Petite couture Ecstasy - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by red delicious

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You Really Are My Ecstasy, My Real Life Fantasy

This amazing rabbit vibe is the perfect addition to anyone's collection. It's pink, it's powerful, and it has tons of options ranging from vibrations to rotations so that every time you use it, you can try something different. So if you want to enter into a world of ecstasy and create your own fantasy, this is definitely the toy for you!
Lots of functions, water proof, quiet.
Tricky battery compartment.
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When I first started using vibrators, I always steered away from the rabbit vibrators because they looked scary and intense. I never understood why someone would use such an awkward contraption on such a delicate area of the body. The little animals at the tip of the clitoral stimulator freak me out because it just seems weird to have a bunny or bird or dolphin or anything like that put up against your love button. But as I began to experiment with other types of toys and see what other people were into, I began to realize that bizarre is what many people desired and what makes the whole process that much more fun. The Petite couture Ecstasy seemed perfect because there were no creepy animals on the vibrator but it still maintained the same functions as other rabbit vibes. It is best used vaginally and on the clitoris. I don't know about the other users out there but it is so nice to have a clitoral vibrator and a dildo all in one. This toy is perfect for any user but I would definitely recommend it for the users looking for something a little different or for anyone who needs a little something special during your private time. The controls are easy to use so it can be used to fly solo or with a partner.

Material / Texture

The Petite Couture Ecstasy is made of silicone which is a sturdy flexible material that is nonporous and waterproof. This material can be disinfected with boiling water and is safe to use with water-based lubes. This toy has a slight smell of new plastic but it disappears after several washes. This material is soft to the touch and almost feels like real skin which I believe adds extra stimulation. This is a good texture for any users whether beginner or advanced if they know what feels good and aren't expecting a solid plastic feel or a plush jelly feel. This silicone is about halfway in between so it should suit any user. A great feature about silicone is that it retains heat so if you want to warm it up, all you have to do is run it under warm water for a couple of minutes and it holds that temperature for a decent amount of time.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this toy is, in a word, superb. The top of the toy is a pink silicone material and the base of the toy with the controls is a silver plastic material. There are two parts to this toy. The long portion of the toy is in the shape of a dildo with a slight ridge running around the tip of the dildo and down the top of the shaft all the way to the base of the toy. The toy is 9 1/4 inches long with an insertable length of 4 and 3/4 inches. The short portion of the toy is meant for clitoral stimulation and also has the ridge that runs over the tip to the base. The ridge along the dildo adds extra stimulation to the top of the vaginal wall and the ridges along the clitoral stimulator add extra stimulation to, you guessed it, the clitoris.

I have to admit that I expected the toy to be a bit smaller but it worked out just great. I would probably suggest this toy for more advanced users but beginners could use it as well. I would also recommend the use of lube (water based) with this toy for easier use and stimulation. Due to this toy's size, it is a little difficult to hide if you aren't careful. For all of the functions that this toy has to offer it is actually pretty quiet. This is a good toy to bring along on a trip because it won't be heard through any walls and is easy to care for.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy is a god when it comes to functionality. The battery compartment is located at the base of the toy. The compartment has two pieces, a removable battery case that has three spaces for the batteries and a screw on cover to keep the battery case in place. The cover has two ridges that fit into slots at the base of the toy that lock into place when you turn the cover. Along the top of the silver base which is the side with the clitoral stimulator, there are three buttons which control the functions of the toy. The button closest to the bottom is the power button which turns the toy on and off. The middle button controls the vibrations of the clitoral stimulator and the top button controls the rotating motion of the head of the dildo. To turn the toy on, simply push the power button and when the buttons light up blue, you know that the toy is on.

This toy has seven different vibrating functions ranging from low to high continuous vibrations and low to high pulsations with intermittent continuous vibrations between the pulses. I would describe it as an escalating function because the pulses start out low and gradually get stronger as they move towards the continuous vibrations. This range is fantastic for those who have specific needs when it comes to vibrations and if you need to change it up all you need to is push the vibration button to move to a different function. The vibrations are located mainly in the clitoral stimulator but can be felt slightly throughout the shaft of the dildo. The rotation of the top of the dildo has three functions ranging from slow rotations to faster rotations.

If you want to turn one function off, all you have to do is hit the button of that function until it stops. For example, if you are on the lowest setting for rotations, all you have to do is push the button three times, twice to move through the other two functions and once to turn it off. If you need to turn both functions off or turn the toy off, just hit the power button once and the entire toy will shut down. When both functions are on high, it is still surprisingly quiet for the power of the toy.

This toy is waterproof thanks to its silicone material and plastic base. The only tricky part that keeps me shying away from using it again in the shower or bath is the battery compartment. Although the cover of the battery compartment can be locked into place, there is still a small space around the cover where water can sneak its way into the compartment. This happened to me the first time I used it in the shower. I removed the cover and there was a little bit of condensation around the lip where the battery case sits in the base. No water got into the compartment where the case holds the batteries, but if any more water had gotten inside or I had tilted the toy the wrong way, water could have dripped into the compartment. So if you want to use it in the shower I would definitely recommend caution and be sure that the cover is on tightly because it would be extremely unfortunate to break such an awesome toy.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is relatively easy to care for thanks to its waterproof feature but as I said before, I would still recommend caution while the batteries are in the compartment. To clean this toy I would first remove the batteries to avoid any problems with the power of the toy. You can use gentle soap and warm water or toy cleaner to wash the toy. The silicone area of the toy, which is the dildo and clitoral stimulator (pink portion), can be disinfected by boiling it in water for 3 minutes and is even dishwasher safe. HOWEVER!!!! Since this portion of the toy is connected to the plastic base where the controls are I would avoid putting it in the dishwasher or submerging the control panel in boiling water, although they say water proof, just as a precaution. In my experience, control panels and full submergence in soapy water can spell disaster, so just be careful.

I would recommend cleaning this toy both before and after use. This material has a tendency to attract debris and lint and washing it can remove this as well as keeping it clean of any bacteria. This toy is safe with water based lubes. I store it in a plastic baggy to keep it clean and put it in a box with all my other toys.


This toy comes in a basic white cardboard box with a picture of the toy on the front as well as its water proof features and some of the functions of the toy. I would not recommend using this box as a storage case due to its flimsy material and it is kinda bulky considering the size and shape of the toy.
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