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If you live somewhere where you don't care who can hear Bodywork just vibrating away, then it is a great toy. If you don't live somewhere like that, then I would say to be cautious with this toy and double check what can or can't be heard through a closed door. I do love the fact that it is rechargeable and keeps its charge for a long time. I also love that it has different vibration intensities and patterns. Overall Bodywork isn't that exciting, but it is a solid toy that does its job.
Multi-speed and patterns
Easy cleanup
Beginner friendly
Needs better pinpoint vibrations
Plastic is easily scuffed
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First impression

When I first opened up Bodywork, I was instantly impressed with how beautiful it was. It's a very soft toy, and the head of it is extremely fun to play with (it has a gel-like squishiness to it that is just fantastic). Luckily it wasn't accompanied by any weird smells, and it gave a generally great first impression once out of the box. Besides the box, Bodywork also came with its own little protective mesh-like bag, a USB charger, and was wrapped up in bubble wrap. Sadly it did not come with any instructions on how to use the toy.
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First Use

After charging Bodywork, which took a little over an hour, I was finally able to try it out. Because it didn't come with any instructions it took me a second to figure out how to turn it on, hint: hold down the function button in the middle to turn it on and off, but after I got it going things went a lot more smooth. For my first time, I played solo and after hearing how loud it is decided that it is definitely a behind closed doors type of toy. I liked my first experience but felt that it could have been better, it's always fun to try out a new toy and Bodywork was no different. The one thing that kept pulling me out of the mood is the fact that Bodywork vibrates hard throughout the whole toy so it was very much like getting a hand massage which can be distracting. On the same note, because it has strong vibrations, it is very satisfying for other body part massages.

Further Experience

After playing around with Bodywork and getting a partner involved, I have learned what works and what doesn't work for me. All of the functions can be new and exciting by just changing how hard or soft it vibrates. Personally, I like a solid vibration, but when used in partner play the others are fun as well. The gel head is very pleasing to the touch and makes this toy a really good body massager as well as a vibrator. The size of Bodywork is medium, given that you can get mini body wands as well as larger ones, and depending on how you like to play... it does have a large head. Mostly I found myself using Bodywork as a foreplay toy and less as a toy to reach that "O", but an orgasm is still possible with it.

Vibration Map

Bodywork has five different speeds or vibration intensities, depending on the level you set it on; you can either get really strong vibrations or softer vibrations. I will say that Bodywork tends to have surprisingly strong vibrations throughout the toy and not just in the head, so if you want to use other parts of it for stimulation you probably could. While it has the five intensities it also has seven vibration patterns which are:
A solid vibration
A rolling vibration from low intensity to high intensity to low again
Short pulse X2, medium pulse, long pulse X2
Short pulsing
Long pulsing
Long pulse X2 Short pulse X3
Extra long pulse, short X3
It does have the memory function, meaning it will stay on the same pattern you left off on, except for the vibration intensity. It will always start in the middle so you will just have to adjust that at the beginning.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

Orgasm wise Bodywork was pretty lackluster for me. While I was still able to reach an orgasm, and while it wasn't that hard to reach it, I found myself wanting more. That being said, it IS a great toy to get warmed up with. I found that using it as a complete body massager helped me get more into the mood and enjoy it as a toy. Don't get me wrong it is still a fun toy to reach that "O" with, it just has some kinks that prevent it from being fireworks.

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