Wicked stud clit banger - traditional vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Red Riding Hood

Wicked Stud indeed!

This product is definitely worth the money as it offers an affordable vibrator, with power that is quiet and waterproof. It has great texture and plenty of girth. I wouldn't suggest it for beginners, but if you love texture and thickness in your vibrator, this is a good choice.
Quiet, waterproof, great texture, easy to use..
Difficult to clean.
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I rather enjoyed the Wicked Stud Clit Banger. This is a penetration product with a ridge toward the base. This design is intended to offer vaginal stimulation as well as clitoral. I personally could not feel the clitoral ridge, but felt the product was great for vaginal stimulation. It has great texture that can be easily felt without being too uncomfortable. The vibrations were strong enough to use for clitoral stimulation, however not the way the product was intended. It's much easier to just press the head of the toy against your body to achieve clitoral stimulation.

With a pretty design and color, this stud is also appealing to the eyes. However, due to the jelly being mostly clear, discoloration could occur. This is normal for lighter colored or clear jellies. It's not my favorite jelly vibe, but for a less expensive product it's more than sufficient.

Material / Texture

The Wicked Stud Clit Banger is made of a jelly material that is neither too soft, nor too firm. The jelly is just firm enough to supply a strong pressure, but has a bit of give on the surface to make insertion a little more comfortable. The outside texture is quite nice. As some products that are similar to this also have similar textures, these are a bit more easily felt. The design isn't only for improving the way the product looks. You can actually FEEL the texture; which is one thing I did like about this product. There is supposed to be a ridged clitoral stimulator. Although I can feel it with my hand, my clit never reaches that point, and so I cannot say if it can be easily felt during vaginal use.

The head has a nice smooth shape, and although it's a little too big to be comfortable inserted without warming up with a smaller toy for me, I did like how the underside had ridges. These were easily felt and although not orgasmic on their own, they provided a nice feel. These ridges go down the entire length so it doesn't matter at what point of insertion you get to, the entire shaft has texture!

Design / Shape / Size

This product is a lot thicker than it looked on the screen, and I have a hard time using it without warming up with something smaller. Once warmed up, the girth can be more comfortable, but I couldn't cope with the entire length plus the girth. Despite all of this the, pressure (due to the size) did feel nice. In my opinion, this would have worked better for me if it had been a little bit thinner. But for those women who love thicker toys, this should be your cup of tea.

The shape of the design was appealing. I enjoyed the way it looked and felt. It was proportioned nicely, and didn't have any odd angles or crevices that can be unpleasant. It has a slight curve which was the best part of the design and angles just right for that g-spot action women love so much. I wouldn't recommend this for someone's first toy. But it should be fine for a woman that knows she's comfortable with a little more size in her toys. This is also not very easy to store or hide, due to its design and thickness. It looks exactly like what it is... a vibrating dildo. If you want a small or discreet design, this is not the way to go.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This product performed quite well but no better than most other jelly products I've tried. The vibrations are easily felt, although not earth shattering. Once I learned to work with the size, I ended up liking it. Not LOVING it like I have some, but it felt nice. It's easy to use and waterproof so you don't have to sit and "figure out" this toy. It's quite simplistic with a turn dial base and easy to load batteries that you just drop in.

Battery-wise, the product is average. It does get warm after prolonged use (20 minutes or more) and the batteries get weak after about 6 uses of 15-20 minutes. This seems to be the same with most of my battery operated toys, so I wouldn't use this to knock the product. It's fairly quiet for something with such a strong buzz, but not silent by any means. If it's brushed against a bed post or dresser it creates a loud buzzing sound that is by no means discreet. But that happens with all vibrators.

It's passed plenty of waterproof tests and the rubber ring stays in place just fine. Shower use, washing and lubes haven't seeped in and the product works nicely. It's basically average in every functional way in battery use, strength, sound and ease of use.

Care and Maintenance

As mentioned before, this product is a jelly material. It also has a lot of large ribs going down the length with a leaf-like textured base. With this in mind, cleaning this isn't an easy task. A good toy cleaner would be best for this purpose, and would be much easier to clean those crevices with. Always use warm water (not hot or cold) to preserve the life of jelly products like this one.

The jelly seems sturdy and could hold well if cleaned properly and stored properly. I just keep the packages and store them in a drawer in mild temperatures. This has worked well for this toy and all of my others. If you are not into the idea of saving the packaging, be sure not to store it with other jelly or cyberskin products as they can ‘melt’ together or dyes can stain other products. A nice silky bag should work nicely to ensure this doesn't happen.

Do NOT use this product with silicone lube. Water based lubricants are ideal for jelly materials, and are much easier to clean. They will not harm the material, and you won't have to work nearly as hard trying to wash and rinse the lubricant off.


This toy came in the standard plastic box. It's easy to use so instruction isn't really needed, but it did have a little instruction guide for inserting the batteries. This isn't really needed as just looking at the product for about 2 minutes tells you all you need to know about the functions and battery operation.

The packaging doesn't exactly SELL the product. The product itself is the draw. I tossed the inserts away, and just used the plastic box as storage. I do this with all of my toys that are packaged as such, and it works well for me. If you're wanting to present this as a gift for someone, and you want a formal or pretty package, look elsewhere. This product is your standard plastic package and isn't exactly attractive.

The jelly is packaged with the usual protective oily coat that makes it smell like every other jelly toy. The smell actually isn't so strong, and after one washing it was ready for use; which is no problem at all for me as I ALWAYS wash before use anyhow. After the second washing the toy doesn't have much of an odor at all.
Follow-up commentary
This product is still powerful, and I'm still satisfied with it. I do find it easier to use externally due to the girth. But for it's style, it still has a lot to offer. The texture is still an amazing part of this toy and probably my favorite thing about it. It's average in almost every way, but the texture sets it apart from other products. I've yet to feel the clitoral nubs toward the base. I'm sure other women who tolerate thicker products would have no problem.

I would prefer the toy be a bit softer, but jellies don't offer that kind of flexibility. It's fantastic for what it is, and its ease of use and power get the job done! This product has not ceased to let me down power-wise, however due to the girth and firmness it can be uncomfortable to use at times. Someone who prefers a little give to their products wouldn't benefit as much from this type. As stated in the original review, it's not something someone purchasing a toy for the first time would want to buy, but for experienced toy lovers, it can be a great choice.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Good review. Smile
  • Colossus
    Thanks for the review... interesting about the thickness. Will probably be passing on this one because of that... thanks!
  • Red Riding Hood
    Thank you, very much. And yes, I tend to think "Oh I can handle that." with a lot of products and they end up being too thick for me, but otherwise an enjoyable product. I'm sure there's something similar that is smaller in most cases, it's just finding the right product to compare it with that is the key!
  • mica123
    Great review!
  • Fuck it.
    Thanks for reviewing! The thickness and possibility of discoloration are a turn off for me, though.
  • EtherBunny
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