Wireless personal pleasurizer - g-spot vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Alys

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Wireless personal disappointment-izer

I wanted to love the Wireless Personal Pleasurizer by California Exotics, but instead I ended up disappointed at every turn: weak vibrations, poor construction, and it ate batteries like it was its job!
Nice concept, batteries are included.
Poorly constructed, not at all powerful, batteries died in record time, LINT MAGNET!
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The concept behind this vibrator is one that I thought would bring me pleasure, instead it brought me disappointment, frustration, and a few broken fingernails. The wireless personal pleasurizer is sold as a dual-stimulation vibrator, meant to stimulate the G-spot and the clit simultaneously, with the flexibility to satisfy most women's bodies. However, the head of the insertable portion of the vibe is a bit large for beginners, and the amount of drag from the nubby rubber requires even more experienced users to be warmed up and have a heavy hand with the lube, and/or a condom. Keep in mind that this vibe is not water-proof, so careful clean-up will require some delicacy.

Another failing of this vibe is that it only has two speeds: off and on. And, admittedly, there is not much difference between the two. The three watch batteries do not produce enough vibration in the G-spot stimulator for those vibrations to travel to the clitoral stimulator, despite claims to the contrary. If the vibrations were stronger, this could be a wonderful toy, as it is this toy falls flat.

I wouldn't recommend this for anal stimulation, as the joint between the arms is weak, but if you do use it for anal, use a condom to keep it clean.

One of my issues with this toy is that it is called a WIRELESS personal vibrator, which suggests that there is a remote that controls it without wires, which isn't the case. Because the controls are actually a part of the toy itself, it strikes me as calling a traditional vibrator: 'wireless,' which is pointless.
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    • Campus/roommate living
    • On a bed only
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    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The Wireless Personal Pleasurizer by California Exotic is made out of a hard plastic frame covered in a soft rubber on the G-spot arm as well as the clitoral 'ticklers'. The rubber had no smell or taste when it came out of the package, and is quite squishy with a fair amount of give. This makes it easier on insertion, even though the nubby texture has a lot of drag when not completely lubed (it is compatible with both water- and silicone-based lubes). To make rubber toys like this one last longer, you can use a condom each time, which would also make this toy safe for anal use. Rubber is a porous material which requires good cleaning before and after use, especially as this vibe's surface gives new meaning to the term lint-magnet. This vibe picked up more lint than even my silicone toys could!
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Porous

Design / Shape / Size

I really liked the idea that is behind the design of this vibrator, which is why I am so disappointed that it was a giant failure. The shape consists of two arms that pivot, allowing each person to customize the angle that best allows them to stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. The vibe is about 4 inches long, with only 3 inches insertable. The arms flex from as close as an inch apart to about as far as 1.5 to 2.5 inches apart. Mine broke, so if you feel the joint won't go any further, don't push it; the joint is not especially strong.

I thought that this would be great for me because I need some G-spot stimulation and always clitoral stimulation to orgasm. However, the head of the insertable arm is a bit big for me, about 1.75 inches in diameter, without enough warm-up, especially with the considerable drag of the nubby rubber, even when well lubed. Because of this I wouldn't recommend this vibe to a beginner, unless she feels very comfortable with a lot of girth as it starts right off at the widest point instead of tapering up to it.

Another thing about this toy is that it is in no way discreet. It looks like what it is. It is small enough to travel with, if you are not too worried about security personnel finding it if your bags are searched.
    • Ergonomic

Functions / Performance / Controls

This vibrator has very simple controls that are both convenient and easy to use, although the controls are quite simple. The controls consist of a rocker switch that is located at the top of the clitoral stimulation arm. This only gives the vibrator two settings, on and off, but puts them in easy reach during use.

The vibrations occur near the end of the G-spot arm and seem muffled by the rubber coating, and though they are claimed to reach the clitoral ticklers on the other arm, they don't at all. This probably was the thing that absolutely ruined the vibe for me from the start. I need clitoral stimulation, and this vibe did not deliver. But then, even in the insertable arm, the vibrations would only do anything for people who are especially sensitive to internal vibrations.

Yet another problem with this vibe is the fact that this will eat through batteries FAST! I timed the length of time that the batteries lasted, and came up with 12 minutes, both times. During this time the back of the clit stimulator heats up, but the rubber 'ticklers' on the front kept cool. Also, I had a ton of trouble getting the batteries out. I ripped off two nails (real nails and they weren't especially long) trying to get the batteries out. The only positive thing about the batteries is that two sets of batteries (it takes 3 watch batteries) come with the vibrator. But this is a necessity, as they don't last long at all.

The one honestly positive thing that I can say about this vibe is that it is very quiet. It won't be heard through blankets, and definitely not heard through a closed door.
    • Battery guzzler
    • Discreet sound
    • Weak

Care and Maintenance

As this vibrator is primarily rubber, it can be used with both water- and silicone-based lubricants. However, as rubber is a porous material, it is very important to clean the vibe carefully. I had decent success with careful washing with warm water and an anti-bacterial soap, and an anti-bacterial toy cleaner. The only possible problem is that the toy is not water-proof, and so the key with washing the vibe is to be careful to keep the battery area dry. The rubber of the G-spot arm and the clit ticklers is almost impressive in its ability to attract and cling to lint, so storing it away from lint and washing before use is necessary.
    • Hard to clean


This toy comes in an inexpensive cardboard box that has a picture of a half-naked woman on each side. Not exactly discreet packaging. It does come with instructions that seem to be standard throughout the different models, as it shows 5 different battery configurations and at points tells you to consult the box as to whether or not the vibrator is made of natural rubber (the box doesn't say). It is written in 6 different languages, and is in a very small font.
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

I had several issues with the construction of this toy, so I took a picture to help me explain the points of failure.

The first point of failure is the clearest illustration of how poorly constructed this vibe is. The rubber oval that is covered with the clitoral ticklers wasn't secured to the entirety of the plastic frame surrounding it. The second point was the most dramatic and had two issues. The first of these was that the rubber sleeve, where it met the plastic, came already dried and starting to crack. If it does crack, it exposes the wires to the lube or your natural lubrication, which could cause it to die. The second issue at this point of failure is that the joint that allows for adjustment of the G-spot and clitoral stimulators is very easy to over-extend, at which point the vibrator is broken and probably shouldn't continue to be used. The third point of failure was at the head of the G-spot arm where a dimple was formed when the rubber was cast. Around this the rubber was peeling in layers, making it even more difficult to fully clean the vibrator.

This second image is of the battery compartment on the back of the clit stimulator.

My main issue with this is that the silvery metal that covers the copper (showing through in the circled area) flaked off and got in everything, but it seemed especially attracted to the nubby rubber of the G-spot stimulator. I'm not sure exactly what that metal is, or whether its presence on the battery contacts is necessary, but I assume it's not something I want stuck to my vagina.


All told, this vibrator was more disappointing than anything else. The vibrations were too weak to bring me anywhere close to orgasm, and the lack of clitoral stimulation was what really killed this vibe for me. It broke easily at the joint, when I tested how straight the joint would go, but I cannot see myself replacing it.
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    Thanks for all you help in getting this review as good as it is! I'm always amazed at all the things I forgot to include. And, I guess that finding the occasional toy that doesn't work for me, only makes me appreciate the ones that do!
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    Wow. Cal Exotics usually puts out much better products than this in my experience. That sucks!
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    @liilii080: I was surprised too, but am willing to believe that it was just this one product *shrug*

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