Waterproof Jack Rabbit

I am extremely satisfied with the results I have seem so far while using the Waterproof jack rabbit and I will suggest it to any of my friends. A must have in my opinion. A great toy for anyone seeking their first rabbit vibrator. You wont be sorry with this one.
Great design. Intense vibrations. Simple LED lit control pad.
Loud. Ears of rabbit can be a bit uncomfortable.
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extremely useful review
After hearing all the rave over these rabbit vibrators over the past few years I didn't actually decide to purchase one until here recently. I researched every possible rabbit vibrator I could and finally decided on the Waterproof jack rabbit|Waterproof jack rabbit. I had heard many good things about it so I decided to give it a try. I also knew I wanted a good rabbit vibrator but one that wasn't so expensive that I would break the bank.

The one thing that worried me with the rabbit vibrators was the fact that the beads in the shaft have the tendency to get jammed after a few play sessions. However the Waterproof jack rabbit has a beaded track which keeps the beads from jamming. This feature further made my decision easier. Though, I do really wish that the beads were a little more prominent in the shaft. None the less the beads can be felt slightly along the outer vagina during play. I cant really complain though being that this is my first rabbit vibrator.

The Waterproof jack rabbit also features a rotating head which I have never experienced in a toy until now. The rotation speed is fair but I believe I would enjoy this vibrator even more if it could rotate faster. If your a person who tightens their vaginal muscles a lot during vaginal play you will notice that the rotation will some what struggle against you when doing this. The length of the shaft is also perfect. Along with the rotation I noticed that my g-spot was being stimulated as well allowing me to achieve orgasm in no time.

The rabbit bullet of the Waterproof jack rabbit is very well placed hitting the clitoris directly during vaginal penetration. The ears of the rabbit are a bit pointy and can be painful at times if you are thrusting the jack rabbit vigorously during vaginal play. If they were a bit smoother or shorter then I don't think they would be as painful or uncomfortable.

The Jack rabbit vibrator also features a very nice LED lit control pad along with three levels of intensity for both the rotation and vibration. There are five buttons in all, four controlling the increase and decrease of both vibration and rotation, and one button controlling the reverse rotation. I have heard that some dual vibrators|Dual action vibrators loose power when both functions are at their highest power level, but the Waterproof jack rabbit doesn't seem to loose power on either of the functions when they are at their highest level.

The (Vroom) Vibrations of the Waterproof jack rabbit are very intense when set at the highest setting. The vibrations travel nicely down the jack rabbit vibrator shaft, through the beads and then directly to the tip. Certainly intense enough for anyone to have adequate clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

The (Bee) overall noise level of the Waterproof jack rabbit is mildly loud when set to its highest rotation setting alone. Even louder if both rotation and vibrations are set. The Waterproof jack rabbit probably isn't the best toy for someone who may be worried people might be able to hear it through a closed door.

Because the Waterproof jack rabbit is made from Jelly it cannot be cleaned as easily as other sex toy materials|Sex toy materials. I did however notice that the jelly material on the Waterproof jack rabbit is much harder then some of my other jelly material toys. I just used a warm damp rag and my toy cleaner for this one.

Overall I decided to give the Waterproof jack rabbit 4 stars because of it somewhat lack in rotation power. Other then that the Waterproof jack rabbit is anyones best bet for a first rabbit vibrator. I am extremely satisfied with the results I have seem so far while using it and I will suggest it to any of my friends. A must have in my opinion.
I was so excited when I first took the Waterproof jack rabbit out of its packaging I could hardly keep a hold of myself. I opened the battery cap placed the batteries in and flipped through the vibration and rotation settings. I then gathered all my things applied a condom to the jack rabbit and went to town. The vibrations were very intense on their highest setting and along with the rotation which I had never experienced before I reached orgasm immediately, then a few more times. The length of the shaft along with the rotation hit my g-spot with enough pressure which made the experience all the more enjoyable. All I can say it that I absolutely love the Waterproof jack rabbit. Later that night I decided to use the rabbit during my bath and it performed here just as well. No water entered the battery pack and was well sealed from any water.
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  • Contributor: Bulma
    Sounds like a great toy, too bad it isn't made out of something that is phthalate free.  Nice review!
  • Contributor: Fun Lover
    Do you use condoms on your jelly toys? We haven't been but may now by what I read in the forum.
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    Have you considered removing or shortening the bunny ears?  I know of several people who have done that successfully with protruding appendages on jelly toys.
  • Contributor: CookieMonster
    Fun Lover- Yes I use condoms on most of my jelly toys especially the ones designed for anal penetration. Its always a good idea to use condoms because for one it keeps them germ free and two lengthens the overall lifespan of the toy.

    Dame Dami- Ya I was actually going to try that a bit later after ive used it a few more times. I doubt it will be hard to do seeing as the ears are pretty long. That'll give me room for error if I so happen to slip with the scissors and mess up.  
  • Contributor: Ladygaga
    Nice review !
  • Contributor: markeagleone
    nice review
  • Contributor: lamira
    Great review!!
  • Contributor: Red Riding Hood
    These are designed quite nicely! It is a bit too bad that it's not made of a better material, but these are amazing toys for the price. Great review.
  • Contributor: Miss Madeline
    Great review!
  • Contributor: zbprincess
  • Contributor: Lockthezoo
    thanks for the review
  • Contributor: Rightya
    Thanks for reviewing!
  • Contributor: VioletMoonstone
    Great review!
  • Contributor: Britt&Daniel
    thanks for the review
  • Contributor: TheDirtyBit
    Great Review! I've wanted to get a rabbit vibrator for a while now. However my favorite place to masturbate is in the shower...knowing that there is a waterproof one makes this decision a lot easier!
  • Contributor: Nemon
  • Contributor: Nkev
    thanks for reviewing!
  • Contributor: Ashley2012
    Thanks For The Review
  • Contributor: hillys
  • Contributor: Bullfroggy and Rose
    sounds good thanks
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