surprisingly plush as well and, unlike many rabbit toys where the ears actually bounce and vibrate, Vr10's rabbit in profile's ears and paws don't move much---which is great, because no vibrations are lost---they're all carried very strongly to the clitoris. I was very surprised to see that the rabbit's ears (the top blade) are actually the strongest point of vibration on the Vr10---even stronger than the body of the rabbit. I have no idea how they accomplished that, but it feels wonderful.

Silicone is such a wonderful material---it's odor-free, hypoallergenic, body-safe, sensual and smooth, and totally nonporous, so it can be completely cleaned no matter what time of the month you use it. Jopen's silicone is very pleasant and inviting.

(Showing the flexibility of the rabbit and its ears and paws, showing the flexibility of the shaft, and showing the range that the shaft can be bent for extra-strong rotation.)
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The design of a rabbit vibe is one of the most complex in the sex toy world. Choosing the right rabbit involves looking at shaft thickness and length, clitoral arm placement and design, and rotation style.

The shaft of the Vanity Vr10.5 sports 5.25 insertable inches from the tip to the attachment point of the rabbit. The tip has a gentle taper to a medium bulge at the point where you can bend the shaft to increase rotational speed. Most of the shaft is 1" in diameter, and at the widest point it reaches 1.25" in diameter. This is more slender than many of the other Jopen Vanity vibes, and especially is more slender than the other Vr10+ rotational rabbits. Because of its slimmer design and lack of texture, the Vr10.5 should appeal to most users. Pictures below compare the Vr10.5 with the Vr8, the other slender member of the Vanity line.

The clitoral arm of the Vr10.5 is a rabbit in profile, leaping up toward your navel. His ears and paws are both extended, and depending on your clitoral placement, either one or both can be used for clit stimulation. The vibrations of the rabbit are focused in the ears and paws, and the body of the rabbit is 33mm long, so this 'leaping rabbit' style of clit vibrator is best suited to women whose clits are average to far from their vaginal openings. Even women with clits which are 65mm from their vaginal openings will be able to make contact with the tip of the rabbit's ears, and those with clits anywhere from 25mm to 65mm will be able to make good contact with the vibration-filled ears and paws without adjusting anything. Those whose clits are closer will still be able to enjoy the vibrations by bending the ears down against their clits. The rabbit is quite flexible (see picture in Material and Texture), so many women will be able to use it. The ears and paws are excellent for women who enjoy having their clit nestled between two sources of vibration, women who like pressure, and women who prefer the vibration to rest right on top of their clit.

For all these design characteristics with broad appeal, the Vr10.5 does not offer rotation beads at the vaginal entrance, nor does it make up for the lack of beads with a vibrator motor. Vr10.5 will be best for those who prefer clitoral stimulation to vaginal entry stimulation.

The rotation of the shaft, on the other hand, is definitely something to write home about. Those who prefer mild rotations can leave the shaft upright, relying on the gentle tip of the vibe to provide rotations as the vibe turns. Those who enjoy intense vibrations, though, can bend the shaft before insertion (see pictures in Material and Texture), resulting in a fantastic rotation diameter. I really enjoy the intense rotations, but the fact that Vr10.5 is adjustable is great for people who don't know yet what their body prefers, or people who like intense stimulation one day and gentle caresses the next.

    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic
    • Customizable

Functions / Performance / Controls

Jopen's controls require a bit of practice, but they are quite simple. Two buttons are right where your thumb can easily reach them when you want, but where they won't accidentally be bumped as you're holding the Vr10.5's handle. The six incremental levels of rabbit vibration are controlled by the lower button---press and hold until you have reached the vibration level that your clit desires. Take your thumb off the button when you're happy. To turn off the rabbit vibration, simply tap the lower button. If you want a lower setting, you'll need to turn the vibrations off and start over. While this is not intuitive when you first unwrap your first Jopen, it quickly becomes second nature, and it's a simple way to have minimal buttons pack a lot of functionality. The six speeds of shaft rotation can be controlled in exactly the same way, using the upper button. Both the vibration and rotation intensity are represented with LED indicator lights.

The Vr10.5, like all Jopens, features vibrations that are outstandingly rumbly and remarkably quiet. The vibe cannot be heard through a closed door, even when both rotations and vibrations are on. The vibration----I have no idea how the rabbit's ears are the strongest point of vibration, but I am so very glad. The vibrations are also at a wonderful frequency---those who won't use "budget" rabbit vibes because they're too buzzy will have just the rumbly vibrations they've been looking for in the Vr10.5. The vibrations are also quite powerful---I have a sensitive clit, but I don't need to turn the vibrations above level 3 to be able to orgasm. However, I do wish there was a second motor at the base of the shaft of the Vr10.5 as there is on the Vr10, Vr11, and Vr12. Some stimulation for the roots of my clitoris through my vaginal vestibule would only make the sensation better.

Most importantly with a rotational rabbit vibrator, even when I clamp down as I'm approaching orgasm, my kegels cannot stop the shaft from rotating. On the first speed my kegels can win, but on the second through sixth speeds my kegels don't stand a chance, and my body is just stirred and stirred in the most wonderful way. The rotation direction cannot be reversed. The intensity of the rotations can be adjusted to your preference, though, by bending the shaft before insertion. I like my rotations to be at the most intense angle---predictably, this makes it even easier for my kegels to "win" on level one, but the rotations are so good on the upper levels that nothing else matters.
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

Vr10.5's luxe silicone body and water-resistant control panel mean that care is simple. Washing with soap and water before and after use will be sufficient for most use, and if you want a more thorough clean you can rinse it with a 10% bleach solution. The Vr10.5 should not be submerged, however.

For storage, if discretion is not a concern, the Vr10.5 can sit in its elegant cradle on a desktop or dresser for easy access. The charging cord can be unplugged from the charging cradle, so your battery won't overcharge if you choose this option. For those who need to tuck their vibe away, Jopen includes a very large, black, lint-free storage bag with plenty of room to hold the vibe itself, the charging cord, and the cradle. I love that this bag is lint-free, and I wish every silicone toy came with a similar one.

The vibe requires a four-hour charge when it first arrives, and I have been able to use it for about an hour and a half so far without noticing any drop in power. The charging cord plugs in to a standard outlet and doesn't take up more than one slot.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Vanity Vr10.5, as with all the Vanity vibes, ships in a simple but effective satin-touch cardboard box. The box has no imagery, and displays classy, if spartan, lavender and white colors.

The package contains only the Vr10.5 itself, resting in its charging cradle, along with the charging adapter and cord, a fold-out pamphlet featuring all the Vanities, and a large lint-free soft black cloth bag. I promptly recycled the box my Vr10.5 arrived in, because the lint-free bag is large enough to store my vibe and all its accessories.

    • Minimal
    • Recyclable


The 'leaping rabbit in profile' clit stimulator had me confused when I first got it. My clit is about 6mm from my vagina (the average across all women is about 30mm)---which means most rabbits were not designed to fit my body and I have to get creative. My whole first session I was enjoying the rotation, but frustrated by the clitoral stimulator. If the Vr10.5 had an on-shaft vibration motor the way the Vr10, Vr11, and Vr12 do, I think I would have still been able to orgasm easily because the internal vibration would have been able to reach the roots of my clit from the inside. Since the Vr10.5 only has vibrations in the rabbit, though, and because those vibrations are strongest in the ears/paws, I spent the whole session sliding up on the vibe trying to make contact. I also tried spreading the ears and paws apart, so that the paws curled down below my clit and the ears lay on top of it---but while the vibration felt good, the stimulation was not direct enough for me.

After my first session, I spent a little time just holding the Vr10.5, seeing where the vibrations were strongest. They really are strongest in the rabbit's ears, and almost as strong in its paws. I realized that by folding the rabbit's ears down over its paws, so that the supple silicone was trying to bounce back into shape but being resisted by my clit, I could have the combination of the vibe's magnificently rumbly vibrations and some pressure (something my clit really needs) to bring me to very fantastic orgasms. After I realized that, my next two sessions with the Vr10.5 have been excellent.

The rabbit-in-profile stimulator style is not one that I've seen very often, but I think it does a very good job of providing lots of different stimuli to different women. For women who enjoy the "classic" stimulation of having the clit "bopped on the head" by bouncing ears, the ears can do just that. For women who like indirect stimulation, the clit can be nestled between the ears and the paws. For women like me who enjoy pressure, the full strength of the vibrations can be pressing up against your clit if you bend the ears down below your clit. While this will still work best for women who are average spaced and above (25mm to 45mm), a bit of creativity should be able to make the Vr10.5 a fantastic rabbit for many body types.
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