Wand massager discontinued
by PHS International

Wanda, Wanda, Wanda ...

The Wanda Massager is powerful, lightweight, and flexible, and works great with or without the fun attachments. Corded, but not cumbersome.
Lightweight, good range of vibration, flexible head, attachments available.
Corded (if that kind of thing bothers you.)
Rating by reviewer:
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The Wanda Massager, as the name indicates, is a wand-style vibrator. It's powered by six AA batteries that fit into a corded battery pack. I found that the cord was about the right length - it kept the battery pack out of the way but didn't let it tangle around me (bondage is fun; accidental random cord bondage… not so much). Also, it's in a white finish; if someone just saw it laying around, it could easily be mistaken for a stray Ipod accessory. With the batteries in the pack instead of the vibrator itself, it makes the wand really light and small.

No, I mean really light. You don’t even feel like you’re holding much. I think that’s my favorite thing about this vibe – it’s so light, but doesn’t give up power to be that way. The lightness makes it less cumbersome to hold and move around, and gives your wrist a break for once! The head actually pivots slightly, making angles a bit easier. My partner found that it was easier to use this on me than a regular vibe because that tiny bit of flexibility was just enough to keep his hand out of that ‘awkwardly bent’ zone.

Those 6 AA's really give this thing a punch, too. I found that it has a really good range; it escalates from light to 'my whole being is vibrating'. It also doesn't 'click' into different settings like most vibrators do, it just seems to escalate. I personally found the higher settings too intense for regular use, but I tend to like lower vibration anyway (and still end up using the high setting when I want something with a kick).

Wanda is plastic, so she can't be sterilized. However, she can have attachments put on her and the ones offered here at EF are silicone and CAN be sterilized, so keep that in mind for partner play. The tip is softer and ridged a bit, so make sure you clean it extra well with soap and water to avoid a bacteria party.

Wanda also happens to resemble a microphone. Wash before love sonnets, though.
Both my partner and I liked it, and found that it worked well for both partner and solo play. It was pleasurable both with and without the attachments, although obviously it felt different, since the attachments are designed for penetration. The levels start out mild, but get intense enough to earn the highest Vroom rating.
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